Sunday, September 15, 2019: 10:00 - Pakhuis de Zwijger (Foyer)
Poster Pitch I

A New Stage Environment Expands Potential for Canada’s National Arts Centre Orchestra
Robin Glosemeyer Petrone, Jennifer Mallard, Marcus Mayell
Exploration of Stage Acoustic Considerations with Parametric Tools during Early Design Stages
Javier Sanz Soriano, Oliver Wright, Elisabeth Van Den Braak, Christopher Day
Stage Acoustics for Musicians: going beyond the Support Parameter ST1
Eckhard Kahle
Stage Acoustics For The Symphony Orchestra And A Case Study: Bilkent Concert Hall
Sebahat Gül İlisulu, Füsun Demirel
Developments in Variable Acoustics for Rehearsal Rooms
Maarten Luykx, Margriet Lautenbach
The music rehearsal room - for work and leisure
Bård Støfringsdal, Anders Christian Gade
Scaled model experiments for the investigation of acoustic characteristics of rectangular music rehearsal room with diffusers
Takumi Yoshida, Yasutaka Ueda, Yoshihide Shiba
Further Investigation of Ensemble Singers Preferred Sound Fields
Elisabeth Van Den Braak, Harold Marshall, Juergen Meyer, Miklin Halstead, Daniel Protheroe
Instrumental Blending - Characterisation and Influencing Parameters
Dorothea Lincke, Tapio Lokki
Reverberation Influences the Attack
Tor Halmrast

Sunday, September 15, 2019: 15:00 - Pakhuis de Zwijger (Foyer)
Poster Pitch II

Acoustic characteristics of concert hall Zaryadye in Moscow
Natalya Shirgina, Anatoly Livshits, Alexander Ponomarev, Nikolay Kanev, Anton Peretokin
Optimization of the acoustic response both for orchestra and for a solo instrument, the exquisitely romantic piano of Chopin, in the case study 'Chopin concert hall'
Maria Cairoli, Livio Mazzarella
The acoustic design of the new Teatro Amintore Galli in Rimini (Italy)
Lamberto Tronchin
Acoustical Characteristics of an Indoor Firing Range
Anthony Nash
Relating Design Features, Room Characteristics, and Occupancy to Noise Levels in Restaurants
Kieren Smith, Lily M. Wang, Victoria R. Anderson
Acoustic comfort in shopping center food court: analysis and proposition of improvements
Maria Isabel De Paiva Rocha
Improving our Dining Experience - Getting Interior Acoustics on the ’Menu’ of Restaurants
Georg Schöner, Pascal Van Dort
Wave-based modeling of acoustics of a barrel-vaulted sanctuary
Heather Lai, Brian Hamilton
Acoustic Studies of a Neoclassical Museum Through simulations in a three-dimensional model
Marselle Barbo, Eric Brandão
Acoustic Adaptation of Performance and Lecture Spaces in Historical Buildings
Zlatka Madzharova, Aleksandar Kirechev
Electro Acoustic Analysis in Metro Stations
Levent Yılmaztürk, Simge Pervane

Sunday, September 15, 2019

  Pakhuis de Zwijger (Dinner)
17:40 Drinks & starters
18:40 Conference Dinner
20:10 End of conference dinner (bar open until 22:00)

Program of ISRA 2019

Monday, September 16, 2019: 10:20 - Pakhuis de Zwijger (Foyer)
Poster Pitch III

Multi-Channel Recording and Modeling Strategies for Improved Source Realism in Auralizations
Laurie Kamper, Gregory Miller, Marcus Mayell, Nicolaus Dulworth
Physical and perceptual differences of selected approaches to realize an echolocation scenario in room acoustical auralizations
Annika Neidhardt, Christian Schneiderwind
Investigating the importance of geometrical accuracy acoustic simulation: A comparison of NURBS and mesh-based approaches
Tomás Méndez Echenagucia, Louena Shtrepi, Elena Badino, Arianna Astolfi
Effects of stage volume ratio on acoustics of simulated concert halls
Rosa Seo, Hyun In Jo, Jin Yong Jeon
Application of Finite-Difference Time Domain Method to the Study of Practical Solutions in Room Acoustics
Octávio Inácio, Filipe Martins
From Reverberation Time equations to room acoustic simulations
Ana M Jaramillo, Bruce C Olson
The importance of periodic ray paths in geometrical acoustics – some practically relevant examples
Rok Prislan, Daniel Svenšek
A parametric hybrid room acoustic prediction method: development of an image-sources/diffusion equation approach for the high-frequency range
Wouter Wittebol, Maarten Hornikx
Overhead stage canopies in a coupled volume theatre: effects on the sound energy distribution and on the secondary reverberation
Dario D'Orazio, Giulia Fratoni
Experimental Study of Cubic, Pyramidal and Hemispherical Diffusers at Normal Sound Incidence
Michael Vasilyev, Marina Lavrova, Nikolay Kanev
Objective assessment of a scattered sound field in simulated concert halls and scale model
Hyun In Jo, Kee Hyun Kwak, Jin Yong Jeon
Sound Diffusion design for a Rectangular Concert Hall using a 1:25 Scale Model
Jinyoung Park, Hyunwook Kim, Jae Hak Lee, Jinju Jeong, Jin Yong Jeon

Monday, September 16, 2019: 15:00 - Pakhuis de Zwijger (Foyer)
Poster Pitch IV

Lateral Energy Ceiling Design in Fan Shaped or Circular Rooms
John O'Keefe
Mozart or Elvis: Which One is More Fun? (to Design a Venue for). Design Parallels and Differences for Acoustics Excellence of Halls for Modern and Classical Music
Claudiu Pop
A Variable Perforated Panel Proposal
Merve Eşmebaşı, Ali Murat Tanyer, Mehmet Çalışkan
Room acoustics meets TABS (Thermally Activated Building Systems) - Practical results for strip absorbers in concrete ceilings
Abidin Uygun
A Soft-Sensing methodology for assessing Acoustic Comfort in buildings
Livia Claudi, Marco Arnesano, Gian Marco Revel
Real case measurements of new variable acoustics technology
Niels Werner Adelman-Larsen
EVAA: A platform for Experimental Virtual Archeological- Acoustics to study the influence of performance space
Brian Katz, Sandie Le Conte, Peter Stitt
Room acoustics teaching experiences at the Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM)
Eric Brandão, William D’Andrea Fonseca
Finding the resonance frequencies of non-shoebox shaped rooms
Peter Svensson
Self-tuned Class-D Audio Amplifier with HRMRAC Control
João Marcos Kanieski
Direction-of-arrival distribution analysis of reflected sounds using spherical microphone array
Yuto Izumi, Makoto Otani
Manipulating Measurements
David Griesinger

Monday, September 16, 2019

  Concertgebouw Amsterdam (Large Hall)
20:00 Concert

Program of ISRA 2019

Tuesday, September 17, 2019