Forum Acusticum 2020

Friday 24 april, 2020

  Auditorium Pasteur Salon Pasteur Rhône 1 Rhône 2 Rhône 3A Rhône 3B St Clair 1 St Clair 2 St Clair 3A St Clair 3B St Clair 4 Salon Roseraie 1&2
8:30   Sound absorption characteristics of aerogels
H. Begum, W. J. Malfait, S. Zhao, K. V. Horoshenkov, M. M. Koebel
Picosecond ultrasounds as elasticity probes in neuron-like cells models
L. Belliard, A. Viel, E. Péronne, O. Sénépart, L. Becerra, C. Legay, F. Semprez, L. Trichet, T. Coradin, A. Hamraoui
Sound transmission loss of laminated glass with acoustic-PVB interlayer
F. Chen, Y. Huang, T. Deganyar
“Turn an ear to hear”: the benefit of head orientation to speech intelligibility in complex acoustic environments
J. A. Grange, J. F. Culling
  Time-domain Green’s function of an ABH embedded in an infinite plate
L. Lagny, F. Gautier, M. Bruneau
Revisiting the Miller experiment for studying the vibroacoustic couplings of ducts : advantages and experimental traps
M. Sécail-Géraud, J. Gilbert, T. Guennoc, F. Gautier
Brassiness and the Understanding of Brass Instruments
D.M. Campbell, J. Gilbert, A. Myers
Influence of loudness on sound categorization and recognition
P. Susini, O. Houix
8:50 Bifocal Ultrasound Focusing using Tunable Fibonacci Lenses
S. Pérez-López, J.M. Fuster, P. Candelas
Can membrane foams be viewed as high-tortuosity open-porosity foams?
C. Gaulon, J. Pierre, C. Derec, F.-X. Bécot, F. Chevillotte, L. Jaouen, V. Leroy
Silica nanoparticles to image cells in water by picosecond ultrasonics
M.-F. Ponge, F. Bruno, L. Liu, S. Ravaine, B. Audoin
Prediction of vibration transmission across junctions using diffuse field reciprocity and perfectly matched layers
W. Stalmans, E. Reynders
The Role of Harmonicity in the Masking of Speech: Behavioural and Modelling results
K. Steinmetzger, S. Rosen
Acoustic Characterization of Drone Components
F. Mortain
On the Design of a Functionally Graded Acoustic Black Hole Using Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing
J. Cheer, S. Daley
Identification of the damping coefficient of a NES in both linear and non-linear domains
I. Bouzid, P.-O. Mattei, R. Côte, T. Fakhfakh, M. Haddar
The effect of the tonehole lattice cutoff frequency on sound production for conical resonators
T. Colinot, E. Petersen, P. Guillemain
The Missing 6 dB: Perceptual or Procedural Effect?
S. Meunier, J. Chatron, T. Bonetto-Lemaire
9:10 On the use of polymer cuboids for ultrasonic focusing and bending
D. Tarrazó-Serrano, A. Uris, O. V. Minin, I. V. Minin, C. Rubio
Evidence of acoustic insulation performances of metaporoelastic layers
N. Aberkane-Gauthier, D. Lecoq, C. Lagarrigue, C. Pezerat, V. Romero Garcia, J.-P. Groby
Laser ultrasonics measurements on Multicellular Tumor Spheroids
A. Bazir, R. Fulcrand, T. Dehoux
Accounting for modal behaviour in the prediction of sound transmission through simply supported building elements using periodic structure theory
C. Decraene, G. Lombaert, E. Reynders
Is harmonic cancellation relevant for cocktail party listening?
L. Prud'Homme, M. Lavandier, V. Best
Tracking of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with few sensors using time-frequency representation
N. Itare, T. Blanchard, J.-H. Thomas, K. Raoof
Wave-based method for curvilinear acoustic black hole and study on cut-on frequency
J.Y. Lee, W. Jeon
Design and measurement of a reference source at lower frequencies
C. Pinhède, P. Herzog, E. Friot
Objective Metrics to Identify the Tonehole Lattice Cutoff Frequency of Conical Woodwind Instruments
E. Petersen, V. Turcotte, T. Colinot
Loudness of speech pronounced by a visible or hidden speaker located at several distances
G. Berthomieu, V. Koehl, M. Paquier
  Sparsity-constrained joint TOA and DOA estimation of acoustic reflections
C. Tuna, A. G. Prinn, P. Goetz, A. Walther, E. A.P. Habets
9:30 Acoustic radiation torque in soft solids generated by vortex beams
D. Baresch
Acoustically efficient concrete: acoustic absorption coefficient of porous concrete with different aggregate gradation
L. Shtrepi, A. Astolfi, E. Badino, G. Volpatti, D. Zampini
Extracting Weak Signal with the Help of Data Clustering: Application to Motoneuron Adhesion
E. Péronne, S. Malaquin, L. Becerra, L. Belliard, A. Hamraoui, C. Legay, F. Semprez
Calculation of direct sound insulation of combined material (heavyweight and lightweight) double-leaf partitions using statistical energy analysis (SEA)
C. Churchill, T. Bednar
Towards the Prediction of Aided Spatial Speech Recognition Performance with an Automatic-Speech-Recognition-Based Model in Complex Acoustic Scenes
M.R. Schädler, P. Kranzusch, C. Hauth, A. Warzybok
Acoustic localization and identification of drones with a disturbance source
V. Baron, S. Bouley, M. Muschinowski, J. Mars, B. Nicolas
Vibrational Black Hole as a Matching Structure
M. Mironov, A. Gladilin
The Measurement Procedure for Engine Noise Reduction
P. Rasmussen
Comparison between methods to characterize the acoustical properties of musical toneholes
H. Garcia Mayen, C. Vergez, J. Kergomard, M. Pachebat, P. Guillemain, M. Jousserand
Evaluating the use of Bunched-up pulses for objective determination of thresholds in Cochlear Implants Users
A. Sodan, S. Meunier, V. Péan, S. Roman, M. Montava, J.-P. Lavieille, O. Macherey
  Correlated source localization with Orthogonal Least Squares
G. Chardon, J. Picheral, F. Ollivier
9:50 Nonlinear interaction of vortices to generated deep sub-wavelength acoustical vortex beams
V. Romero Garcia, J.L. Ealo Cuello, R. Muelas-Hurtado, A. Duclos, N. Jiménez
On the experimental characterization of the acoustic properties of Ecophon porous material
N.B. Roozen, E. Piana, C. Micallef, F. Egner, E. Deckers
Dual picosecond opto-acoustic microscopy
B. Audoin, L. Liu, L. Plawinski, M.-C. Durrieu
Development of an Improved Prediction Model for Indoor Rolling Noise
M. Edwards, F. Chevillotte, F.-X. Bécot, L. Jaouen, N. Totaro
Binaural Speech Intelligibility Model in a real elementary classroom
G. Minelli, G.E. Puglisi, A. Astolfi, C. Hauth, A. Warzybok
Outdoor field trials for the measurement of the acoustic signals of mini UAVs
P. Naz, S. Hengy, A. Ramamonjy, O. Rassy, E. Bavu
Lightweight sound treatment solution based on membrane metamaterials
L. Y.M. Sampaio, P. C.M. Cerântola, L. P.R. De Oliveira
Acoustic system for average temperature measurement in an industrial environment
K. M. Mimoune, J. Guillory, C. Guianvarc'H, J.-P. Wallerand, M. D. Plimmer
An investigation into the replication of saxophone reeds using Multimaterial additive manufacturing
A. J. Hall, G. Dodd, M. Davoigniot
What causes the primacy effect in temporal loudness weights?
D. Oberfeld, A. Fischenich, E. Ponsot, J. L. Verhey, J. Hots
  Breaking the resolution limit for acoustic imaging using positivity and sparsity
G. Watzl, E. Scherleitner, P. Burgholzer
10:10 coffee_break Dynamic mass density & bulk modulus measurements and the future of ISO 10534-x
L. Jaouen, F. Chevillotte, F.-X. Bécot
Photoacoustic and fluorescent microscopy through a multimode fibre using optical wavefront shaping
S. Mezil, I. Wang, P. Moreau, A.M. Caravaca-Aguirre, E. Bossy
coffee_break coffee_break Metrics for Assessing the Perception of Drone Noise
A.J. Torija Martinez, Z. Li
Finite elements in Fourier transformed domain for the simulation of trains in tunnels
H. Waubke
coffee_break coffee_break Spatial weighting in loudness
J. Hots, D. Oberfeld, A. Fischenich, J. L. Verhey
10:30 coffee_break coffee_break coffee_break coffee_break coffee_break  
10:50 Localisation of waves in a circular membrane : experimental results and comparison with the landscape theory
C. Garcia, G. Lefebvre, N. Dauchez
Improved acoustic performance simulation for hollow brick walls
S. Bailhache, S. Ciukaj, T. Blinet, C. Guigou Carter
Predicting individual differences in speech-on-speech intelligibility for listeners with hearing loss
M. Lavandier, V. Best, C. R. Mason, G. Kidd
Quality indicators for determining the accuracy of in-situ sound absorption measurements
F. Meng, T. Marini Storani, D. Fernandez Comesaña
Bore reconstruction of woodwind instruments using the full waveform inversion
A. Ernoult, J. Chabassier, A. Thibault
Acoustic Imaging of the Laser-Driven Shock Wave Propagation in Metallic Materials
M. Ducousso, M. Marmonier, E. Cuenca, R. Marchiano, F. Coulouvrat, L. Berthe
Sparsity-driven separation of railway rolling noise with a microphone array
E. Zea, E. Fernandez-Grande, I. Lopez Arteaga
11:10 Localized modes on a metasurface through multi-wave interactions
A. Colombi, P. Roux, M. Lott
A Comprehensive Acoustical and Mechanical Characterisation of Polyurethane Porous Materials
M. Dossi, M. Brennan, M. Moesen, J. Vandenbroeck
Non-Uniform optimal transducers arrangement for Ambisonics playback systems
M. Ebri, A. Farina, L. Ebri
Analysis of the sound insulation capacity of periodically layered walls by the spectral element method
E. Perras, C. Zhang
Speech recognition and loudness perception in normal-hearing and hearing-impaired listeners
F. Kramer, D. Oetting, M.R. Schädler, V. Hohmann, A. Warzybok
Validation of a pilot assistant system for low-noise landing procedures in a test campaign at Zurich airport
D. Jäger, C. Zellmann, J.M. Wunderli, M. Scholz, F. Abdelmoula, M. Gerber
Dynamic characterisation of a honeycomb sandwich structure in a wide frequency range
F. Marchetti, B. Roozen, K. Ege, Q. Leclère, M. Kersemans, J. Segers
In-flight sound localization based on scanning 3D intensity measurements
P. Rodriguez Garcia, O. Deille, D. Fernandez Comesaña
The virtual workshop OpenWIND : a Python toolbox assisting wind instrument makers
J. Chabassier, A. Ernoult, A. Humeau, A. Thibault, R. Tournemenne
Earplugs comfort: development of a laboratory evaluation protocol
J. Terroir
A linear numerical model for laser-generated shock wave propagation
E. Cuenca, M. Ducousso, L. Berthe, F. Coulouvrat, N. Cuvillier
Evaluation of Sparse Sound Field Models for Compressed Sensing in Multiple Sound Zones
L. Vinceslas, H. Lim, A. Kondoz
11:30 Control of Acoustic Wave Phase Conjugation by Elastic Vibrations in Magnetic Solid
V. L. Preobrazhensky, V. V. Moshkin, L. M. Krutyansky, P. Pernod
Acoustical Inverse Methods for Porous Media Identification
R. Roncen, Z.E.A. Fellah, E. Ogam, E. Piot
2.5D and 3D Higher-Order Ambisonic hybridation: experimental validation
P. Grandjean, P.-A. Gauthier, A. Berry, L. Dermagne, N. Botovolasoa
Scattering acoustic field above a rigid rectangular parallelepipedic shape
A. Khanfir, J. Ducourneau, A. Faiz, S. Ben Hamouda, P. Chevret
Effects of a single reflection from a diffusive surface on speech reception
N. Prodi, C. Visentin, M. Pellegatti
New Noise monitoring systems for airports: A case study of Latin America
J. Olivella Lopez, J.S. Correa Acevedo
Characterization of orthotropic elastic tensor using lamb waves
A.H. Orta, J. Segers, J. Vandendriessche, N.B. Roozen, W. Van Paepegem, M. Kersemans, K. Van Den Abeele
Tests and Results of 1070 Cub meters Acoustic Chamber of BISEE
X. Li, G. Fang, T. Yan
Structural and acoustical research of traditional Kefalonian wind instruments (bagpipe and pipe)
A. Kokkinos, D. V. Portan, X. Saridaki, D. T.G. Katerelos
Effect of wearing hearing protectors on the audibility of warning signals for normal and hearing-impaired listeners: experiment and model
J.-P. Arz, N. Grimault, O. El Sawaf
The Effect of Geometry on the Acoustic Radiation of Plasma Filaments in Air
K. Kaleris, Y. Orphanos, M. Bakarezos, N. Papadogiannis, J. Mourjopoulos
An inverse problem framework for ultrasonic imaging in attenuative and dispersive media
N. Laroche, E. Carcreff, J. Idier, A. Duclos, S. Bourguignon
11:50 Configurable Acoustic Jets using Liquid-filled Spherical Lenses
S. Pérez-López, J.M. Fuster, P. Candelas, O. V. Minin, I. V. Minin
Fast Inverse Estimation of 9 Poroelastic Material Parameters Based on Absorption Coefficient Measurement
F. Egner, E. Deckers, W. Desmet
Study on sound field generation by moving sound source in boundary surface control system 'Sound Cask'
S. Ise
Mean Absorption Coefficient Estimation from Impulse Responses: Deep Learning vs. Sabine
C. Bastien, A. Deleforge, C. Foy
Clarity: Machine Learning Challenges to Revolutionise Hearing Device Processing
S. Graetzer, T. J. Cox, J. Barker, M. Akeroyd, J. F. Culling, G. Naylor, E. Porter
Urban design choices around airports to reduce the exposure to aircraft noise - two case studies near Amsterdam Schiphol airport
M. M.C. Lugten
Comparison of equivalent plate models using wavenumber approach
A. Uthayasuriyan, F. Chevillotte, D. Chronopoulos, E. Gourdon, F. Marchetti, K. Ege, F.-X. Bécot
Development of an Experimental Setup for Safety Assessments of New Ultrasound Imaging Modes
A. Bernard, L. Petrusca, D. Vray, H. Liebgott, P. Muleki Seya, D. Grenier
Piano strings with reduced inharmonicity
J.-P. Dalmont, S. Maugeis, F. Ablitzer
Recommendations for Workshop Reverberation Times
N. Trompette
Modelization of Photon and Phonon Coupling for the Opto-acoustic Transduction
L. Le Ridant, B. Audoin, M.-F. Ponge
Dense Room Impulse Response Database for the Evaluation of Estimation Algorithms in a Multi-sound Zone Scenario
L. Vinceslas, H. Lim, A. Kondoz
12:10 3D-Printed Acoustic Phase-Reversal Fresnel Zone Plate
D. Tarrazó-Serrano, S. Pérez-López, P. Candelas, A. Uris, C. Rubio
Inverse characterization of the damping performance of porous materials
I. Henriques, L. Rouleau, D. Castello, L. Borges, J.-F. Deü
A Field-Matching Method for Sound Field Synthesis: Simulations and Listening Tests
E. Shabalina
Variance prediction of the band-averaged diffuse transmission loss of complex finite-sized partitions
E. Reynders
Consonant Error Patterns in Cochlear Implant Users: a Simulation Study with an ASR System
I. Moreno-Torres, E. Nava
Reducing noise impact and improving quality of life by addressing annoyance
R. Aalmoes, S. Bartels, D. Hauptvogel, G. Heyes, P. Hooper, C. Levandier, D. Kotzinos, F. Marki, D. Schreckenberg, J. Quehl
Determining wave energy distributions on composite panels in the high-frequency regime
N. Aimakov, G. Tanner, D. Chronopoulos
Effects of path length on the linear and non-linear ultrasonic characterization of soft materials
E.E. T. Ahmed Mohamed, L. Mathieu, P. Pomarede, N. F. Declercq
Experimental investigation of the double polarisation of vibrating piano strings
J.J. Tan, B. Cotté, C. Touzé
Numerical Modeling of the Vibro-Acoustic Behavior of an Artificial Ear Dedicated to the Study of Hearing Protectors
S. Benacchio, F. Sgard, O. Doutres
Coherent acoustic phonon generation with THz and Near-IR pulsed radiation in metals and topological insulators nanofilms
A. Levchuk, G. Vaudel, B. Wilk, F. Labbé, K. Balin, B. Arnaud, J. Szade, P. Ruello, V. Juvé
12:30     Objective Evaluation of Sound Environment Reproduction for Comfort of Hearing Protector Devices: Acoustic Background Spectrum Synthesis Versus Multichannel Cross-Synthesis
O. Valentin, P.-A. Gauthier, F. Proulx, A. Berry
    Does airport noise exposure cause hearing threshold shifts in birds?
S. R. De Kort, A. D. Wolfenden, K. Kluk, H. W. Slabbekoorn
Optimization of composites guitar plates recipes using non-destructive mechanical characterization in the dynamical domain
R. Viala, C. Fritz, V. Placet, E. Foltete, S. Cogan
  Physics-Based Analysis of an Early Viola da Gamba Design
V. Chatziioannou, W. Kausel
Comparisons of various methods for the measurement of the objective occlusion effect obtained with hearing protector
H. Nélisse, H. Saint-Gaudens, F. Sgard, O. Doutres
Application of ultrafast optical interferometry for opto- acousto-optical depth-profiling of materials
A. Husiev, N. Chigarev, S. Raetz, V. Tournat, O. Matsuda, V. E. Gusev
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