Forum Acusticum 2020

Thursday 10 December, 2020

  Auditorium Pasteur Salon Pasteur Rhône 1 Rhône 2 Rhône 3A Rhône 3B St Clair 1 St Clair 2 St Clair 3A St Clair 3B St Clair 4 Salon Roseraie 1&2
8:30   Computational modelling of penguins’ vocal tract
L. Favaro, M. Gamba, K. Ludynia, A. Snyman, L. Pichegru, E. Cresta, F. E. Scaglione, F. Sammartano, A. Valazza, N. Mathevon, D. Reby
8:50   Simulations of fallow deer groans from CT scanned vocal tracts
J. Gilbert, L. Barluet, M. Wyman, R. Frey, B. Charlton, D. Reby
Tracking Sound Sources for Object-based Spatial Audio in 3D Audio-visual Production
M.A. Mohd Izhar, M. Volino, D. Marston, A. Hilton, P. J.B. Jackson
  Sound source localization is a multisensory/multisystems process
M.T. Pastore, W. A. Yost
Monitoring sea ice thickness and mechanical properties with seismic noise
L. Moreau, A. Serripierri, P. Boué, J. Weiss
No dofs for poroelastic materials ! How to avoid the discretisation of porous thin layers
O. Dazel, G. Gabard, C. O Reilly, P. Goransson, M. Gaborit
        Application of sound synthesis of piano tones to study the vibroacoustics of piano soundboards
B. Elie, B. Cotté, X. Boutillon
9:10   The influence of individual features on the vocalisation of cats of different breeds
W. Penar, A. Magiera, C. Klocek
Numerical evaluation of source and sensor placement methods for sound field control
G. Chardon, S. Koyama, L. Daudet
Sound Absorbing Elements In Office Workplace
K. Baruch, A. Szelag, A. Majchrzak, T. Kamisinski, B. Chojnacki
Influence of whole-body vibrations on modulation-based psychoacoustic measures
A. Oetjen, S. van de Par, L. Krause
Seismo-acoustic wave propagation in the Rade of Hyères (France) generated by counter-mining of explosive devices : risk assessment from the comparison between numerical simulations and real experiments
N. Favretto-Cristini, F. Wang, T. Garlan, O. Morio, A. Deschamps, D. Ambrois, D. Mercerat, X. Demoulin, E. Beucler, M. Bonnin, P. Cristini, V. Monteiller
Partition of Unity Finite Element Method for the Modeling of Structural Vibrations
T. Zhou, J.-D. Chazot, E. Perrey-Debain, L. Cheng
Next steps in development of transfer impedance calculation of couplers for reciprocity calibration of laboratory standard microphones
E.S. Olsen
    Pass-by Noise Modelling using Machine Learning algorithms
X. Zhang, H. Kuehnelt, W. De Roeck
Numerical Models for Classical Guitars with Updated Parameters from Experimental Data
A. Brauchler, P. Ziegler, P. Eberhard
9:30 Acoustic Monitoring of Damages and Shear-Banding in Cemented Granular Material under External Loading
V. Canel, X. Jia, M. Campillo, I. R. Ionescu
Are there individual differences in dog calls before two months of age?
M. Massenet, K. Reynaud, N. Mathevon, D. Reby
e_coffee_break Parametric study for the development of a new indicator of the sound quality in open plan offices
L. Brocolini, P. Chevret
Light, Color and Motion as Crossmodal Elements of Baroque Music
M. Haverkamp
A Barrier to Mitigate Underwater Sound Emitted by Industrial Activity at Sea in the scope of the AGESCIC Project – Experimental Results and Interpretation using Simplified Models
C. Audoly, R. Bassila, D. Demoor
Partition of Unity Finite Element Method applied to 2D vibroacoustic coupling
C. Langlois, J.-D. Chazot, E. Perrey-Debain, L. Cheng
Study of environmental conditions effects on the mechanical-acoustic properties of microphones
C. Guianvarc'H, P. Honzík, T. Lavergne, L. Risegari
Experimental Investigation of the Acoustic Radiation of an Oscillating Airfoil
D. Raus, B. Cotté, R. Monchaux, B. Lafoux, E. Jondeau, P. Souchotte, M. Roger
Interior sonification of Zero Emission Vehicles : strategy proposal and impact on driver’s perception
S. Denjean, R. Kronland-Martinet, V. Roussarie, S. Ystad
Novel substructuring method for early stage car floor optimization
N. Contartese, E. Nijman, W. Desmet
Time-Domain Simulation of a Dissipative Reed Instrument
A. Thibault, J. Chabassier
9:50 Full characterization of Polyurethane by ultrasonic measurements and temperature control
Q. Baudis, T. Valier-Brasier, R. Wunenburger
Form and Function in Human Pain Vocalisations
K. Pisanski, J. Raine, N. Mathevon, D. Reby
Measurement of IMU sensor quality used for head tracking in auralization systems
K. Jambrošić, M. Krhen, M. Horvat, T. Jagušt
Compared effects of overall level and speech intelligibility on self-reported fatigue in open-plan offices : a laboratory study
K. Kostallari, E. Parizet, L. Brocolini, N. Judon, P. Chevret, E. Galy
  Reduced-scale lab experiments : a valuable tool for exploring current challenges of seismic surveying, modeling and imaging in complex marine environments at a low cost and in an agile way ?
N. Favretto-Cristini, B. Solymosi, V. Monteiller, P. Cristini, B. Ursin
Coupled Multiscale Finite Element methods for double porosity materials
A. Sreekumar, S. Triantafyllou, F.-X. Bécot, F. Chevillotte, L. Jaouen
Current Topics in Sound System Microphone Measurement
M. Schneider
Development of a standard approach for wind turbine measurements with an Acoustic Camera
S. Kümmritz, A. Movahed
Comprehensive process for the creation and integration of interior sounds for quiet vehicles in China
A. Minard, Q. Zhao
Reconstruction of Acoustic Fields on a Partially Masked Source using Inverse Patch Transfer Function (iPTF) Method
E.M. Dabankah, N. Totaro, J. Antoni
Modelling the piriform fossae using tuned two-dimensional vocal tracts in the finite element simulation of vowels
M. Arnela, D. Ureña
10:10 Estimation of particle size in turbid water using ultrasonic attenuation - Application for immersed cave exploration
M. Alarab, F. Augereau, D. Laux, L. Lapierre
  A new approach for rendering Ambisonics recordings on loudspeakers in a reverberant environment
A. Fallah, S. van de Par
Statistical analysis of sound pressure level measurements for noise assessments at office workplaces
T. Renz
  Immersive Wave Control Experiments Using Non-isotropic Sources: Laboratory Applications
X. Li, T. Becker, N. Börsing, D.-J. van Manen, A.C. Curtis, J. Robertsson
Exploring the Use of Reinforcement Learning for Selecting Parameters of Numerical Methods in Acoustics
M. Gaborit, O. Dazel, P. Goransson
  Analysis of noise emission from a single wind turbine at large distances
F. Bertagnolio, A. Fischer, H. A. Madsen, W.Z. Shen, A. Vignaroli, K. S. Hansen, P. Hansen
Automotive Audio Augmented Reality
L.-F. Pardo, T. Antoine, A. Minard, C. Dendievel
Influences of numerical parameters on sound perception of simulated transfer paths
G. Pulvirenti, E. Parizet, N. Totaro
10:30 e_coffee_break   Source Distance Perception with Reverberant Spatial Audio Object Reproduction of Real Rooms
S. R. Chitreddy, P. J.B. Jackson
e_coffee_break         e_coffee_break e_coffee_break e_coffee_break Power-balanced modelling of the vocal tract: a recast of the classical lumped-parameter model
V. Wetzel, T. Hélie, F. Silva
10:50 Scattering of acoustic evanescent waves by spherical resonant objects and induced radiation force
L. Alhaïtz, D. Baresch, T. Brunet, C. Aristégui, O. Poncelet
Bone Conduction and Sound Localization by Dolphins: A Numerical Model
A. Hejazi Nooghabi, Q. Grimal, M. Reinwald, A. Herrel, L. Boschi
  Analysis of mechanical and human activity noise in open plan offices using statistical methods
D. De Salvio, D. D'Orazio, E. Rossi, M. Garai
Wind Turbine Noise: How the Environmental Authorities got it Wrong
S. E. Cooper
Sound Power Emission of Road Vehicles in ASJ RTN-Model 2018
Y. Okada, K. Yoshihisa, S. Sakamoto
  New generation of composite substrates based on a layer of LiTaO3 on silicon for surface acoustic waves components
A. Clairet, E. Courjon, T. Laroche, F. Bernard, A. Raveski, E. Michoulier, G. Aspar, C. Didier, I. Huyet, E. Butaud, A. Ghorbel, B. Tavel, A. Drouin, S. Ballandras
Automatic estimation of the sound emergence of wind turbines using non-negative matrix factorization: a preliminary study
J.-R. Gloaguen, B. Gauvreau, D. Ecotière, A. Petit, A. Finez, C. Lebourdat
Pleasantness Evaluation of Electric Vehicle AVAS Sounds
M.E. Altinsoy, L. Steinbach
Investigation on Neural Responses Related to the Localization of Natural Sounds
A. Bellotti, M. Binelli, G. Di Liberto, L. Ascari, C. Raymaekers, A. Farina
Continuation of a brass instrument model with constraints: towards a fit of numerical and experimental results
V. Fréour, L. Guillot, H. Masuda, R. Hashimoto, E. Tominaga, Y. Tohgi, B. Cochelin, C. Vergez
11:10 Using Dynamic Time Warping for Ultrasonic Sheet Metal Welding
E. Abi Raad, M. Vorländer
Sound localisation in crocodilians
L. Papet, J. Thévenet, Z. Campos, N. Boyer, N. Mathevon, N. Grimault
Photoacoustic investigation of nanoparticles ultra-thin films
G. Benetti, G. Rizzi, S. Peli, M. Gandolfi, C. Giannetti, E. Cavaliere, L. Gavioli, F. Banfi
Rating level to assess speech noise immissions in occupied open-plan offices
T. Renz
Wind Turbine Noise: Psychoacoustics to the Rescue
S. E. Cooper
Identification of instability mechanisms involved in the generation of railway curve squeal by point-contact models and modal bases
V.-V. Lai, O. Chiello, J.-F. Brunel, P. Dufrénoy
Experiential teaching of acoustics in french architecture school
C. Regnault
Improved modelling of a MEMS transducer with a planar micro- beam and a reduced-size backplate
P. Honzík, A. Novak, S. Durand, N. Joly, M. Bruneau
Infrasound Measurements from Wind Turbines under Various Atmospheric Conditions
S. D'Amico, T. Van Renterghem, D. Botteldooren
Soft sounds within quiet cars – design with respect to subjective intensity of sounds
M. Haverkamp
Investigation on Contribution of Individual Rubber Materials on The Overall Tyre Modal Behaviour
B. Anantharamaiah, J. J. Garcia
Influence of the Side Holes Geometry in the Resonance and Acoustic Radiation of Wind Instruments
J.-B. Doc, C. Langrenne, A. Garcia
11:30 Experimental characterization of stacks and regenerators for thermoacoustic heat pumping
C. Olivier, G. Poignand, G. Penelet
The Perceptual and Acoustic Bases of Signals Discrimination in Crocodiles
J. Thévenet, N. Grimault, L. Papet, N. Boyer, N. Mathevon
Thin-film characterization by picosecond ultrasonics on high curvature surfaces
F. Faese, J. Michelon, X. Tridon
Evaluation of Measurement Uncertainties of D2S and LpAS4m in Open-Plan Offices
L. Lenne, P. Chevret, E. Parizet
Case studies on the application of psychoacoustic methods for traffic noise
U. Moehler, C. Huth, M. Liepert
Comparison of pass-by railway noise indicators obtained from standard engineering methods with measured values
J. Maillard, D. Van-Maercke, F. Poisson, J.-P. Regairaz, J.-B. Dufour
Multidisciplinary Student Project for an External Sound Round in a Medieval City
C. Ayrault
Modelling of a MEMS Transducer with a Moving Electrode in Form of Perforated Square Plate
K. Šimonová, P. Honzík, N. Joly, S. Durand, M. Bruneau
Influence of environmental parameters on the modeling of wind turbine noise emission and propagation: a sensitivity analysis
B. Kayser, D. Ecotière, B. Gauvreau, B. Cotté
Acoustic characteristics predicting the annoyance of interior train background noise
G. Lemaitre, F. Aubin, C. Lambourg
Absorption enhancement by phase gradient metamaterial
Z. Ze, E. Deckers, C. Claeys, H. Denayer, W. Desmet
Modeling the acoustic radiation in the Miller experiment
T. Guennoc, J.-B. Doc, S. Félix, M. Sécail-Géraud, J. Gilbert, F. Gautier
11:50   The acoustic space of pain: How human baby cries code for distress
N. Mathevon, H. Patural, R. Peyron, I. Faillenot, F. Levréro, C. Fauchon, F. Jouen, D. Reby
Scanning Acoustic Microscopy versus Colored Picosecond Acoustics to detect interface defects in hybrid wafer bonding
S. Bossut, A. Devos, S. Lhostis, E. Deloffre, C. Euvrard, F. Dettoni, C. Chaton
lunch_break Difficulties and Successes of the Introduction of Psychoacoustic Indicators in the Industrial World
S. Meunier, G. Rabau, V. Barriac, V. Plapous, F. Aubin, F. Dubois, F. Poisson
lunch_break IMDEA show, a new way to present student's projects in collaboration with companies and universities
M. Melon, A. Novak, B. Gazengel
Digital-Analog conversion in acoustic domain using a Digital Parametric Array
P. Lotton, G. Gillot, P. Béquin, L. Husnik, A. Novak
  Acoustic impact of binaural in-ear microphone positioning
J. Palacino, L. Feichter, P. Rueff
A two-step reduction method for acoustic BEM systems
D. Panagiotopoulos, E. Deckers, W. Desmet
12:10     lunch_break lunch_break lunch_break          
13:10     poster_session poster_session poster_session poster_session poster_session          
14:10 Development of Surface Acoustic Wave pressure sensors for monitoring concrete structures
H. Alhousseini, M. Duquennoy, C. Courtois, M. Ouaftouh, N. Smagin, F. Rivart, M. Poorteman, M. Gonon, G. Matric, M. Rguiti, C. Peligris
Investigation of Micro-Capillary Plates to Enhance Low-Frequency Sound Absorption
C. Maury, T. Bravo
Two-dimensional time-domain Imaging of a Zero-Group-Velocity Lamb Mode
S. Mezil, Q. Xie, P.H. Otsuka, M. Tomoda, J. Laurent, O. Matsuda, Z. Shen, O.B. Wright
How reliable are ISO 3382-3:2012 measurements to predict employee satisfaction with acoustics in open space offices? Preliminary results of multiple measurements as well as in-situ surveys
B.J. Mueller, N. Martin, A. M. Dickschen
A Historical View at the Introduction of Spectral Weighting Functions in Sound Evaluation
A. Kohlrausch
Calibration of transfer functions on a standstill vehicle for on-board indirect measurements of rail acoustic roughness
A.R. Tufano, O. Chiello, M.-A. Pallas, B. Faure, C. Chaufour, R. Augez, E. Reynaud, N. Vincent
Use of a smartphone measurement application to teach basics in buildings and environmental acoustics in an educational setting
G. Guillaume, P. Aumond, E. Bocher, A. Can, D. Ecotière, C. Foy, B. Gauvreau, G. Petit, J. Picaut
Modeling Balanced Armature Transducers at High Amplitudes
W. Klippel
Turbofan broadband noise predictions based on a ZDES calculation of a fan-OGV stage
C. Polacsek, B. François, R. Barrier, M. Daroukh
Sonic Tonics: An Examination of the Costs and Benefits of Music, Soundscapes, and Noise in Healthcare Settings
S. Keller, C. Spence
Computational model to quantify information transmission in the auditory nerve of cochlear implant listeners
T. Leclère, P.T. Johannesen, A. Wijetillake, M. Segovia-Martinez, E. A. Lopez-Poveda
14:30 Electrical control of the elastic wave propagation in a piezoelectric plate: reduction of the crosstalk in a multi- element ultrasonic transducer
L. Fei, L. Haumesser, L.-P. Tran-Huu-Hue
Geometric correction factor for elliptic holes in perforated plates and its role in sound absorption coefficient
J. A. Bocanegra, M. Misale, C. Schenone, D. Borelli
Evaluation of elastic wave attenuation in the GHz range using zero-group-velocity resonances
C. Grünsteidl, M. Ryzy, M. Hettich, T. Berer, I. Veres
New standard for acoustic design of open offices: ISO/DIS 22955
J. Harvie-Clark, Y. Le-Muet, P. Chevret, T. Bonzom, R. H. Wenmaekers, A. Parkin
Relation between perceived urgency of alarm signals and psychoacoustic parameters
J. Rouch, E. Parizet
Monitoring the acoustic performance of low-noise pavements
C. Ribeiro, J. Lefebvre, K. Ibtaten, F. Mietlicki, M. Sineau
Master level education by and through research: the first-year feedback-story of the international master on Wave Physics & Acoustics at Le Mans University
O. Dazel, S. Félix, S. Raetz, V. Romero Garcia, V. Tournat
MEMS micro loudspeaker: technology, integration and in-ear applications
A. Rusconi
Experimental Characterization and Analytical Modelling of Rotor Tonal Noise
B. Cotté, T. Rigall, C. Deora
Soundscape optimization with MoSART+ in dementia nursing wards
J. Kosters, T. Andringa
An Offline Master Hearing Aid Written In MATLAB : Achieving Accurate Matching Across Channel Numbers
M. A. Stone
14:50 Influence of Bonding Delaminations on The Electromechanical Admittance (EMA) of a Single-element Piezoelectric Transducer
W. Ding, M. Bavencoffe, M. Lethiecq
Analysis of Microporous Sheets for Transmission Loss Applications
C. R. Fuller
Attenuation of Zero-Group-Velocity Lamb modes for the nondestructive evaluation of adhesive bonding
R. Hodé, S. Raetz, V. E. Gusev, N. Cuvillier, M. Ducousso, V. Tournat
Influence of acoustic environment upon work performance in open plan offices
Z. Madzharova, A. Kirechev, M. Antovska
ASR-Based, Single-Ended Modeling of Listening Effort – A Tool for TV Sound Engineers
R. Huber, H. Baumgartner, S. Goetze, J. Rennies
Acoustical assessment of road surfaces at urban and peri-urban speeds by simultaneous Coast-By and Close-ProXimity measurements
J. Cesbron, S. Bianchetti, P. Klein, V. Gary
  Integrated piezoelectric MEMS loudspeakers for in-ear applications
F. Stoppel, A. Männchen, F. Niekiel, D. Beer, B. Wagner
A coupled rotor dynamic simulation of an electric drive train to investigate the acoustic behavior
S. Koch, F. Duvigneau, E. Woschke
Investigating Alarm Fatigue with AlarmVR: A Virtual ICU for Clinical Alarm Research
A. Çamcı, P. Abbott, D. Rooney
Decoding the auditory nerve to simulate sensorineural pathologies and help refine their diagnosis
J. A. Grange, J. F. Culling
15:10   Perforated closed-cell metal foam for acoustic applications
K. C. Opiela, T. G. Zielinski, T. Dvorák, S. Kúdela Jr.
Comparison of ultrasonically generated shear and zero-group velocity Lamb waves for damage detection in adhesively bonded aluminum plates
L. Ambrozinski, J. Ambrozinski, P. Pyzik, A. Ziaja-Sujdak
  Loudness Mismatch between Headphone and Loudspeaker Presentation Revisited: Effects of the Room and Interaural Correlation
F. Denk, J. Llorca-Bofí, M. Kohnen, M. Vorländer, B. Kollmeier
e_coffee_break An International acoustic's test for our students ?
J.-M. Genevaux, T. Galpin
Acoustic output impedance as a measure for independency of individual acoustic ear conditions
T. Zurbrügg, A. M. Hölzl, S. Harsch, S. Köhler
e_coffee_break Categorization of Sounds for the Design of Clinical Auditory Alarms
J. Vieira, R. Marques, F. Pereira, V. Ferreira, J. A. Santos, P. Noriega
15:30   e_coffee_break     e_coffee_break Modelling Tyre/Road Noise on New Low-Noise Surfaces
A. Del Pizzo, G. De León, L. Teti, F. Bianco, A. Moro, L. Fredianelli, G. Licitra
Popularization of acoustics through demonstrations shown on the Open Door Day of the Faculty of electrical engineering and computing in Zagreb, Croatia
M. Horvat, K. Jambrošić, M. Krhen, A. Petošić
e_coffee_break The radiated field of circular arrays of sources near a scattering cylinder
E. Cros, M. Roger, G. Serre
e_coffee_break Real time hearing loss simulation
N. Grimault, O. El Sawaf, J.-P. Arz, A. Corneyllie, S. Garcia
15:50 Online Environment Suitability Test for the Speech Quality Assessment with the Crowdsourcing Approach
B. Naderi, S. Möller, R. Zequeira Jiménez
Acoustic absorption properties of perforated gypsum foams
B. Van Damme, A. Goetz, G. Hannema, A. Zemp, C.T. Nguyen, C. Perrot
Generation and detection of coherent picosecond surface acoustic waves in superlattices
C. Li, N. Chigarev, T. Thréard, K. Zhang, A. Husiev, F. Niepceron, V. Tournat, S. Raetz, H. Lu, V. E. Gusev
  Psychoacoustic optimization of spatial sound quality with hearing devices
B. U. Seeber, G. Gomez
Experimental Study of Air pumping in a Road Cavity
M. Bou Leba Bassil, J. Cesbron, P. Klein
Acoustics and comics – a silent media put sound into words and pictures
O. Robin
Electrostatic Push-Pull MEMS Audio Transducer for In-Ear Applications
L. Ehrig, H.A.G. Schenk, F. Wall, B. Kaiser, S. Langa, M. Stolz, D. Schuffenhauer, J.M. Monsalve Guaracao, A. Melnikov, A. Mrosk, H. Conrad, H. Schenk
Towards a lightning solver for aeroacoustics
P.J. Baddoo
Listening to music: Using music perception to improve auditory alarms in medical devices
M. Schutz
Applying Biophysical Auditory Periphery Models for Real-time Applications and Studies of Hearing Impairment
A. Van Den Broucke, F. Drakopoulos, D. Baby, S. Verhulst
16:10 Effect of Environment in Speech Quality Assessment in Crowdsourcing
R. Zequeira Jiménez, B. Naderi, S. Möller
A joint modelling approach for the acoustic and thermal properties of fibrous materials: application to building's vegetal wools
C. Piegay, P. Gle, E. Gourdon, E. Gourlay, S. Marceau
Improving the acoustic quality of a food court by using rate spatial decay
E. Rossi, D. D'Orazio, G. Fratoni, M. Garai
Audio components and audio system quality objective indicators assessment
L. Gagliardini, C. Lambourg
Large scale survey of the Walloon road network using CPX method
A. Bergiers, S. Marcocci
e_coffee_break Using an electro-acoustic model of a vented earpiece to predict the ear canal input impedance
R. Roden, N. Wulbusch, A. Chernov, F. Denk, M. Blau
Assessment of a CAA methodology for turbulence-cascade noise prediction and reduction
M. Buszyk, C. Polacsek, T. Le Garrec
Listening Types in Operation Theatres
Z. Luck, J. Kraal, E. Özcan
Evaluation of the pulse-spreading harmonic complex vocoder for simulating cochlear implant hearing
O. Macherey, Y. Adel, C. Karoui, C. James, U. Baumann, M. Marx
16:30   Experimental validation of analytical models for non- acoustic properties of loose fibers
E. Harry, P. Bonfiglio, F. Pompoli, M. Tarello
Generation and Detection of Acoustic Phonons in nanopatterned Ferroelectrics
R. Gu, G. Vaudel, V. Juvé, B. Dkhil, S. Fusil, C. Carretero, V. Garcia, B. Carcan, H. Bouyanfif, V. E. Gusev, P. Ruello
Lombard Effect, Ambient Noise and Willingness to Spend Time and Money in a Restaurant Amongst Older Adults
P. Bottalico, R. Piper, B. Legner
Perception Rating of the Acoustic Emissions of Heat Pumps
C.H. Kasess, C. Reichl, H. Waubke, P. Majdak
  ACOUCOU – online platform including interactive educational materials about acoustics
K. Jaruszewska, M. Melon, O. Dazel, M. Vorländer, L. Aspöck, T. Wulfrank, K. Jambrošić, M. Horvat, M. Rychtarikova, L. Kritly, B. Wojtyła, A. Herweg, F. Barański, M. Piotrowska
Expedition MEMS Speaker
D. Beer, T. Fritsch, J. Küller
  Beepers and The Beeped: Participatory Sound Design for Philips Patient Monitors
Y. Sen, A. Sen, A. Walden, C. Bagatar
16:50   On topology optimization in acoustic porous materials
V. Thaminni Ramamoorthy, A. J. Parkes, E. Özcan, L. Jaouen, F.-X. Bécot
Merging phonons and magnons in periodic ferromagnetic nanostructures
A. V. Scherbakov, F. Godejohann, S. M. Kukhtaruk, A. N. Poddubny, D. D. Yaremkevich, M. Wang, A. Nadzeyka, D. R. Yakovlev, A. W. Rushforth, A. V. Akimov, M. Bayer
  Crowdsourcing listening tests by using polling stations
O. Robin, A. Benghanem, P. Gournay, O. Valentin, P.-A. Gauthier, R. Lefebvre, A. Berry
Strategic Noise Maps of the Lyon and Grenoble agglomerations: Case study following the new CNOSSOS-EU calculation method and the inclusion of the health impact of noise
V. Janillon, B. Vincent, P. Munoz, J. Vallet, C. Antunes
Interactive software for teaching about timbre
M. Schutz
17:10     e_coffee_break     Urban noise mapping: The impact of traffic noise level in the environmental noise pollution
M. Anachkova, S. Domazetovska, Z. Petreski, V. Gavriloski
A future vision of the scientific publication
L. Jaouen, F.-X. Bécot, F. Chevillotte
17:30     Coherent Control of Picosecond Acoustic Waves in a SESAM Structure
C. Li, V. E. Gusev, S. Raetz, N. Chigarev, V. Tournat, M. Hettich, T. Dekorsy
    Parameter Identification of Tram Acoustic Models for Noise Mapping from Pass-by Measurements
O. Chiello, A. Caura, M.-A. Pallas
17:50     Coherent Phonon Generation in Hybrid Opto-Phononic Micropillars
O. Ortiz Cabello, M. Esmann, A. Rodriguez, P. Priya, F. Pastier, V. Geisz, A. Harouri, C. Gomez, I. Sagnes, L. Lanco, A. Lemaitre, P. Senellart, D. Lanzillotti Kimura
    Multi-disciplinary Sensing for Personal Exposure Evaluations: Quantifying Local Traffic Interventions and Meteorological Variability in Traffic Related Air Pollution Assessments
L. Dekoninck, J. Hofman
18:10     Influence of N-ion Irradiation on the Coherent Acoustic Phonons in SESAM Structures
C. Li, V. E. Gusev, S. Raetz, N. Chigarev, V. Tournat, M. Hettich, T. Dekorsy
  Auditorium Pasteur Salon Pasteur Rhône 1 Rhône 2 Rhône 3A Rhône 3B St Clair 1 St Clair 2 St Clair 3A St Clair 3B St Clair 4 Salon Roseraie 1&2

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
Room Acoustics: General (child/poster)

A case study on room acoustic solutions for social gathering places
Y. Li, J. Meyer, T. Mukhametkaliyev, Z. Ze
Acoustic Space-Sharing with Multiple Parametric Array Loudspeakers for Daily Sports and Exercise
S. Sayama, Y. Ogami, M. Nakayama, T. Nishiura
Influence of the geopathic stress wave on acoustics of halls
Y. Choi

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
Noise and Health (child/poster)

Analysis of the Noise Impact in Urban Area in the City of Skopje
S. Domazetovska, M. Anachkova, V. Gavriloski, Z. Petreski
Nutrisound – Rehabilitative Sonic Eating Environments
S. L. Mathiesen, M. L. Uldbæk, P. Astrup, L. Aadal, Q. J. Wang

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
Aero and HydroAcoustics: General (child/poster)

Aeolian tone level as a consequence of distance to the onset of unsteadiness: influence of bluff-body shape on the critical Reynolds number
F. Margnat, W. J. Gonçalves Pinto
Linearized Euler Equations for the analysis of wave propagation in ducts
P. Łojek, A. Golas

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
Microphones/sensors arrays (child/poster)

The Oscillating Acoustic Panel with Electrically Controlled Sound Absorption
S. Bouzek, O. Turecek
Evaluation of smartphone ultrasonic airborne communication as regards acoustic environment
J. Rouch, X. Jacob

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
Psychoacoustic laboratory experiments for noise annoyance, acoustic comfort, and soundscape evaluation (child/poster)

Can direction-sensitive headphone reproduction modify back-up alarms detectability in a laboratory experiment ?
J. Heck, E. Parizet
Continuous Evaluative and Pupil Dilation Response to Soundscapes
S. Graetzer, A. Landowska, L. Harris, T. J. Cox, W. J. Davies

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
Ultrasonic transducers (child/poster)

Development of High Frequency Interdigital Transducers for NDT of Thin Films
T. Kadi, M. Duquennoy, M. Ouaftouh, N. Smagin

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
Acta Acustica, the new journal of EAA

Acta Acustica, the new journal of the European Acoustics Association
J. Kergomard, M. Kaltenbacher

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
Speech communication: General (child/poster)

Development and Use of an Anechoic Subglottal Tract for Excised Larynx Experiments
H. Lehoux, V. Hampala, J. G. Svec
Investigating phonation through excised human larynges: recent developments and ongoing works on an animated testbench
A. Lagier, T. Legou, F. Silva
Mechanisms of Auditory Short-term Memory during the Perception of Continuous Sounds
S. Funatsu, M. Fujimoto

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
Acoustics in the marine environment, Geophysics (child/oral) (child/poster)

ULF source parameters estimation in deep-water environment with HLA using oceanic invariant
B. De Cacqueray, X. Cristol, M. Gehant

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
Measurement techniques in building acoustics (child/poster)

We Have a Standard Tapping Machine: What About a Standard Rolling Machine?
M. Edwards, R. González-Diaz, N. Dallaji

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
Medical acoustics (child/poster)

Ultrasound Computed Tomography of children long bones using a dual-frequency transducer array
P. Lasaygues, L. Espinosa, R. Guillermin, E. Debieu, V. Long, C. Baron, P. Petit
Development of a hifu treatment using a toroidal transducer for pancreatic adenocarcinoma: Preliminary in vivo study
C. Cilleros, A. Dupré, J. Vincenot, D. Melodelima
Automatic classification of brain emboli using transcranial Doppler and convolutional neural networks
P. Delachartre, H.K. Le, T. Barzellino, M. Almar
Piezoelectric Anisotropy in Water-Saturated Cancellous Bone at an Ultrasound Frequency
A. Hosokawa

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
NDT, SHM and imaging of materials and structures (child/poster)

Effects of Mapping Rough, Unconsolidated Surfaces by Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo Measurements
T. M. Brill, A. Maller, J.-L. Le Calvez, M. Merhej
Remote excitation of thin plates using an acoustic time reversal mirror
M. Farin, C. Palerm, C. Prada, J. De Rosny

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
Vibrations : perception and health effects (child/poster)

Multi-excitation discomfort in a driving car: contribution from steering wheel, floor and seat vibrations
L. Laroche, E. Parizet, D. Piranda, F. Bornet
Perceptual Based Solution Design for the Annoyance Produced by a Washing Machine over a Lightweight Floor: A Case Study in The Netherlands
A. Sorrentino, A. Frescura, X. Shen, C. Rosas-Pérez
Multi-excitation discomfort in a driving car: contribution from sound and vibrations
D. Piranda, L. Laroche, E. Parizet, F. Bornet
Impulsive and Shock Hand-Arm Vibration
M. Scholz, S. Marburg

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
Open-plan offices (child/poster)

A case study on workstation-dependent acoustic characterization of open-plan offices
B. Briere De La Hosseraye, F. Egner, G. Diapoulis, H. Wang, J. Cuenca
An experimental, numerical and subjective approach for open plan office acoustics
T. Teixeira, A. Prata, A. McDade, F. Martins, O. Inácio

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
Psychological & Physiological acoustics: General (child/poster)

Extent of distribution of frequency domain on auditory system
S. Kidani
Modeling of Sound Quality Metrics using Gammatome and Gammachirp Filterbanks
T. Isoyama, S. Kidani, M. Unoki
EEG markers for the effectiveness of remembering vocal information presented in environmental noise
E. Eqlimi, A. Bockstael, B. De Coensel, D. Talsma, M. Schönwiesner, D. Botteldooren
Acoustic design of alarming system in the energy industry
B. Crivelli, N. Gorilliot
Behavioral Test: Perception of The Short-Sounds
K. Martinson, P. Zieliński

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
Signal Processing in Acoustics: General (child/poster)

Spectral Peak Noise Reduction Based on Frequency-Modulated Carrier Wave with Temporal Adaptation for Parametric Array Loudspeaker
K. Asahi, K. Mori, M. Nakayama, T. Nishiura
The physical interpretation of the signal processing cross-correlation using TR-NEWS : an acoustic point of view
S. Dos Santos, Z. Prevorovsky

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
Bioacoustic: General (child/poster)

Analysis of propagation constraints on acoustic communication networks of rock ptarmigan
A. Guibard, S. Ollivier, D. Dragna, F. Sèbe, M.-A. Galland

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
Environmental acoustics : General (child/poster)

Long-term noise assessment around a recreative outdoor shooting range
A.-C. Witsel, F. Moiny

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
Advances in Big Data Bioacoustics from sensors to deep learning (child/poster)

Deep Learning Methods for Acoustic Monitoring of Birds Migrating at Night
H. Pamula, A. Pocha, M. Klaczynski

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
Binaural advantages in hearing in multiple source environments (child/poster)

Modelling the interaction between binaural and temporal speech processing
S. Röttges, C. Hauth, J. Rennies, T. Brand

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
Bioacoustic approaches to vertebrate vocal communication (child/poster)

Occurrence of nonlinear phenomena in Siberian and Neva Masquerade cats’ vocalisation
A. Magiera, W. Penar, C. Klocek

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
Human speech recognition performance with and without hearing devices in complex acoustic environments (child/poster)

Cocktail Party Training Improves the use of Level Cues for Speech Intelligibility: Behavioral and fNIRS data
G. Andeol, C. Lanzilotti, S. Scannella
Measuring the Performance of the Hearing Aids Adaptive Directivity and Noise Reduction Algorithms through SNR Values
B. Maillou, J. Ducourneau

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
New frontiers in classroom acoustics (child/poster)

Study on sound environment and operational measures in temporary school buildings
M. Arai, K. Ueno
Assessment of the sound quality of classrooms through Speech Transmission Index (STI), Sound Definition (D50) and Reverberation Time (RT)
M. S. Engel, J. O. Herrmann, P. H. Zannin

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
Demonstrations or interactive media for laboratory and lectures (child/poster)

The Mutual School, an Economic and Efficient Pedagogy?
J.-M. Genevaux
The Acoustic Garage: objectives and operation
T. Lafont, A. Franceschi, F. Ronzio

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
Propagation in heterogeneous media - Effective medium approach and homogeneization theory (child/poster)

Moisture content in PP/OWF composite plates monitored using ultrasound
P. Marechal, N. Bouhamed, O. Lenoir, J. Duclos, S. Souissi, M. Benamar

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
Acoustic regulations, ratings and classification schemes for buildings (child/poster)

Inventory of the acoustic attestation
L. Mazouz

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
Ground Transportation Noise (child/poster)

Separation of rail and wheel roughness from on-board vibroacoustic measurements
M.-A. Pallas, A.R. Tufano, O. Chiello
Prediction of Coast-By tyre/road noise levels at peri-urban and urban speeds
P. Klein, J. Cesbron
Road surface state monitoring and pothole localization by opportunistic, in-vehicle monitoring
W. Van Hauwermeiren, K. Filipan, L. Dekoninck, D. Botteldooren, B. De Coensel

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
Porous materials (child/poster)

Analysis of wave propagation and absorption at oblique and normal incidence in poroelastic layers with active periodic inclusions
T. G. Zielinski, M.-A. Galland

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
Laser Ultrasonics (child/poster)

Quantification of the adhesion of metal thin film interfaces by picosecond acoustics
A. Vital Juarez, A. Devos, J.-M. Desmarres
Size dependent elastic properties of GaAs pillar-resonators
M. Hettich, P. Stritt, J. Doster, T. Dekorsy, V. E. Gusev, E. Weig

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
On the dimension of room acoustical perception (child/poster)

Does virtual concert hall color affect loudness ?
Y. Chen, D. Cabrera

Thursday 10 December, 2020: 13:10 - Forum 2/3
Sound field control and 3D audio (child/poster)

The accuracy and precision of localisation of instruments and vocals found in a typical pop or rock band in an Ambisonics-based virtual environment
M. Horvat, F. Anzulović, D. Kisić, K. Jambrošić