Monday 29 october 2018 - AM

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8:00 Registration    
8:45 Opening ceremony    
9:20 Moving Target Detection in Under-ice Reverberant Environment
J. Yin, B. Liu, G. Zhu, S. Tang
Passive Manipulation of Low Resonance Scattering Frequency Associated with Subsonic Rayleigh Waves on Submerged Polymer Spheres
Y. Zhou, J. Fan, B. Wang
Laser Ultrasonic Inspection of Acoustic Nonlinearity in Thermally Aged Metal Using Zero-Group-Velocity Lamb Modes
G. Yan, S. Raetz, H. Seo, K.-Y. Jhang, N. Chigarev, V.E. Gusev, V. Tournat
9:40 Reinforcement Learning-based Link adaptation in Long Delayed Underwater Acoustic Channel
W. Jingxi
Local Transformation for the Wave Scattering by Cylinders of Arbitrary Shape
S. Félix, J.-F. Mercier, A. Maurel
Test-bench for the experimental characterization of porous material used in thermoacoustic cooler.
G. Poignand, C. Olivier, F. Salvati, G. Penelet
10:00 Nonparametric and Parametric Methods of Spectral Analysis
H. Zhao, L. Gui
Acoustic scattering from a stiffened finite cylindrical shell with external annuli
F. Zhou, J. Fan, B. Wang, Z. Peng
Experimental and theoretical study of nonlinear heat transport at the ends of a heated stack in a thermoacoustic prime mover
L. Gong, G. Penelet, P. Picart
10:20 Research on Underwater Target Sonar Image Recognition Based on Convolutional Neural Network
M. Chen, W. Liu, T. Qin
Non-Periodic Distribution of Scatterers and Broadband Acoustic Transparency
L.M. García-Raffi, N. Lamothe, O. Richoux, G. Theocharis, V. Romero-Garcia
Weakly nonlinear oscillations of gas column driven by self-sustained sources
V. Hruska, M. Bednarik, M. Cervenka
10:40 Coffee break Posters session and Coffee Break Posters session and Coffee Break
11:00 T-SNE Visualization of Multi-level Acoustic Features for Audio Classification Based on Pre-trained CNN Networks
D. Wang, L. Zhang, K. Xu, X. Cheng, B. Zhu
The Acoustic properties of gassy sediments due to gas-content fluctuations
G. Zheng, H. Zhou
11:20 Ray-tracing-based time-domain wideband fractional delay beamforming for underwater acoustic positioning
H. Li, Q. Yuan, Y. Wu, X. Wang
Simulation and Analysis on Low-Frequency Scattering Characteristics of a Finite Cylindrical Shell in Shallow Water
J. Li, D. Shang, Y. Xiao
Simulation and Spatial Correlation Analysis of Deep Sea Reverberation
H. Zhou, C. Liu
11:40 The environment influence to the high frequency source localization based on the perturbed acoustic field sensitivity kernel
J. Yang, F. Xu, H. Tang, S. Liu
An Efficient Semi-Analytical Scheme for Determining the Reflection and Tranmission of Lamb Waves into a Waveguide of Different Depth
R. Davey, R. Assier, D. Abrahams, R. Hewitt
The Application of The Gaussian Beam Method in Underwater Sound Propagation
Y. Hu, J. Tang
12:00 Under-ice acoustic channels and communication performance: experimental results
Q. Liu, J. Song, C. Zhang, X. Han, J. Yin, Y. Ren, Z. Li
Sonar Target Strength Measurement Base on Time Reversal Mirror
C. He
Dolphin-inspired soft impedance transformer overcomes narrowband limit
Y. Zhang, E. Dong, S.G. Mosanenzadeh, Z. Song, X. Gao, Y. Li, N. Fang
12:20 Lunch Time Lunch Time Lunch Time
13:30 Invited speaker Invited Speaker Invited speaker
14:30 Improved Proportionate FONLMS Algorithm based Direct Adaptive Turbo Equalization for MIMO Underwater Acoustic Communications Decision Feedback Turbo Equalization
Z. Yang, T. Liang, Z. Deng, Y. Zhang
Acoustic Wood Anomaly: A Unique Phenomenon of Diffraction and Surface Acoustic Wave Generation on Periodically Corrugated Surface – investigation of physical origins
N. Declercq, J. Liu
Acoustic source localization use the open spherical microphone array in the low frequency range
B. Yang, S. Shi, D. Yang, R. Zhang, L. Zhang
14:50 Strong Coherent Interference Suppression Based on Second-order Cone Null Steering Beamforming
D. Sun, Z. Jia, T. Teng, C. Huang
Reverberation Intensity Attenuation Characteristics in shallow water
Q. Hou, J. Wu, L. Ma, J. Zhang
Tikhonov regularization using a Hurst exponent estimation of fractional Gaussian noise in the wave number domain: Application to acoustic holography (NAH)
J.-C. Pascal, J.-H. Thomas, J.-F. Li
15:10 The simulation and analysis of reverberation spatial correlation under anisotropic seafloor roughness
S. Yan, C. Wang
  Acoustic Signature Analysis for Localization Estimation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Using Few Number of Microphones
T. Blanchard, J.-H. Thomas, K. Raoof
15:30 Posters session and Coffee break   Posters session and Coffee Break
16:10 Theoretical and experimental study on a finite size vector sensor array with a cylindrically symmetric carrier
J. Guo, S. Yang, H. Chen, S. Piao, L. Qiu
  Research on Navigation for Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Based on Dynamic Gray Filtering Method
J. Wang, T. Lin, J. Fu
16:30 Widely Linear Adaptive Instantaneous Frequency Estimation in Vector Hydrophone
P. Peng, L. An
  Three dimensional acoustic imaging technology of buried object detection
C. Weihua
16:50 Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction for the Acoustic Field Measured by a Linear Sensor Array
X. Zhang, P. Wang, N. Wang
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Monday 29 october 2018 - PM

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13:30 PIAO Shengchun: Underwater acoustics and properties of underwater acoustic waveguide in shallow water
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Monday 29 october 2018: 10:40 - Posters Hall
Acoustic and elastic wave scattering

Study on Doppler Characteristics of Underwater Bistatic Reverberation
F. Wang, Y. Jiang, S. Du
Robust adaptive beamforming method for active sonar in single snapshot
X. Sun, R. Li
A Fast Algorithm to Compute Shadow Areas for Kirchhoff Approximation-based Underwater Acoustic Scattering Simulation
L. Jia, Y. Zhang, G. Li
Damage Mechanisms Assessment of Hybrid Carbon/Flax Fiber Composites using Acoustic Emission
M. Ben Ameur, J.-L. Rebiere, A. El Mahi, M. Beyaoui, M. Abdennadher, M. Haddar

Monday 29 october 2018: 10:40 - Posters Hall
Physical Acoustics

An iterative approximation of bubble-size distribution estimation and its performance analysis
Y. Teng
A Method of Acoustic Parameters Inversion Based on Hybrid Algorithm
G. Wang, F. Liu
Volume oscillation and Acoustical Scattering of a gas bubble
Y. Ma
A method of geoacoustic parameter inversion in shallow sea by bayesian theory and acoustic pressure field
G. Zheng, H. Zhu, J. Zhu

Monday 29 october 2018: 15:30 - Posters Hall
Acoustical imaging

Research on a high-resolution spherical beamforming algorithm for sound source location
C. Sun, Y. Liu
Robust Frequency Invariant Beamforming based on Convex Optimization
Q. Wang, B. Zhou
Computational sound field in a virtual environment via field data in an arbitrary closed environment
X. Li, D. Gao, N. Wang
a Bayesian Approach to Target Passive Estimation with Phase Speed Uncertainty
F. Jiang
Assessment of multitarget distinguishing using deconvolved conventional beamforming
H. Lan, X. Zhang, R. Li, S. Jin, N. Li
A Line Target Automatic Detection Method of 3D Sonar Image
H. Xue, Q. Zeng, W. Cong, Y. Hong
A three-dimensional acoustic target surface reconstruction method based on Marching cubes algorithm
J. Liu, W. Cong, X. Yang, P. Zhu
Travel-time Correction and Preliminary Results for Ocean Acoustic Tomography in South China Sea
H. Zhao, X. Ji
Numerical study of Dynamic Noseleaf Models in Greater Horseshoe Bats, Rhinolophus ferrumequinum
L. Gao, H. Lu, J. Feng, Z. Zhang, X. Ma, W. He
Experiment and Interpretation of Geomorphological Detection by Multi-beam Sonar in Huguangyan Maar Lake
P. Zhang
A Method of Jellyfish Detection based on High Resolution Multi-beam Acoustic Image
Y. Zhang, G. Li, M. Zhang, Y. Jiang

Monday 29 october 2018: 15:30 - Posters Hall
Ultrasounds and signal processing

A Broadband Underwater Acoustical Signal DOA Estimation Method Based on Joint Sparsity of Signal Spatial Domain
D. He
A Modified Frequency Domain Adaptive Matched Filter for Diver Detection Sonar
K. Sun, A. Zhao, J. Hui
Performance analysis of direct-sequence spread-spectrum underwater acoustic communications based on at-sea data
P. Du, L. Wang, H. Zhang, Z. Xie
Method of MAI Cancellation in Asynchronous Underwater Acoustic CDMA Systems
S. Xiong
DOA estimation technique for large spacing nonuniform array based on dictionary learning
B. Zhou, L. Wang, Q. Wang, Y. Chen, H. Quan
A method of Automatic Narrowband Target Detection and Tracking based on Gaussian Mixture Model
Q. Zeng, H. Xue, H. Ge