Friday 6 September 2019 - AM

  SASP Conference
9:30 Café & Welcome desk
10:20 Welcome
10:40 Deep-sound field analysis for upscaling ambisonic signals
G. Routray, S. Basu, P. Baldev, R.M. Hegde
11:00 First-order ambisonic coding with quaternion-based interpolation of PCA rotation matrices
P. Mahé, S. Ragot, S. Marchand
11:20 Block-sparse approach for the identification of complex sound sources in a room
H. Demontis, F. Ollivier, J. Marchal
11:40 Online DOA estimation using real eigenbeam ESPRIT with propagation vector matching
A. Herzog, E. Habets
12:00 Beamforming with double-sided, acoustically hard planar arrays
S. Berge
12:20 Lunch & Free discussions (buffet)
  SASP Conference

Friday 6 September 2019 - PM

  SASP Conference
14:00 Virtual acoustic rendering by state wave synthesis
E. Maestre, G.P. Scavone, J.O. Smith
14:20 Simulative investigation of required spatial source resolution in directional room impulse response measurements
J. Klein, M. Vorländer
14:40 Assessing the anisotropic features of spatial impulse responses
B. Alary, P. Massé, V. Välimäki, M. Noisternig
15:00 Cafe
15:20 How wearing headgear affects measured head-related transfer functions
C. Pörschmann, J.M. Arend, R. Gillioz
15:40 Influence of vision on short-term sound localization training with non-individualized HRTF
T. Bouchara, T.-G. Bara, P.-L. Weiss, A. Guilbert
16:00 The influence of different BRIR modification techniques on externalization and sound quality
P.M. Giller, F. Wendt, R. Höldrich
17:00 Cocktails
19:00 Dinner Banquet
  SASP Conference

SASP 2019 Paris
Saturday 7 September 2019 - AM

  SASP Conference
9:30 Café & Welcome desk
10:00 Subjective evaluation of spatial distorsions induced by a sound source separation process
S. Fargeot, O. Derrien, G. Parseihian, M. Aramaki, R. Kronland-Martinet
10:20 EEG measurement of binaural sound immersion
R. Nicol, O. Dufor, L. Gros, P. Rueff, N. Farrugia
10:40 Binaural sound rendering improves immersion in a daily usage of a smartphone video game
J. Moreira, L. Gros, R. Nicol, I. Viaud-Delmon, C. Le Prado, S. Natkin
11:00 Discrimination experiment of sound distance perception for a real source in near-field
Z. Guo, Y. Lu, L. Wang, G. Yu
11:20 Auditory vertical localization in the median plane with conflicting spectral and dynamic cues
B. Xie, J. Jiang, C. Zhang, L. Liu
11:40 Towards a perceptually optimal bias factor for directional bias equalisation of binaural ambisonic rendering
T. McKenzie, D. Murphy, G. Kearney
  SASP Conference

Saturday 7 September 2019 - PM

  SASP Conference
14:00 An evaluation of pre-processing techniques for virtual loudspeaker binaural ambisonic rendering
T. McKenzie, D. Murphy, G. Kearney
14:20 Computational models for listener-specific predictions of spatial audio quality
P. Majdak, R. Baumgartner
14:40 Flexible binaural resynthesis of room impulse responses for augmented reality research
S.V. Amengual Garí, W.O. Brimijoin, H.G. Hassager, P.W. Robinson
15:00 Cafe
15:20 Multi-zone sound field reproduction via sparse spherical harmonic expansion
A. Dagar, R.M. Hegde
15:40 Parametric first-order ambisonic decoding for headphones utilising the cross-pattern coherence algorithm
L. McCormack, S. Delikaris-Manias
16:00 Inter-frequency band correlations in auditory filtered median plane HRTFs
Y. Iwaya, B.F.G. Katz, T. Magariyachi, Y. Suzuki
  SASP Conference

Saturday 7 September 2019: 12:00 - SASP Conference
Lunch & Poster session

The SpHEAR project update: Refining the OctaSpHEAR, a 2nd order ambisonics microphone
F. Lopez-Lezcano
Spaces @ CCRMA: Design and evolution of our 3D studio and concert diffusion systems
F. Lopez-Lezcano
A very simple way to simulate the timbre of flutter echoes in spatial audio
T. Halmrast
Perceptual comparison of ambisonics-based reverberation methods in binaural listening
I. Engel, C. Henry, S.V. Amengual Garí, P.W. Robinson, D. Poirier-Quinot, L. Picinali
A linear phase IIR filterbank for the radial filters of ambisonic recordings
C. Langrenne, E. Bavu, A. Garcia
Investigation of sweet spot radius of sound reconstruction system based on inverse filtering
H. Okumura, M. Otani
Detecting the direction of emergency vehicle sirens with microphones
N.R. Shabtai, E. Tzirkel
Acoustic simulation of Bach's performing forces in the Thomaskirche
B. Boren, D. Abraham, R. Naressi, E. Grzyb, B. Lane, D. Merceruio