Tuesday 30 october 2018 - AM

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8:00 Dynamic Acoustic Emission for the Characterization of the Nonlinear Behavior of Composite Materials
X. Yu, M. Bentahar, S. Montresor, C. Mechri
Metamaterials and Metasurfaces for Acoustic Energy Harvesting
B. Assouar
8:20 Non-destructive Data Fusion from Ultrasonic and Eddy Current Testing Using Artificial Neural Networks
R. Cormerais, R. Longo, A. Duclos, G. Wasselynck, G. Berthiau
Bio-inspired straw-like metamaterial for low frequency sound absorption
W. Huang, L. Schwan, V. Romero-Garcia, J.-M. Génevaux, J.-P. Groby
Underwater Target Recognition Method Based on Convolutional Residual Network
Y. Chen, S. Du, H. Quan, B. Zhou
8:40 Research on Reverberation Characteristics Analysis and Suppresion Methods for Active Continuous Detection
T. Chen, Q. Ma, Z. Shao, Z. Zhou
High-quality Acoustic Manipulation by Lossy Metamaterials with Independent Phase and Amplitude
B. Liang, Y.-F. Zhu, X.-F. Zhu, J.-C. Cheng
Sonar Image Recognition based on Fine-tuned Convolution Neural Network
Z. Zhu, Y. Hu
9:00 Material properties estimation of foams saturated with air using continuous ultrasonic waves
R. Longo, A. Duclos, J.-P. Groby
Nonlocal Homogenization: Principle and Illustrations.
D. Lafarge
The Effect of Incorrect Sound Velocity on Synthetic Aperture Sonar Resolution
X. Ji, L. Zhou, W. Cong
9:20 Detection and Quantification of Cracks in a Concrete Beam using Coda Wave Interferometry Method and Fiber Optic Sensors
X. Wang, A. Bassil, E. Niederleithinger, X. Chapeleau
Scattering of acoustic waves: effects of loss, gain and symmetry
V. Pagneux, Y. Aurégan, V. Achilleos
Acoustic source identification made flexible with the Gibbs sampler
J. Antoni
9:40 Posters session and Coffee Break Posters session and Coffee Break Coffee Break
10:20 A Modeling Tool to Support Thermosonics Nondestructive Testing Applications
V. Aleshin, K. Truyaert, S. Delrue, K. Van Den Abeele, O. Bou Matar
A novel unidirectional negative refraction acoustic metafluid prism
X. Yu, K. Li, J. Zhang, S. Liu
Design and Study on Impact Resistance of Vector Hydrophone Application Platform
T. Zhao, H. Chen
10:40 On the use of sparse representations in non-destructive testings applied to composite materials
S. Montresor, A. Satour, M. Bentahar
Acoustic multifunctionalities enabled by flexible acoustic metasurfaces
H. Tang, X.-F. Zhu, J. Zang
Numerical Study of an Control Scheme on Flow-induced Cavity Noise
L. Liu, J. Liu, S. Lyu
11:00 Ultrasonic and X-Ray tomography inspection of a woven glass reinforced composite damaged by drop weight impact
N. Declercq, N. Miqoi, P. Pomarede, L. Guillaumat, F. Meraghni
Experimental Validation of Constant-Amplitude Acoustic Waves in non-Hermitian disordered Media
E. Rivet, A. Brandstötter, K.G. Makris, H. Lissek, S. Rotter, R. Fleury
Acoustic Property of Piezoelectric MPPA with Active Control
D. Kong, D. Xie, H. Wang, X. Tang, Y. Qian
11:20 Optimized time reversal algorithm for crack imaging in thin plates
H. Chouiyakh, R. Fadil, B. Abou El Majd, H. El Ghazi
Manipulation of vector elastic solitons by flexible mechanical metamaterials
V. Tournat, B. Deng, P. Wang, Q. He, K. Bertoldi
The Acoustic Insulation Performance of Infinite and Finite Locally Resonant Metamaterial and Phononic Crystal Plates
L. Van Belle, C. Claeys, E. Deckers, W. Desmet
11:40 Overview of concrete evaluation with surface waves : laboratory and on site results and challenges
O. Abraham, V. Métais, D. Pageot, O. Durand, J.-M. Henault, V. Garnier
Acoustic radiation pressure for nonreciprocal transmission and switch effects
A. Cebrecos, T. Devaux, O. Richoux, V. Pagneux, V. Tournat
Identification of turbulent wall pressure by an inverse vibration problem for the naval domain
C. Pezerat, O. Grosset, J.-H. Thomas, F. Ablitzer
12:00 Advanced ultrasonic array imaging of complex parts: Experiments and simulation
P. Calmon, S. Robert, F. Cartier
Unidirectional zero sonic reflection in a passive PT symmetric Willis media
A. Merkel, V. Romero-Garcia, J.-P. Groby, J. Christensen, J. Li
Lunch time
12:20 Lunch time Lunch time
13:30 Invited speaker Invited speaker Invited speaker
14:30 Separation of damping and elastic modulus in the nonlinear response of concrete
C. Mechri, M. Scalerandi, M. Bentahar, R. El Guerjouma
Acoustic Metamaterials with Resonances: Time-Domain Formulation and Numerical Modelling
B. Lombard, C. Bellis
Digital holography for full-field investigation of acoustic waves in complex structures
P. Picart, L. Lagny, M. Secail-Geraud, F. Gautier, C. Pezerat
14:50 Interaction of fundamental A0 Lamb mode with a point impact damaged zone in composite plates
M. Bentahar, D. Singh, C. Mechri, R. El Guerjouma
Soft Metasurface with Gradient Acoustic Index
Y. Jin, R. Kumar, O. Poncelet, O. Mondain-Monval, T. Brunet
Experimental and finite elements analysis of the vibration behavior of cork agglomerates
M. Abakar, A. El Mahi, M. Idriss
15:10 Development of an assembly for the realization of a transducer able to operate at very high temperatures
A.E. Bouzenad, D. Flotté, F. Navacchia, D. Macel
Nonlinear wave propagation in 1D acoustic transmission line metamaterials
J. Zhang, V. Romero-Garcia, G. Theocharis, O. Richoux, V. Achilleos, D. J. Frantzeskakis
Extending the coupling of FEM, TMM and Bloch Waves to poroelastic layers and films
G. Lacoin, M. Gaborit, P. Göransson, O. Dazel
15:30 Posters session and Coffee Break Tunable acoustic perfect absorbers via spiral metasurfaces with embedded-apertures
S. Huang, X. Fang, X. Wang, Q. Cheng, Y. Li, J. Zhu, B. Assouar
Posters session and Coffee Break
15:50 Coffee Break
16:10 Numerical parametric study of Nonlinear Coda Wave Interferometry in a multiple scattering medium with random micro-cracks
G. Chen, Y. Zhang, O. Abraham, D. Pageot, M. Chekroun, V. Tournat
Broadband acoustic attenuation with multiresonant lossy three- dimensional sonic crystal for the train noise reduction.
T. Cavalieri, A. Cebrecos, J.-P. Groby, V. Romero-Garcia, C. Chaufour
Model approximation for sound transmission from underwater structures in high-frequency range
R. Zhang, D. Yang, S. Shi, B. Yang
16:30 Development of an assembly for the realization of a transducer able to operate at very high temperatures
D. Flotté, F. Navacchia, D. Macel
Limits of mass density for acoustic metamaterials composed of clamped elastic plates in air
M. Malléjac, V. Tournat, J.-P. Groby, V. Romero-Garcěa, J. Christensen, A. Merkel, J. Sanchez-Dehesa
Research on sound absorption characteristics of Alberich anechoic coatings in debonding states
X. Zhao, D. Shang, C. Zhang, L. Yin
16:50 Underwater Multi-sensor Bayesian Distributed Detection and Data Fusion
C. Li, G. Zhu
Slow Sound acoustic diode
V. Achilleos, Y. Aurégan, V. Pagneux
17:10   Low frequency stop bands and effective properties of large scale metamaterials
B. Ungureanu, Y. Achaoui, S. Brűlé, S. Enoch, R. Craster, S. Guenneau
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Tuesday 30 october 2018 - PM

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13:30 PRADA Claire: Local resonances and backward waves in simple elastic waveguides
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Tuesday 30 october 2018: 9:40 - Posters Hall
Ultrasounds and signal processing (child/poster)

An Efficient Multichannel Processing for Highly-Mobile Single-Carrier Underwater Acoustic Communications
Y. Zhang
Speed Estimation Based on Ship Radiated Noise in Impulse Noise Environment
Y. Hou, B. Wang
Improved Orthogonal Projection Robust Adaptive Beamforming Approach for Active Sonar Imaging
L. Yan, F. Xu, J. Yang, L. Cui
Direct Wave Interference Suppression Method with Sparse- Sidelobe Constraint in Bistatic Sonar
D. Nie, J. Liang, G. Qiao
Integrated Baseline Localization Based on TOA and Phase Difference Fusion
Q. Li, Y. Wang
Underwater acoustic communication by a single vector sensor: experimental results
J. Song, Q. Liu, C. Zhang, X. Han, J. Yin, Y. Ren, Z. Li
Analysis of early damage in a woven carbon fiber reinforced composite by means of Coda Wave Interferometry (CWI) and terahertz imaging
N. Declercq, J. Dong, P. Pomarede, L. Chehami, A. Locquet, F. Meraghni, D. Citrin

Tuesday 30 october 2018: 9:40 - Posters Hall
Acoustic and elastic Metamaterials

The study of free-flooded class IV flextensional transducer with baffle
Z. Ma, H.Q. Hao, T.J. Xia
Two methods to change the harmonic frequency of the class IV flextensional transducer
Z. Ma, H.Q. Hao, T.J. Xia
A Novel Architecture of Fibre-optic Interferometry Hydropone
X. Huang, D. Chen
Planar acoustics lenses with helical-structured metamaterials
S. Liu, Y. Hu, J. Zhu
Tuning Wave Dispersion in One-dimensional Granular Chains: Sliding, Rolling and Torsion Effects
Z. Qicheng, O. Umnova, R. Venegas, A. Elliot, L. Yu
Nonlinear Elastic Metasurface Design Achieving Acoustic Wave Scattering Control
X. Guo, V.E. Gusev, K. Bertoldi, V. Tournat
Broadband acoustic attenuation with multiresonant lossy three- dimensional sonic crystal for the train noise reduction.
T. Cavalieri, J.-P. Groby, V. Romero-Garcia, A. Cebrecos, C. Chaufour
Sound wave propagation in honeycomb waveguide network with Helmholtz resonators
L. Zheng, V. Achilleos, O. Richoux, G. Theocharis, Z.-G. Chen, J. Mei, Y. Wu, V. Tournat, S. Félix, V. Pagneux

Tuesday 30 october 2018: 15:30 - Posters Hall
Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation

Tracking Sperm Whales (Physeter macrocephalus) Detected with Irregular Time Intevals
T. Bai, P. White
Resolving Velocity Ambiguity of Coded Pulse-Pair to Improve the Precision of Broad-band Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler at High Velocity
W. Zhang, C. Wang, K. Deng
Underwater Acoustic Image Denoising Based on Low-rank Decomposition and Guided Filtering
J. Zhou
Frequency Domain-Based Data Augmentation for Audio Tagging Using Deep Learning
S. Wei, K. Xu, D. Wang
Compressed sensing using the non-uniformly sampled range-azimuth dictionary
C. Yang, B. Song, H. Liang, H. Peremans
Wavelet Soft Threshold De-noising based Optimized Doppler Factor Estimation for FH-BFSK mobile underwater acoustic communication
G. Qiao, Y. Zhao, S. Liu, Y. Lu, H. Yang
Automatic Classification of Birdsong Using Auditory Perceptual Model
C. Zhang, F. Xu, Q. Zhang, J. Wang
Approaches for defect sizing via PAUT technique: advantages and limitations
A.E. Bouzenad, S. Yaacoubi, S. Bittendiebel, B. Grzeskowiak, M. Bentahar, S. Montrésor
Deep Learning Based Underwater Acoustic OFDM Communications
Y. Zhang, J. Li, Y. Zakharov, D. Sun, J. Li
A Passive Sonar Underwater Target Detection Method Based on Morphological Component Analysis
Z. Dou

Tuesday 30 october 2018: 15:30 - Posters Hall
Vibroacoustics and noise reduction

Life cycle evaluation of vibro-acoustic solutions in railway tracks using geotechnical methods and composite sleepers
S. Kaewunruen, V. Martin, P. Rungskulroch, K. Goto
Wide Field Vibration Retrieval with Digital Holography
L. Lagny, P. Picart, S. Montresor, C. Pezerat, J. Le Meur, K. Heggarty
The influence of impedance mismatch of the medium with gradient change of impedance
B. Hu, M. Wang, Y. Du, W. Li
The effect of mean flow on the mutual radiation resistance of a rectangular plate
L. Zhu
Vibration Behavior of a Bio-Composite Sandwich with Auxetic Core
K. Essassi, J.-L. Rebiere, A. El Mahi, M. Toure, M.A. Ben Souf, A. Bouguecha, M. Haddar