Forum Acusticum 2020

Wednesday 22 april, 2020

  Auditorium Lumière Rhône 1 Rhône 2 Rhône 3A Rhône 3B St Clair 1 St Clair 2 St Clair 3A St Clair 3B St Clair 4 Salon Roseraie 1&2
8:30 Measurements of surface scattering mean-free paths in coarse-grain steel samples with a multielement array
C. Du-Burck, A. Derode
  Soundscape and Noise Control - a Contradiction in Urban Planning?
B. Schulte-Fortkamp
  Regional Environmental Noise Indicators: SWOT Analysis and Future Developments
L. Dekoninck, D. Botteldooren
Optimal Loudspeaker Design by using Adaptive, Nonlinear Control
W. Klippel
Sound Absorbing Elements In Office Workplace
K. Baruch, A. Szelag, A. Majchrzak, T. Kamisinski, B. Chojnacki
Multimodal implications of curved surfaces in Concert Halls
J.O. Garcia Gomez
Biomedical applications of the picosecond opto-acoustic microscopy.
B. Bertrand Audoin, L. Liu
  Evidence of possible contribution of cochlear mechanics to individual differences in cocktail-party listening from studies of otoacoustic emissions
J. Lee, R. Lutfi
8:50 Broadband transmission enhancement through opaque barriers in diffusive disordered slabs: effect of absorption and symmetry defects
É. Chéron, S. Félix, V. Pagneux
AkuTimber Tackles the Low Frequency Impact Sound Insulation Issue
F. Ljunggren
Why and where we need the Soundscape Approach
K. Genuit
Reduced Order Model of Broadband Flow Induced Noise Propagation for a Low Velocity Axial-Flow Compressor
J. A. Tebbutt
Enhancement of Partial and Total Noise Annoyance Models Based on Lden and Their Testing Using In-Field Data from Urban Areas
C. Marquis-Favre, L.-A. Gille
Development of Corona Discharge Actuator for Active Noise Control Applications
S. Sergeev, H. Lissek
Parametric study for the development of a new indicator of the sound quality in open plan offices
L. Brocolini, P. Chevret
Computational design: acoustic shells for ancient theatres
G.A. Bouvet, L. Shtrepi, E. Bo, T. Méndez Echenagucia, A. Astolfi
Resolution, visibility and contrast enhancement in 2D and 3D photoacoustic imaging: a unified approach based on absorption fluctuations analysis
B. Arnal, G. Godefroy, S. Vilov, E. Bossy
Autonomous Rainforest Soundscape Identification: Quantifying the impacts of Data Lossy Compression, Frame Size and Feature Selection
B. Heath, S. Sethi, D. Orme, R. Ewers, L. Picinali
The role of individual differences in TFS sensitivity in speech-in-noise perception – an overview
C. Füllgrabe
9:10 A model of ultrasonic reflection matrix for multiple scattering evaluation
C. Brütt, B. Gérardin, A. Aubry, A. Derode, C. Prada
Audibility of low-frequency sounds generated by walking on concrete floors
M. Kylliäinen, J. Lietzén, V. Hongisto
Urban Soundscapes in the Imaginaries of Digital Native Users in France and Korea
J.-D. Polack, P. Taupin, H.I. Jo, J.Y. Jeon
An analysis of slat noise using prediction models
L. Botero-Bolivar, M. Sanders, L. De Santana, F. Catalano
Psychoacoustic analysis of motorcycle noise
L. Herbst, M. Lienhart, P. Lercher, M. Cik, M. Fellendorf
Optimal active control for a trombone: a numerical study
C. Cavailles, M. Melon, C. Ayrault, B. Gazengel
Compared effects of overall level and speech intelligibility on self-reported fatigue in open-plan offices : a laboratory study
K. Kostallari, E. Parizet, L. Brocolini, N. Judon, P. Chevret, E. Galy
An automated design methodology for acoustic shells in outdoor concerts: The case of ReS and the latest developments in its acoustic design
S. Di Rosario, D. Lancia, S. Pone
Reflection matrix approach for quantitative ultrasound imaging of scattering media
A. Aubry, W. B. Lambert, L. A. Cobus, M. Fink
Tracheal Sounds, Deep Neural Network, Classification to Distinguish Obstructed from Normal Breathing During Sleep
G. Korompili, M. Kouvaras, L. Kokkalas, N.A. Tatlas, S. A. Mitilineos, S. M. Potirakis
Individual Temporal Fine-structure Detection Differences across Younger and Older Listeners: Disentangling Sources of Sensorineural Hearing Loss using a Model-based Approach
A. Osses, M. Garrett, S. Verhulst
9:30 Effects of the microstructure of random media on the propagation of coherent waves
A. Rohfritsch, J.-M. Conoir, T. Valier-Brasier, R. Marchiano
A virtual design studio for low-frequency impact sound from walking
N. Amiryarahmadi, C. Rosas-Pérez
Investigating the Relationship between Soundscape and Collective Memory: The Application of Theories of Urban Space to Soundscape Analysis
E. Aidoni, K. Chourmouziadou
Experimental study of the influence of the shape on the spanwise coherence length of the flow over a bluff body
F. Margnat, W. J. Gonçalves Pinto
Experimental scale-model study of sound propagation in street canyons with structured façade surfaces
A. Lee, B. Zeitler
Influence of bone conduction transducers position and constraint on propagation to the ear
T. Joubaud, J. Rosier, V. Zimpfer, A. Lacroix, J. Dury, P. Hamery
Comparison of acoustic, psychoacoustic and subjective measures in three German open-plan offices
M. Yadav, K. Loh, J. Fels
Non-cuboid Iterative Room Optimization
R. P. Petrolli, P. D'Antonio, J. Storyk
Measurement of molecular adsorption and desorption on the surface of a microbubble under ultrasound irradiation
D. Koyama, M. Ogino, M. Nakata, M.-P. Krafft
Resonators for the reduction of low frequency noise from steel bridges
M. G. Dittrich, A. P. Berkhoff, C. Bosschaart
Individual Differences in Cocktail-Party Listening
R. Lutfi, J. Lee
9:50 Ultrasound scattering and dissipation in granular porous media
X. Jia, H. Zhou, L.-Y. Fu, A. Tourin
Optimization of wood frame-based floors in order to improve impact noise
C. Guigou Carter, J.-L. Kouyoumji, N. Balanant
Comparing Soundscape Assessment Methods of ISO 12913-2 with Questionnaires (Methods A and B) and Narrative Interview (Method C)
J.Y. Jeon, H.I. Jo
The experimental studies on the noise of airfoils with modified edges at different angles of attack
J. Kopania
Microphone Height for Measurements in Urban Environments
D. Montes-Gonzalez, J.-M. Barrigón-Morillas, G. Rey-Gozalo, L. Godinho, P. Amado-Mendes
coffee_break coffee_break coffee_break coffee_break Multi-disciplinary Sensing for Personal Exposure Evaluations: Quantifying Local Traffic Interventions and Meteorological Variability in Traffic Related Air Pollution Assessments
L. Dekoninck, J. Hofman
10:10 coffee_break coffee_break coffee_break coffee_break coffee_break coffee_break
10:30 Active Acoustic Absorber Design without Actuator Model
M. Volery, H. Lissek
Statistical analysis of sound pressure level measurements for noise assessments at office workplaces
T. Renz
Improved meeting room acoustics through the shape optimization of reflecting surfaces
B. Peters
Measurement of the propagation of a guided wave in a dental implant
G. Haiat, B. Audoin, C. Biateau, V.-H. Nguyen, Y. Hériveaux
Inter-Individual Differences Above the Detection Threshold
D. Pressnitzer, E. Scholler, H. Jean, J. Graves
10:50 Ultrasonic study on emulsions stabilized with particles of different origin
R. Bielas, Z. Rozynek, T. Hornowski, A. Józefczak
Measurement of Low Frequency Impact Insulation
J. Loverde, W. Dong
Meaning of Measurement Uncertainties in Soundscape Studies
A. Fiebig
A full-scale wind-tunnel experiment for studying the noise induced by the A-pillar vortex in a vehicle under different flow conditions
A. Da Silva, V. Valeau, G. Bonnavion, F. Vanherpe
On the Use of ARIMA Models to Predict Urban Sound Pressure Levels
C. Guarnaccia, G. Graziuso, S. Mancini, J. Quartieri
Multimodal Active Noise Control In Duct Using a Near Field Compensation Strategy
J. Drant, P. Micheau, A. Berry
Comfort distance – a single-number quantity describing spatial attenuation in open-plan offices
V. Hongisto, J. Keränen
Predicting occupied noise and optimizing acoustical treatment in large-volume workspaces
W. Boning
The use of vibro-acoustic insertion impact analysis to monitor implant seating and early detect intra-operative fractures in cementless THA
K. Denis, Q. Goosens, L. Pastrav, J. Roosen, M. Mulier, W. Desmet, J. Vander Sloten
JASON High Blue ultra high velocity recording : a big data Carabïan biodiversity survey
H. Glotin
Interindividual differences in spectrotemporal modulation processing despite similar audiograms: Could it be used to assess supra-threshold hearing distortions?
E. Ponsot, P. Neri
11:10 Matrix approach of aberration correction in medical ultrasound imaging
W. B. Lambert, L. A. Cobus, T. Frappart, M. Fink, A. Aubry
Prediction of A-Weighted Maximum Impact Sound Pressure Level Using Mode Shape Function Method
K. Masuda, H. Tanaka
The sonic environment as perceived and understood by all?
D. Botteldooren, A. Talebzadeh, S. Verhulst, P. Devos
On the Sound Production by Vortex Whistles
U. Kristiansen, M. Amielh, D. Mazzoni
Noise levels monitoring and low-frequencies reduction strategies in open-air music events
E. Gallo, A. Campanile, K. Haddad, J. Brunskog
Phase optimization of electro-acoustic resonators for broadband Snell-Descartes based metamaterials
T. Laurence, H. Lissek
Analysis of mechanical and human activity noise in open plan offices using statistical methods
E. Rossi, D. D'Orazio, D. De Salvio, M. Garai
Optimizing the distribution of sound absorptive surfaces in open plan offices to improve occupant satisfaction
V. Rajendran, T. Méndez Echenagucia
Validation of an impact hammer to assess the mechanical properties of a tissue during osteotomy
G. Rosi, L. Lamassoure, A.-S. Poudrel, R. Bosc, G. Haiat
Applications of Evolutionary Optimisation in Urban Acoustics
Z. Y. Yanakiev
Interindividual Differences in Perceptual and Neural Processing of Continuous Speech
J. Venezia
11:30 Multiple scattering from randomly distributed fluid spheres in a poroelastic medium
A.J. Kuagbenu, H. Franklin, A. D’Almeida
Prediction of Maximum Fast Time-weighted Levels from a Heavy Impact Source on a Timber Floor
X. Shen, C. Hopkins
Developing Aural Awareness in Architectural Design through the Soundscape Paradigm
A. Milo
Statistics in the near-field of compressible jets at different Reynolds numbers
R. Camussi, C. Bogey
Development of design models for sound quality in public urban spaces of Basel
T. Maag, A. Bosshard
Time-delay stability issue of the electroacoustic absorber
E. De Bono, M. Collet, S. Karkar, G. Matten, T. Laurence, H. Lissek, M. Ouisse
Rating level to assess speech noise immissions in occupied open-plan offices
T. Renz
Applicability of multi-objective optimization in classroom acoustics design using analytical and geometrical acoustic models
A. Lombardo, L. Shtrepi, A. Astolfi
Estimation of cementless femoral stem stability using an impact hammer
A.-S. Poudrel, H. Albine Lomami, G. Rosi, A. Dubory, C.-H. Flouzat-Lachaniette, G. Haiat
Deep Learning of Adapted Wigner-Ville transform for fine time-frequency representation of clicks of cetaceans
H. Glotin, R. Balestriero
Modelled Speech Intelligibility with various Individual Head Related Transfer Functions
A. Ahrens
11:50 Reflection Matrix Approach for Quantitative Acoustic Imaging of Heterogeneous Media
L. A. Cobus, W. B. Lambert, M. Fink, A. Aubry
A hybrid analytical/boundary element method model for low-frequency impact sound transmission in dwellings through lightweight floor systems
J.J. Tan, Y. Qin, M. Hornikx
The APEAL method: Acoustic Perception Evaluation of Buildings using a Soundscape approach
R. Romeo Pitone, J. Harvie-Clark
Influence of periodic and random roughness on the reflection of weak shocks
S. Ollivier, T. Lechat, D. Dragna
Achievements of Dynamap project
G. Zambon, C. Confalonieri, F. Angelini, R. Benocci
Time-frequency characterization of sonar transducers in support to design
M. Zakharia, B. Dubus, P. Plantevin
A summary of measurements in 40 open-plan office zones using ISO 3382-3:2012, a binaural artificial head, and employee surveys
M. Yadav, D. Cabrera, J. Kim, R. De Dear
Optimizing fountain design using the Finite Volume Method
T. Banke, A. van der Harten, B. Peters
Application of piezoelectric sensor for pulse wave measurement of cerebral artery
M. Matsukawa, N. Itai, T. Shimada, D. Koyama
Acoustic monitoring of fin whales in feeding grounds : a CNN detector of “downsweeps”
H. Glotin
On Multi-Scale Processing in The Auditory System
X. Teng, D. Poeppel
12:10 lunch_break lunch_break lunch_break lunch_break lunch_break lunch_break lunch_break lunch_break lunch_break lunch_break lunch_break
13:30 Pitch coding for speech and music perception: In the right place at the right time?
A. Oxenham
Keynote_in_Lumiere_room Keynote_in_Lumiere_room Keynote_in_Lumiere_room Keynote_in_Lumiere_room Keynote_in_Lumiere_room Keynote_in_Lumiere_room Keynote_in_Lumiere_room Keynote_in_Lumiere_room Keynote_in_Lumiere_room Keynote_in_Lumiere_room
14:30 Acoustical Surface Characterization of PP/OWF Composite Plates
P. Marechal, N. Bouhamed, O. Lenoir, J. Duclos, S. Souissi, M. Benamar
Guided wave topological energy method for quantitative evaluation of corrosion in metal plates and tubes
T. Monnier, S.-E. Hebaz
Indoor soundscaping and its applicability in architectural practice
U.B. Ercakmak, P.N. Dokmeci Yorukoglu
Identification of Aeroacoustics Sources with Data Assimilation
M. A. Diaz Escobar, R. Marchiano, J.-C. Chassaing
Crowdsourcing Noise Maps Interpolation by Means of Kernel Density Estimation
C. Guarnaccia, M. Grimaldi, G. Graziuso, S. Mancini, J. Quartieri
High-frequency acoustic modes in silica via ultrafast optical techniques
A. Huynh, E. Péronne, B. Perrin, B. Rufflé, R. Vacher, M. Foret
Evaluation of Measurement Uncertainties of D2S and LpAS4m in Open-Plan Offices
L. Lenne, P. Chevret, E. Parizet
The potentialities of a multidisciplinary approach to façade design since early design phases
E. Badino, L. Shtrepi, I. Scalzo, V. Serra, A. Astolfi
Equalization-cancellation revisited
J. F. Culling
Azigram on stereo sonobuoy : 4 years tracking by Bombyx Port- Cros National Park
P. Best
Global-local temporal auditory processing: reorganization with musical training and interindividual differences
P. Susini, S. Jibodh Jiaouan, O. Houix, E. Ponsot
14:50 Investigation of coherent surface acoustic wave attenuation in polycrystalline materials
M. Ryzy, T. Grabec, M. Hettich, I. Veres
Elastic guided wave modal radiation by surface sources in finite plates of possibly complex characteristics
J. Barras, A. Lhémery, A. Impériale
The effects of soundscape on the perception of building spatial scale
X. Liu, J. Kang, H. Ma, C. Wang
Combined Low-Frequency / High Frequency Analysis of Duct Networks using Two-ports
M. W. Nashed, T. M. Elnady, M. Åbom
Evaluation of short-term road traffic noise exposure using physiological measurements and auralized sound samples – a preliminary panel study
J. Maillard, F. De Oliveira, G. Haese
Investigation on the vibrational response of nano-objects studied by picosecond acoustic
R. Delalande, L. Belliard
Measurement uncertainty of ISO 3382-3 – a Round Robin test
V. Hongisto, J. Keränen, L. Labia
A Data Acquisition Setup for Data Driven Acoustic Design
A. Xydis, R. Rust, K. Heutschi
Evaluation of a human sound localization model based on Bayesian inference
R. Barumerli, P. Majdak, R. Baumgartner, M. Geronazzo, F. Avanzini
Sphyrna Odyssey : a big data approach for 3D tracking and behaviour studies of deep divers
P. Best
Modeling Music Emotion Judgment of Cochlear Implant Listeners
J. Marozeau, T. Uday Pathre
15:10 Extreme sensitivity to layered structure on a scale below the periodicity
A. Maurel, K. Pham, J.-F. Mercier
In plane guided modes in soft strips
M. Lanoy, F. Lemoult, A. Eddi, C. Prada
An Advanced Approach to Calculation of Overall Soundscape Annoyance Rating
M. Suhanek, I. Djurek, S. Grubeša, A. Petošić
A non-linear impedance model for micro perforated liners
R. Billard, G. Gabard, M. Versaevel, G. Tissot
Implementing Plural Analysis of Urban Soundscapes
J.-D. Polack, E. Geisler, N. Gourlot, T. Manola, A. Perez-Munoz, S. Tribout
Imaging Grains in a Polycrystal in 3D with Nanoacoustic Waves: Signal Processing Methods
T. Thréard, E. De Lima Savi, S. Raetz, S.M. Avanesyan, N. Chigarev, V. Tournat, D.H. Hurley, V. E. Gusev
Analysis of open plan acoustic parameters based on Swiss and international databases of in situ measurements
G. Lüthi, V. Desarnaulds
Acoustic characterisation of eco-friendly cork-based composites
A. Giglio, M. Zheliazkova, I. Paoletti
Localizing the end position of a circular moving sound source near masked threshold
N. Kolotzek, B. U. Seeber
Orca call tracking, large and short scales
M. Poupard
Hearing reliability: idiosyncratic strategies in using a core prosodic code when perceiving confidence and honesty from speech
L. Goupil, E. Ponsot, J.-J. Aucouturier
15:30 Anti-plane surface waves in media with surface structures and surface interfaces: discrete vs. continuum model
V. Eremeyev, B. L. Sharma
Acoustic scattering from cylindrical shell: monostatic versus bistatic configurations
S. Agounad, D. Décultot, F. Chati, A. Elhanaoui
A Preliminary Investigation on the Influence of Sound Source Distance and Attenuation Mode on Soundscape
Z. Li, J. Kang, M. Ba
Bi-gobal linear stability analysis of a turbulent channel flow with a liner
D. Marx
Walk Safe Project: Perceived Urban Safety related to Soundscape, Lightscape and Urban Decay
R. Siragusa, A.P. Bresci, A. Astolfi, A. Pellegrino, L. Shtrepi, F. Pellerey
Three-dimensional imaging of metal/epoxy interface using time-domain Brillouin scattering
S. Sathyan, S. Raetz, E. Nicol, M. Edely, N. Chigarev, N. Cuvillier, J. Delozanne, M. Ducousso, V. Tournat, V. E. Gusev
Noise and sickness in open-plan offices: First approach of monetization
A. M. Dickschen, B.J. Mueller, N. Martin
On the application of semi-empirical formulas to predict energy-based acoustic parameters in very large spaces
F. Martellotta
Models predicting the perceptual externalization of sound sources
R. Baumgartner, P. Majdak
Sperm whale cultural group study: a pluridisciplinary approach (Maubydick)
M. Poupard
The Binaural Signal From a Symphony Orchestra
M. Skålevik
15:50 Numerical and experimental study of coherent waves in highly concentrated materials
A. Rohfritsch, J.-M. Conoir, T. Valier-Brasier, R. Marchiano
Experimental analysis of transient US waves inside plates from 3D vibration measurements along the surface: comparison between bone plate and aluminium plate
A. Angermuller, L. Martinez, A. Arciniegas, M. Michiel, J.-Y. Le Huérou, N. Wilkie-Chancellier
A Preliminary Investigation on the Effects of Sounds and Food Odour on Crowd Behaviour in a Pedestrian Street
M. Ba, Z. Li, J. Kang
Simulation of long-range times of arrival in a realistic atmosphere
A. Dagallier, S. Cheinet, D. Juvé
Acoustic Study of Nighttime Deliveries in Stockholm within the Project CIVITAS Eccentric
R. Rumpler, S. Venkataraman
Three-dimensional imaging of crystalline structure in water ice at high pressure by time-domain Brillouin scattering
N. Chigarev, E. De Lima Savi, S. Sathyan, S. Raetz, V. Tournat, A. Bulou, A. Zerr, V. E. Gusev
Measurement of speech level reduction of furniture ensembles and enclosures - round robin test
J. Keränen, J. Hakala, V. Hongisto
Some Considerations on Sound Propagation in a Cylindrical Worship Space
G. Fratoni, D. D'Orazio, E. Rossi, A. Rovigatti
The precedence effect as onset dominance observed at multiple levels of processing – a modeling study
M.T. Pastore
End to end raw audio deep learning of clicks
M. Ferrari
Novel approaches towards more 'real-life' listening experiments in complex acoustic scenes
J. Fels, J. Oberem, K. Loh, R. Viveros Muñoz
16:10 coffee_break coffee_break coffee_break coffee_break coffee_break Studying the polymerisation of 2-(hydroxyethyl) methacrylate using time-domain Brillouin scattering technique
N. Chigarev, S. Sathyan, S. Raetz, V. Tournat, A. Bulou, A. Zerr, V. E. Gusev
Measurement and Prediction of Speech Level Reduction of a Phone Booth in Three Different Open-plan Offices
J. Keränen, V. Hongisto
coffee_break coffee_break Click individual attribution by massive UW nearfield multihydrophone acquisition
M. Ferrari
How to optimise your speech intelligibility in a noisy restaurant
J. F. Culling, J. A. Grange, B. Bardsley, E. G. Ainge
16:30 coffee_break coffee_break coffee_break coffee_break
16:50 Ultrasound characterization of enthesis-mimicking samples: Modeling and experiment
A. Aghaei, N. Bochud, G. Rosi, Q. Grossman, D. Ruffoni, S. Naili
Metal-Metal and Metal-Composite Material Bondings Characterization Using Guided Lamb Waves
T. Agra, D. Leduc, M. Ech-Cherif El-Kettani, M. Predoi, J. Galy, P. Pareige, M. Ducousso, N. Cuvillier
The Soundscape Hackathon: Boosting Sound in Urban Design through Immersive and Virtual Approaches
J. De Winne, K. Filipan, B. Moens, P. Devos, M. Leman, D. Botteldooren, B. De Coensel
Perceptibility of noises indoors
S. Körper
State of the art of seafloor reflectivity computation methods and calculations: advantages, limits, and future directions
I. Mopin, P. Blondel, B. Zerr, G. Le Chenadec
Acoustical design challenges of colossal public interiors
Z. Su Gul, M. Caliskan
Build-up of Contextual Plasticity in Anechoic and Reverberant Rooms
N. Kopco, G. Andrejkova
17:10 Propagation of acoustic waves through a single array of bubbles with Minnaert resonances
K. Pham, A. Maurel, J.-F. Mercier, D. Fuster
Characterization of 1-3 Piezocomposite Using Lamb Waves Propagation
R. Rouffaud, A.-C. Hladky-Hennion, D. Certon, A. Balé, F. Levassort
Classification of Music Artwork using the Subjective Emotional Criterion for Implementation in Soundscape Synthesis
M. Suhanek, I. Djurek, S. Grubeša, A. Petošić
Methodology for development of single number quantity valid for description of airborne sound transmission of heavy-weight and light-weight walls
V. Chmelik, M. Rychtarikova, H. Müllner, K. Jambrošić, L. Zelem, J. Benklewski, C. Glorieux
Towed sensors positioning with forward looking sonars: Application on a Side Scan Sonar
I. Leblond, A. Bertholom
Computation of Spherical Harmonics Based Sound Source Directivity Models from Sparse Measurement Data
J. Ahrens, S. Bilbao
Holistic approach for co-working spaces
A. Giglio, M. Zheliazkova, I. Paoletti
Amplified music in arenas; substantiated values of RT versus frequency and volume
N. W. Adelman-Larsen, J. B. Andersen
Localization Performance for Binaural Signals generated with a Virtual Artificial Head in the Absence of Visual Cues
M. Fallahi, M. Hansen, S. van de Par, S. Doclo, D. Püschel, M. Blau
Dynamic load distribution identification for a car tire using response measurements
H. Devriendt, F. Naets, P. Kindt, W. Desmet
Evaluation of the effect of interaural time difference sensitivity on speech intelligibility in noise for normal-hearing and hearing-impaired listeners
T. Vicente, J. M. Buchholz, M. Lavandier
17:30 Mechanical Characterization of Nanoporous Silicon Membranes using Elastic Guided Waves
M. Thelen, N. Bochud, M. Brinker, C. Prada, P. Huber
Improved multimodal formulation of the wave propagation in a 3D waveguide
T. Guennoc, J.-B. Doc, S. Félix, A. Maurel, J.-F. Mercier
Sampling the Vocal Activity of Birds as the Biophonic Component of an Urban Soundscape
P. Devos
Structural reverberation time and building acoustic performance
C. Guigou Carter, D. Van-Maercke, J.-B. Chéné
Research on the Optimization Design of Acoustic Stealth Shape of the Bottom Target for the Detection of Active Sonar
Z. Peng, B. Li, H. Wen, H. Kong
Influence of speech sound spectrum on the computation of octave band directivity patterns
R. Blandin, B. Monson, M. Brandner
How reliable are ISO 3382-3:2012 measurements to predict employee satisfaction with acoustics in open space offices? Preliminary results of multiple measurements as well as in-situ surveys
B.J. Mueller, N. Martin, A. M. Dickschen
The acoustics of AccorHotels Arena and other large scale indoor pop venues
C. Rougier, S. Mercier, M. Vercammen
Vision-Induced Reweighting of Binaural Localization Cues in Electric Hearing
M. Klingel, B. Laback
Modal parameter estimation of a lightly damped symmetric plate using Direct Estimation of Residues from Rational-fraction Polynomials
N. Pandiya, W. Desmet
The effect of self-motion cues on speech perception in an acoustically complex scene
L. Hladek, B. U. Seeber
17:50 Acoustic wave propagation in effective graded fully anisotropic fluid layers
T. Cavalieri, J. Boulvert, L. Schwan, G. Gabard, V. Romero Garcia, J.-P. Groby, M. Escouflaire, J. Mardjono
Simulation & experimental propagation of guided waves in bone
F. Somoreau, O. Tamarin, C. Dejous, D. Rebière, S. Hemour, M. Castaings
The Effect Of Industrial Heritage Buildings On Today's Soundscape Data- The Case Of Eskisehir Factories Region
Ö. Gök Tokgöz, A. Özçevik Bilen
Finnish round robin test on impact sound insulation
J. Lietzén, M. Kylliäinen
Multiuser communication with mobile source using adaptive time reversal
T. Shimura
Long-term vocal directivity of opera singers: singing and speaking
J. Love, L. Miranda Jofre, D. Cabrera, M. Yadav
Classification and modelling of open-plan office acoustics
C. Nocke
Technical architectural details to control the Reverberation Time in big volume spaces, The case study of BEIC is presented: the Library for Information and Culture designed for the Milan City
M. Cairoli
On the selection of optimal non-individual Head Related Transfer Functions
L. Picinali
A System for the Environmental Adaptation of Electric Vehicle Warning Sounds
N. Kournoutos, J. Cheer
Effects of Non-Linear Peripheral Processing Stages on Contextual Interaural-Level-Difference Coding
B. Laback
18:10 Numerical Characterization of Acoustic Properties of A Novel Bio-based Porous Epoxy Resin
Q.B. Nguyen, V.-H. Nguyen, A. Rios De Anda, D.-L. Versace, E. Renard, S. Naili
Propagation of Guided Pseudo Waves in a Thin Modified Tube Immersed in Water
A. Elhanaoui, S. Agounad, D. Décultot
A Case Study on Appropriate Data Collection Method in Indoor Soundscape: The Sample of a Shopping Mall
Ş.I. Korkmaz, A. Özçevik Bilen
Design, Construction and Commissioning of a Reverberation Room
J. Pearse, A. Healy
Seafloor roughness parameter inversion from subbottom-profiler data
S. Pinson, C. W. Holland, Y. Stéphan
Investigations on the Dynamic Directivity of the Human Voice
C. Pörschmann, J. Arend
New standard for acoustic design of open offices: ISO/DIS 22955
J. Harvie-Clark, Y. Le-Muet, P. Chevret, T. Bonzom, R. H. Wenmaekers, A. Parkin
  An Efficient Data Reduction Method for Binaural Parameter Utilization
P. Zachos, G. Kamaris, J. Mourjopoulos
Application of p-norm regularisation in indoor tyre pass-by noise synthesis
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Using a Blind Binaural Speech Intelligibility Model to Predict the Effect of Useful and Detrimental Reflections in Complex Listening Situations
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