Wednesday 31 october 2018 - AM

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8:40 On the modelling of miniaturised transducers in a high frequency range
M. Bruneau, P. Honzik
Transverse Horizontal Spatial Coherence in Shallow Water
B. Zhang, F. Li, Z. Li, Y. Zhang, J. Wang
9:00 Design of the underwater acoustic array for full ocean depth multibeam echo sounder
H.Q. Hao, T.J. Xia, M. Xie
Experimental Analysis on Air-to-water Sound Transmission Loss in Shallow water
Z. Peng, L. Zhang, G. Wang
9:20 Low Frequency Absolute Calibration for Complex Sensitivity of Vector Hydrophone in Free-field
G.H. Jia, Y. Chen, Z.-H. Ping, T. Fei
Sound propagation and spatial correlation in deep water with an uneven bathymetry
Z. Li, R. Zhang
9:40 Coffee Break Posters session and Coffee Break Posters session and Coffee break
10:20 Suppression of nonlinear distortion of transducers used for measurements in acoustics and vibrations
N. Antonin, P. Lotton, L. Simon
Determination of Lamb Mode Eigenvalues of Double-layered Plate Based on Multi-mode Method
B. Wang, L. Tan, J. Fan, J. Li
Processing Ocean Ambient Noise to Obtain Reliable Interface Wave Dispersion Measurements
G. Wu, H. Dong, G. Ke, J. Song
10:40 Radial Radiation High-frequency Broadband Transducer Based on the Transverse Anisotropy of Single Crystals Poled Along [001] Direction
B. Ji, Y. Lan, C. Wang
Research on coupling interference characters of single normal mode received broadband pulse
S. Zhang, S. Piao, J. Liu, X. Li, K. Iqbal
Underwater Radiated Noise from Commercial Ships in the Yellow Sea of China
P. Jiang
11:00 Modelling, Measurement and Optimization of Self-noise of Hydrophone with Preamplifier
Y. Chen, L. Zhou, X. Guo, T. He, J. Zhang
Acoustic damping in a 2D elastic solid with circular inclusions
H. Luo, A. Tanguy, A. Gravouil, V. Giordano
Estimating sea bottom parameter using the spatial characteristics of ocean ambient noise.
H. Li, X. Guo, L. Ma
11:20 Design of a Distributed Sensing Network based on Photoacoustic Effect for Nondestructive Structural Health Monitoring in Harsh Environments
Q. Yu, L. Zhang
Large-scale hydrodynamic waves over a perforated plate backed by a cavity
X. Dai, Y. Aurégan
The Precision Calibration of Depth and Resolution for Multi- beam Sonar in Anechoic Pool in the Laboratory
B. Shi, Y. Liu, D. Shang, X. Zhao, Y. Li
11:40 Lunch Sound Velocity Profile Inversion Based Mode Signal and Polynomial Fitting
F. Liu
Biologically Inspired DCT Watermarking Covert Communication Mimicking Humpback Whale Song
M. Bilal, G. Qiao, S. Liu, T. Ma, Y. Zhao
12:00 Lunch time A New Application of Reverberation Tanks: Underwater Transient Sound Characteristic Measurement
R. Tang, X. Yu, J. Zhang
12:20 Lunch time
13:30 Round table discussion on education Round table discussion on education Round table discussion on education
14:30 Design and assessment of a broadband steerable acoustic metasurface made of active electroacoustic resonators
H. Lissek, E. Rivet, T. Laurence, R. Fleury
Guided Wave propagation through elastic plates with periodically corrugated boundaries
A. Bibi
The Suppression of Hydrodynamic Noise from Underwater Cavities by the Change of Back Wall Chamfer
H. Zhang, Y. Liu, D. Shang
14:50 Influence of The Finite Plane Baffle on The Horizontal Directivity of Cylindrical Transducer
M.-H. Wang, Y. Wang
Spatial-transient Behaviors in Lined Ducts
W. Guo, J. Liu, W. Bi, D. Yang, Y. Aurégan, V. Pagneux
Study on the Acoustical Characteristics of Low-speed Metal Balls Entering into Water
D. Shang, Q. Li, Y. Zhang, B. Wang
15:10 Advancing acoustic sensors with high-refractive-index acoustic metamaterials
Y. Chen, L. Zhang
Resonance Trapping in Lined Ducts
J. Liu, W. Bi, Q. Li, Y. Aurégan, V. Pagneux
Prediction of Flow Noise around a Cylinder Based on LES and Acoustic Analogy Theory
Q. Qin, D. Shang, Y. Liu, T. Wang
15:30 Poster and Coffee Break Coffee Break The suppression of hydrodynamic noise from underwater sonar domes by flow control
J. Pei, C. Niu, J. Qu, Y. Liu, D. Shang
16:10 Performance assessment of a small-size ocean wave energy harvester
B. Dubus, W. Sang
Fundamental Solution in a Two-dimensional Acoustic Waveguide with Arbitrary Admittance Boudary Conditions
E. Perrey-Debain, B. Nennig
16:30 A high-power and high-efficiency Bender Disk Transducer
J. Liu
The research of LWD acoustic isolator Based on SAW Spatial Separation
P. Yang, D. Chen, X. Wang
16:50 Numerical Calculation and Measurement for the Focus Field of Concave Spherical Acoustic Lens Transducer
J. Zhang, Y. Chen, L. Yang
Tunable Phononic Plate Waveguide by Adding Liquid
T. Wang, Y. Wang, Y. Wang, V. Laude
17:10 Finite element analysis of double resonance bender disk low frequency transducer
W. Lu, Y. Lan, T. Zhou
Numerical modeling of elastic guided wave propagation in bi- helical periodic media
C. Zhou, F. Treyssède, P. Cartraud
17:30 Closing Ceremony    
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Wednesday 31 october 2018 - PM


Wednesday 31 october 2018: 9:40 - Posters Hall
Acoustic and elastic propagation in wave guide and complex media

Effect of the wind-generated bubble layer on forward scattering from the ocean surface
Y. Fan, L. Haisen, C. Xu, B. Chen
Inversion of range dependent geo-acoustic parameters by Ensemble Kalman Filter
L. Pang, T. Hu, X. Guo, L. Ma
Researches on Very Low Frequency Acoustic Signal Propagation Characteristics in Different Shallow Elastic Wedge Bottoms
J. Zhu, H. Zhu, J. Tang, G. Zheng
A High-precision Underwater Acoustic Communication Signal Modeling Method Based on VirTEX Algorithm
C. Wang
Effect of Deep Sea Bottom Geoacoustic Properties on Pulse Arrivals at The Shadow Zone in Complete Deep Sea Channel
L. Wu, Z. Peng
Experimental study of the horizontal correlation of low frequency reverberation in shallow sea
B. Gao, D. Gao, H. Wang, N. Wang

Wednesday 31 october 2018: 9:40 - Posters Hall
Flow noise, ocean ambient noise, cavitation, and bubble curtains

The Robustness of Sound Velocity in Passive Ranging of Underwater Targets Based on Deep Neural Networks
S. Yi, W. Cong, F. Liu
The design of the system for calibrating Acoustic Doppler Current Meter in the laboratory
H. Jiang, Y. Li, B. Shi, Y. Liu, D. Shang
The suppression of hydrodynamic noise from underwater sonar domes by flow control
杰. 裴, C. Niu, J. Qu, Y. Liu, D. Shang
The Alpha Stable Distribution in Ocean Ambient Noise Modeling
G. Song, X. Guo, L. Ma
Study on Acoustic Radiation Characteristics of Asymmetrical Ribs
F. Zheng, C. Zhang, D. Shang, Q. Qin, T. Wang
Prediction of Flow Noise around a Cylinder Based on LES and Acoustic Analogy Theory
Q. Qin, D. Shang, Y. Liu, T. Wang
Estimating seabottom parameters using the spatial characteristics of ocean ambient noise.
H. Li, X. Guo, L. Ma
Modeling of High Background Noise in large area Ocean Based on Measured Data
C. Meng

Wednesday 31 october 2018: 15:30 - Posters Hall

A bonded-type triangle-shaped rotary ultrasonic motor
Q. Zhang, H. Chen, H. Zhang, W. Wang
One Type of Four-sided Flextensional Transducer Using the Piston as the Radiating Surface Driven by Rare Earth
K. Liu, Y. Lan
Design of Short Baseline Positioning System for Dam and Reservoir Area
Y. Xie, X. Zhang, Z. Wan, Y. Hou, X. Fan
Calibration of Echosounder Using Standard Target Method
L. Yang, Y. Chen, J. Zhang, Z. Wang
Study on the Impedance Amplitude Controlling of the Air - backed Piezoelectric Ring Transducer
S. Li, J. Liu, X. Xu
Reverberation-field calibration method of underwater acoustic transducers
Q. Li, J. Sun, D. Shang, R. Tang
Health monitoring by acoustic emission of unidirectional bio-composite integrated by piezoelectric implant
S. Allagui, A. El Mahi, J.-L. Rebiere, A. Bouguecha, M. Beyaoui, M. Haddar