The Belgian Acoustical Association (ABAV) and Acoustical Society of the Netherlands (NAG) are proud to present the proceedings of Euronoise 2015, the 10th European Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering, which they organize on behalf of the European Acoustics Association (EAA). Euronoise 2015 is held at the heart of Europe where the first treaties leading to the creation of the European Union were signed. Acousticians and noise experts from all over Europe (and the world) are gathering for the event on noise control and soundscape.

The Belgian Acoustical Association (ABAV) was founded in 1966 in order to promote and advance the science and practice of acoustics and to facilitate the exchange of information in the field. The Acoustical Society of the Netherlands (Nederlands Akoestisch Genootschap (NAG)) was established in 1934. The founders envisaged a broad organization which, besides encouraging the development of a scientific approach to acoustics, would be occupied with acoustic consultancy and measurements and could also function as an anti-noise lobby. A couple of years ago, ABAV and NAG joined forces to organize Euronoise 2015 and for a reason. Things have changed a lot since both associations were founded. Noise levels in Europe have increased tremendously, mainly because of the large growth in traffic but also because population growth implies that more and more people are exposed to these higher noise levels. Now people realize that this increased exposure may cause health problems and affect quality of life and should urgently be addressed. And this is what we do in this conference. Whether you are a scientist, work for a governmental agency, are a consultant or expert, manufacture silent products or you are just a person interested in the reduction of noise, set your mind to work to develop the science and technology for a quiet Europe.

We warmly welcome you to the conference and hope you enjoy the presentations, the receptions, the exhibition, the posters, the keynote lectures, your discussions during the coffee breaks, the young acousticians event, the congress diner, our host city Maastricht, etc, etc. We sincerely hope the conference will inspire you in your efforts to reduce noise and maybe come up with new ideas ... citizens need it!

For the organizing committee,
Dick Botteldooren & Ysbrand Wijnant, general Chairs
Christ Glorieux, proceedings Editor

How to cite:
J.Doe, "How to create quietness", Proceedings of Euronoise 2015, C. Glorieux, Ed., Maastricht, June 1-3, 2015
ISSN: 2226-5147

Organizing committee
  • Dr. ir. Ysbrand Wijnant (chair)
  • Prof. Dr. ir. Dick Botteldooren (chair)
  • Ir. Arno Eisses
  • Ir. Peter Houtave
  • Ing. Erik Roelofsen
Technical program
  • Dr. Gijsjan van Blokland (chair)
  • Prof. Dr. ir. Jean-Jacques Embrechts (chair)
Scientific committee
  • Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Michael Vorländer
  • Prof. Dr. Christ Glorieux
  • Dr. ir. Martijn Vercammen
  • Ir. Lieven de Geetere
  • Ir. Jean-Pierre Clairbois
  • Dr. ir. Bert Roozen
  • Dr. David Thompson
  • Dr. Ir. Carl-Christian Hantschk
  • Dr. Salvador Barrera-Figueroa
  • Prof. Dr. Wim Desmet
  • Prof. Dr. Olivier Dazel
  • Dr. ir. Dirk Bekke
  • Prof. Andy Moorhouse
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Lercher
  • Prof. Dr. Keith Attenborough
  • Ir. Nico Van Oosten
  • Dr. ing. Monika Rychtarikova
  • Ir. Henk Wolfert
  • Ir. Bart Ingelaere
  • Prof. Dr. Ing. Klaus Genuit
  • Prof. Dr. Brigitte Schulte Fortkamp
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Taroudakis
  • Dr. Karl Bolin
  • Prof. Dr. Mats Abom
  • Prof. Roberto Camussi
  • Prof. Tapio Lokki
  • Dr. ir. Arthur Berkhoff
  • Prof. Dr. ing. Janina Fels
  • Prof. Dr. Jian Kang
  • Dr. Miriam Weber
  • Ing. Hans van Leeuwen
  • Dr. ir. Luc Goubert

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