Forum Acusticum 2020

Tuesday 8 December, 2020

  Auditorium Lumière Salon Pasteur Rhône 1 Rhône 2 Rhône 3A Rhône 3B St Clair 1 St Clair 2 St Clair 3A St Clair 3B St Clair 4 Salon Roseraie 1&2
8:50 Wavefront shaping in underwater with soft gradient-index metasurfaces at ultrasonic frequencies
Y. Jin, R. Kumar, O. Poncelet, O. Mondain-Monval, T. Brunet
              Low-cost sensors for noise monitoring networks: a review
J. Picaut, A. Can, N. Fortin, J. Ardouin
    Analysis of experimental unsteady wall pressure data from a jet installed above a semi-finite plate
S. Meloni, J.L.T. Lawrence, A.R. Proença, A. Trotta, R. Camussi, R.H. Self
9:10 Waveguides of annular acoustic black holes for the conduction and focusing of flexural waves in plates
J. Deng, O. Guasch, L. Zheng
    MAINE Flow facility for the measurement of liner properties in multimodal acoustic field with grazing flow
T. Humbert, J. Golliard, J.-C. Le Roux, E. Portier, Y. Aurégan
Experimental validation of source quantification methods using a rigid spherical microphone array
L. Lamotte, H. Siwiak, T. Le Magueresse
Use of a modal model in predicting propagation from a point source over grooved ground
S. Mellish, K. Attenborough, S. Taherzadeh
New measurements of the frequency weighting for localising speech in noise
M. Akeroyd, J. Firth
Material and wall scales investigations on the acoustical properties of light earth (hemp-clay) formulations
P. Gle, G. Massossa-Telo, E. Gourdon, A. Hellouin-De-Menibus, M. Lemeurs
Wireless Acoustic Low-cost Sensor Network for Urban Noise Monitoring
S. Domazetovska, M. Anachkova, V. Gavriloski, Z. Petreski
Effects of atmospheric turbulence on sonic boom metrics and annoyance
Y. Naka
Evaluation of Hearing Aid Amplification on Auditory Feedback during the Production of Music for Hearing-Impaired Musicians
C. Lesimple, J. Tantau, B. Simon
Experimental investigation of wall-pressure fluctuations on a full-scale business jet
E. Salze, S. L. Prigent, E. Jondeau, C. Bailly
9:30 Pore-scale bending and membrane effects in permeo-elastic media
C. Boutin, R. Venegas
  Improving Ventricular Arrhythmias Treatment Monitoring using Ultrafast Ultrasound
J. Robert, F. Bessière, E. Cao, A. Zorgani, L. Daunizeau, S. Catheline, F. Vaillant, B. Quesson, C. Lafon
BACCHUS : an Aero-Acoustic Test Bench oriented towards Microphone Assembly and De-Noising Method Development
J. Derré, O. Sainges
Sound Source Localization from Interaural Cues: Estimation of the Azimuth and Effect of the Elevation
E. Méaux, S. Marchand
Effects of solar panel fields on sound propagation
F. J.M. van der Eerden, E. M. Salomons, A. R. Eisses
Behavioral and neural peculiarities of auditory looming perception in humans
R. Baumgartner, B. Tóth
Feedback on a Multiscale Investigation on the Acoustical Properties of Biobased Building Materials
T. Blinet, P. Gle, C. Guigou Carter
Qualification of innovative low-cost sensors dedicated to environmental noise monitoring
G. Guillaume, D. Ecotière, J. Picaut, N. Fortin, J. Ardouin
Low-boom and classical N-wave sonic boom propagation in random inhomogeneous layers using nonlinear wide-angle parabolic equation: statistical data comparison
P. V. Yuldashev, M. M. Karzova, V. A. Khokhlova, P. Blanc-Benon
Investigating the vocabulary used by electric guitar players to speak about touch
P. Cambourian, A. Paté, C. Cance, B. Navarret, J. O. Vasseur
Screech tone effects on the jet-plate induced vibration noise
M.K. Ahmad, S. Meloni, D.P. Elisa, D.M. Alessandro, R. Camussi
9:50 Doping of a Plate-Type Acoustic Metamaterial
M. Malléjac, A. Merkel, V. Tournat, V. Romero Garcia, J.-P. Groby
  Ultrafast Radial Modulation Imaging
P. Muleki Seya, K. Xu, M. Tanter, O. Couture
A Neural Network for Acoustic Duct Mode Decomposition
S. Sack, M. Åbom
Multichannel Hearing-Aid System Based on Basis-Shared Semi-supervised Independent Low-Rank Matrix Analysis
M. Une, Y. Kubo, N. Takamune, D. Kitamura, H. Saruwatari, S. Makino
Adequacy of Engineering Predictions of Soft Ground Effect
K. Attenborough, T. Van Renterghem
Are distance perception and sound externalisation distinct ?
L. Heine, M. Lavandier, F. Perrin
The Acoustic Properties of a Metamaterial Acoustic Barrier
G. Iannace, U. Berardi, G. Ciaburro, A. Trematerra
M. Anachkova, S. Domazetovska, Z. Petreski, V. Gavriloski
Complex ray analytical solutions to analyse infrasound and sonic boom propagation into shadow zones
A. Zelias, O. Gainville, F. Coulouvrat
Beyond Acoustics: Using Music to Explore the Brain Responses to Rhythms with Minimal Acoustic Energy at the Beat Level
A. Fiveash, D. Schön, L.-H. Canette, B. Morillon, N. Bedoin, B. Tillmann
Flow and Acoustic Features in Supersonic Jets at High Temperatures
M. Mihaescu, S. Chen, R. Gojon
10:10 Mimicking the cochlea with an active acoustic metamaterial
F. Lemoult, M. Rupin, J. De Rosny, G. Lerosey
  Simulation of High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) thermal ablation in Mobile and Elastic Organs
E. Cao, P. Greillier, J. Robert, F. Bessière, R. Loyet, F. Chavrier, J.-L. Dillenseger, C. Lafon
Validation of Numerical Approach for Assessing The Performance of a Microphone Mounting in Flow Condition
J. Derré, A. Appel De Gardane, R. Pesseau, E. Julliard, A. Mosson, O. Sainges
Distributed Acoustic Sensing: Application to Shots in Urban Areas
S. Cheinet, A. Dagallier, T. Surgis, T. Broglin
An urban planning tool demonstrator with auralisation and visualisation of the sound environment
J. Forssén, P. Höstmad, B. Stahre Wästberg, M. Billger, M. Ögren, F. Latino, V. Naserentin
e_coffee_break e_coffee_break e_coffee_break Sensitivity analysis of the Propagation of the Low Sonic Boom in the Atmopshere
P. Malbéqui, P.-E. Normand, L. Budin, G. Carrier
e_coffee_break e_coffee_break
10:30     Pisarenko Class Beamformer Applied to Passive Acoustic Mapping of Ultrasound Cavitation
A. Sivadon, M. Polichetti, J.-C. Bera, F. Varray, B. Nicolas, B. Gilles
e_coffee_break e_coffee_break e_coffee_break Comparing the influence of several trajectories of head-tracked movements on the externalization of speech stimulus using non- individualized binaural synthesis
E. Hendrickx, M. Lavandier, V. Koehl, M. Paquier
20 years of micro-perforated transparent sound absorbers
C. Nocke
Data assimilation for urban noise maps generated by a meta- model
A. Lesieur, V. Mallet, P. Aumond, A. Can
e_coffee_break Uncover the Meaning of Four Semantic Attributes of Sound : Bright, Rough, Round and Warm
V. Rosi, O. Houix, N. Misdariis, P. Susini
Experimental study of the aerodynamic noise produced by flow-body interaction by synchronous PIV and microphone array measurements
Y. Beausse, V. Valeau, F. Margnat, L.-E. Brizzi, F. Ollivier, R. Marchiano
10:50   Contribution to the study of the electro-magneto-mechanic strong couplings for the acoustic and vibration of eletric motors of aeronautic ventilation systems
N. Abdelnour, P. Caule, V. Lanfranchi, J.-D. Chazot
e_coffee_break Use flow to achieve an unidirectional acoustic propagation in a duct
Y. Aurégan, V. Achilleos, V. Pagneux
Glimpse Formation based on Local Feature Contrast and Spectro-Temporal Context
S. Sutojo, S. van de Par, T. May
A coupled meteorological classification and uncertainty interval evaluation approach for long-term noise level estimation
A. Alarcon, D. Ecotière, B. Gauvreau, H. Lefevre
Externalization of virtual sounds using low computational cost spatialization algorithms for hearables
V. Grimaldi, G. Courtois, L. Simon, H. Lissek
Sound absorption of micro-perforated panel backed with parallel- arranged curly cavities at different depths
Y. Zhao, H. Min
Analysis of the Impact of Anomalous Noise Events on Road Traffic Noise Levels Computation from Urban and Suburban WASNs in real operation
F. Alías, F. Orga, R.M. Alsina-Pagès, J.C. Socoró
Influence of atmospheric turbulence parameters on the propagation of sonic boom
R. Leconte, R. Marchiano, F. Coulouvrat, J.-C. Chassaing
Timbre in Binaural Listening: A Comparison of Timbre Descriptors in Anechoic and HRTF Filtered Orchestral Sounds
G. Marentakis, C. Saitis
Aeroacoustic Source Identification with Effects of Solid Boundaries Using a Numerical Time-reversal Technique
Y. Zhou, M. A. Diaz Escobar, R. Marchiano, D. Marx, C. Prax, V. Valeau
11:10 The acoustic Borrmann effect: Anomalous transmission through periodic resistive sheets
A. L. Coutant, Y. Aurégan, V. Pagneux
Vibro-acoustic response of a stiffened panel under synthetized space-time random excitations
N. Totaro, P. Wang, M. Pachebat, O. Robin
Intraventricular vector flow mapping by 3-D Doppler echo
F. Vixege, S. Mendez, F. Nicoud, P.-Y. Courand, P. Blanc-Benon, D. Vray, D. Garcia
Loss compensation by flow in a corrugated resonant duct
T. Humbert, Y. Aurégan
Multichannel source counting with CRNN : analysis of the performance
P.-A. Grumiaux, S. Kitic, L. Girin, A. Guérin
Outdoor blast wave propagation in real environment: statistical comparisons between simulations and measurements
O. Gainville
The Use of Two Simultaneous HRTF Sets in Augmented Reality
W.O. Brimijoin, Y. Deng, P. Robinson
Sound Diffusion of Micro-Perforated Panel Absorbers with Parallel-arranged Sub-cavities of Different Depths
Y. Liao, H. Min
Study of temporal correlations in dynamic noise mapping
R. Benocci, C. Confalonieri, H. E. Roman, G. Zambon
Ground elevation effects on sonic boom reflection
A. Emmanuelli, S. Ollivier, D. Dragna, P. Blanc-Benon
The different facets of timbre: data-driven modelling of musical instruments sounds perception
E. Thoret, B. Caramiaux, P. Depalle, S. McAdams
Vibratory response of a panel excited by a spatially varying turbulent boundary layer: A sub-area decomposition technique
C. Guillon, E. Redon, L. Maxit
11:30 Reversed Conversion by Umklapp Scattering
G. J. Chaplain, R. V. Craster
Synthesis of the Vibroacoustic Response of a Panel under Diffuse Acoustic Field using the Synthetic Array Principle
A. Pouye, L. Maxit, C. Maury, M. Pachebat
Bi-directional Axial Transmission measurements is an easy to apply methodology allowing risk assessment of fracture in elderly
D. Ramiandrisoa, J.-G. Minonzio, J. Schneider, E. Kohut, M. Streichhahn, U. Stervbo, R. Wirth, T. Westhoff, K. Raum, N. Babel
Influence of flow on trapped modes in ducts
C. Saverna, V. Pagneux, Y. Aurégan, G. Gabard
Performance Evaluation of Independent Low-rank Matrix Analysis for Short Signals
T. Nakashima, R. Scheibler, Y. Wakabayashi, N. Ono
Investigating properties of random sound source constellations
A.T. Fürjes
Reweighting of Binaural Localization Cues Induced by Discrimination Training
M. Klingel, O. Spišák, A. Seitz, N. Kopco
  LIFE Project E-VIA: Noise, electric vehicles and tyres
A. Melloni, G. Pecchioni, S. Luzzi, R. Bellomini
Indoor low frequency noise and building vibration due to sonic boom
F. Løvholt, K. Norén-Cosgriff, J. Park, J. Johansson
  An analytical approach based on tailored Green’s functions for flow noise prediction at low Mach number
N. Trafny, G. Serre, B. Cotté, J.-F. Mercier
11:50 On the potentialities of architectured structures for underwater applications
A. Terroir, C. Croënne, J. O. Vasseur, M. Ayad, R. Rahouadj, J.-F. Ganghoffer, A.-C. Hladky-Hennion
lunch_break Quantitative ultrasound imaging for the diagnostic of the integrity of growing biological materials
L. Espinosa, V. Monteiller, S. Bernard, R. Guillermin, L. Brancheriau, P. Lasaygues
Damping of acoustic energy at a sudden cross section area increase sustaining a subsonic mean flow
R. Gaudron, J. Guzman-Iñigo, A.S. Morgans
On the use of acoustic flow sensors for far-field sound capture
F. Lepoutre, L.H. Teixeira Carneiro, S. Leahy, P.-A. Gauthier
Systematic review of municipal noise regulations in Quebec
C. M.L. Trudeau, E. Bild, T. Padois, M. Perna, R. Dumoulin, T. Dupont, C. Guastavino
      Design of a Sonic Boom Simulator in an Existing House for Ecologically Valid Perception Studies
L. Cretagne, C. Garcia Armijos, F. Marmel, R. Leconte, C. Fritz, J. Marchal, U. Mueller, F. Ollivier, F. Coulouvrat
12:10 lunch_break lunch_break lunch_break   lunch_break       lunch_break    
13:30 keynote_lecture keynote_lecture keynote_lecture keynote_lecture   Keynote_in_Lumiere_room       keynote_lecture    
14:30 Plant Cell Walls as a locally resonant acoustic biosurface
M. Abi Ghanem, L. Khoryati, R. Behrou, S. Raetz, A. Khanolkar, N. Boechler, T. Dehoux
An accelerated spectral approach for predicting the vibroacoustic behavior of a stiffened pipe filled with a heavy fluid
S. Serbout, F. Michel, L. Maxit
Characterization of porous media using Singular Value Distribution (SVD), application to cortical bone - A phantom-based study
O. Yousefian, Y. Karbalaeisadegh, K. Mohanty, M. Muller
Acoustic energy change in varying area ducts sustaining a non-isentropic mean flow
S.R. Yeddula, R. Gaudron, A.S. Morgans
Pitch perception of noise-vocoded harmonic complex tones mimicking musical instruments
M. Unoki, Y. Hosaka, S. Kidani
Noise management practices associated with outdoor leisure activities
M. Perna, T. Padois, O. Doutres, T. Dupont
Variable acoustics, from design to everyday practice: Can it really work?
Y. Jurkiewicz
Acoustic insulation of the natural air intakes of the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan in Saclay
J.-B. Bodin
Cross laminated timber wall solutions – sound reduction and impact of construction details on the airborne sound reduction
H. Ferk, C. Leh, M. Mosing, B. Nusser
Loudness and short-term annoyance of “Low Sonic Boom”-signatures
S. Töpken, S. van de Par
Input Data Needs in Harbor Noise Modeling
G. Licitra, F. Fidecaro, P. Gagliardi, D. Palazzuoli, M. Bolognese
The Binaural Signal From a Symphony Orchestra
M. Skålevik
14:50 Tailoring the dispersion properties of guided waves in piezoelectric phononic crystals
F. H. Chikh-Bled, K. Mekrache, R. Sainidou, P. Rembert, N. Stefanou, B. Morvan
Computation of the elastic wave band structures and transmission in pre-deformed periodic frame structures by SEM
M. Mellmann, C. Zhang
Cortical bone characterization using backscatter statistics of the signals through measurements of Shannon entropy
Y. Karbalaeisadegh, Q. Grimal, M. Muller
Experimental evidence of sound amplification by stable shear layers in a corrugated pipe
J. Golliard, S. Belfroid, T. Humbert
Sleep deprivation impacts speech spectro-temporal modulations
E. Thoret, T. Andrillon, C. Gauriau, D. Leger, D. Pressnitzer
Interaction of infrasound with audible sound: Investigation of combined detection thresholds and unpleasantness
C. Koch, E. Burke, M. Bug, T. Fedtke, S. Uppenkamp
Enhancement of low frequency absorption in fabric-based absorbers
J. Schira
Acoustics Ventilation and Overheating: Residential Design Guide by the Association of Noise Consultants
J. Harvie-Clark, A. Chilton
ETICS and Exterior Wooden Claddings on timber frame walls – influence of façade system and construction details on the airborne sound insulation
B. Nusser, C. Lux, H. Ferk
Psychological assessment of noise annoyance due to low sonic boom
S. Grossarth, D. Schreckenberg, N. van Oosten, L. Meliveo
Development of a Harbour Noise Monitoring Solution within the Interreg Maritime RUMBLE Project
D. Borelli, T. Gaggero, E. Pallavidino, C. Schenone, E.L. Waffo Kamdem, C.A. Yousseu Njiotang
Novel approaches towards more 'real-life' listening experiments in complex acoustic scenes
J. Fels, J. Oberem, K. Loh, R. Viveros Muñoz
15:10 Angle-dependent absorption property of a 2D infinite periodic arrangement of Helmholtz resonators
D.M. Garza-Agudelo, P. R. Andersen, C.-H. Jeong, V. Cutanda Henriquez
First investigations on subtractive modeling with the condensed transfer functions method
F. Dumortier, L. Maxit, V. Meyer
Qualitative evaluation of a VIPA-based Brillouin spectrometer with applications to in vitro tumor tissues
G. Yan, A. Bazir, J. Margueritat, T. Dehoux
Effect of momentum transfer on the acoustic boundary condition of perforated liner walls with grazing flow
A. Schulz, D. Ronneberger
Explicit and Implicit Access to Ambiguity in Frequency Shifts
J. Graves, P. Égré, V. De Gardelle, D. Pressnitzer
Modeling of industrial noise by the ISO 9613-2 and CNOSSOS methods - case study
T. Malec
Developments in Variable Acoustics for Rehearsal Rooms
M. Luykx, M. Lautenbach
  Acoustic/structure interaction in timber buildings: resilient profiles friction influence
A. Speranza, C. Luzzani, R. Maderebner, J. Beber
Impact of Low Sonic Boom Exposure on Psychophysical and Cognitive Performance
F. Marmel, C. Fritz, L. Cretagne, L.-T. Thuong, C. Garcia Armijos, F. Ollivier, U. Muller, F. Coulouvrat
Analysis of literature data on shipboard noise
J. A. Bocanegra, T. Gaggero, C. Schenone, E. Rizzuto, D. Borelli
How to optimise your speech intelligibility in a noisy restaurant
J. F. Culling, J. A. Grange, B. Bardsley, E. G. Ainge
15:30   e_coffee_break Imaging mechanical properties of dentin with Brillouin microscopy
T. Lainović, J. Margueritat, Q. Martinet, X. Dagany, L. Blažić, D. Pantelić, M. Rabasović, A. Krmpot, T. Dehoux
  Sensitivity to across-electrode delays in Cochlear Implant users
A. Sodan, S. Meunier, V. Péan, S. Roman, M. Montava, J.-P. Lavieille, O. Macherey
Resonators for the reduction of low frequency noise from steel bridges
M. G. Dittrich, A. P. Berkhoff, C. Bosschaart
e_coffee_break     e_coffee_break   Evaluation of the effect of interaural time difference sensitivity on speech intelligibility in noise for normal-hearing and hearing-impaired listeners
T. Vicente, J. M. Buchholz, M. Lavandier
15:50   Active Exterior Cloaking in Three-Dimensional Acoustics
C.-H. Yeung, W. Parnell, T. Shearer
e_coffee_break On the use of Active Electroacoustic Absorbers as a perfect anechoic termination towards the low-frequency range for impedance tube applications
H. Lissek, X. Guo, S. Sergeev
e_coffee_break   Variable Acoustics without Compromise: Concert Halls for both Symphonic and Pop Music
M. Vercammen, M. Lautenbach
  Numerical Simulations of Overexpanded Jets at a Mach Number of 3.1 Impinging on a Plate with and without a Hole
M. Varé, C. Bogey
Five-year simulation study of NASA’s X-59 low-boom carpets across the contiguous United States of America
W. J. Doebler, S. Wilson, A. Loubeau, V. W. Sparrow
16:10   Effects of junctions on the vibroacoustic behaviour of assembled structures - application to two beams connected by stiffness and damping distributions
J.-B. Chassang, L. Polac, F. Ablitzer, A. Pelat, C. Pezerat
Deformations of megakaryocytes mechanically coupled with an ultrasound-driven microbubble
M. Fauconnier, J. Ngo, J.-C. Bera, C. Inserra
Sound Field Reconstruction in Rooms and its potential Application in Improving Low Frequency room modes damping
T. Pham Vu, H. Lissek
“The deafer, the dumber?” - The bias of age-related hearing loss on cognitive test performance
C. Füllgrabe
  Implementation of a New Electronic Room Acoustic Enhancement System in a Large Congress Hall (Congress Centrum Suhl)
T. Behrens, W. Ahnert
  Jet noise prediction based on a self-adjoint operator
É. Spieser, G. Bodard, C. Bailly
Comparison of Low-boom Predictions from Different Sonic Boom Propagation Codes
A. Loubeau, G. Carrier, P. Malbéqui, S. K. Rallabhandi, J. B. Lonzaga
Instrumental Evaluation of Sensor Self-Noise in Binaural Rendering of Spherical Microphone Array Signals
H. Helmholz, D. L. Alon, S. V.A. Garí, J. Ahrens
The effect of self-motion cues on speech perception in an acoustically complex scene
L. Hladek, B. U. Seeber
16:30 Ultrasonic wave transport in resonant emulsions made of slow and fast droplets
B. Tallon, T. Brunet, J. Page
Outlet guide vannes fault detection via vibro-acoustic signal processing
Y. Hawwari, J. Antoni, M. El Badaoui, H. André
High frequency elastic wave propagation in micro-elastography
G. Laloy-Borgna, A. Zorgani, B. Giammarinaro, S. Catheline
Active Control of the Diffracted Field by the Reflecting Wall of a Semi-Anechoic Room
C. Pinhède, D. Habault, E. Friot, P. Herzog
Enhanced spatial realism of sound boosts cognition in DOC patients
L. Heine, F. Ferré, M. Lavandier, F. Perrin
  The Effect of Electronic Reverberation in a Hybrid Reverberation Enhancement System: CarmenCita
J. Jagla, P. Chervin
  EAA Benchmark for an axial fan
M. Kaltenbacher, S. Schoder
2020 Literature Review on Secondary Sonic Boom
V. W. Sparrow, K. Riegel
A Landmark-Based Parametric Pinna Model For The Calculation of Head-Related Transfer Functions
K. Pollack, P. Majdak
Effects of Non-Linear Peripheral Processing Stages on Contextual Interaural-Level-Difference Coding
B. Laback
16:50 Acoustic Time Reversal in Granular Materials
A. Tourin, Y. Abraham, N. Benech, C. Negreira, X. Jia
Measurement of the elastic modulus of homogeneous materials by a bending wave speed method
A. Esposito, J. A. Hargreaves, R. A. Romano, A. Cicero
Ultrasound-driven microbubbles for local drug delivery
G. Lajoinie, S. Roovers, I. De Cock, Y. Luan, E. Gelderblom, B. Dollet, H. Dewitte, I. Lentacker, N. De Jong, M. Versluis
e_coffee_break Brain response to one’s own name in acute stage coma patients: electroencephalographic detection of cognitive event-related potentials
F. Ferré, A. Corneyllie, E. Naboulsi, B. Sarton, F. Perrin, S. Silva, L. Heine
      CAA of complex HVAC systems
S. Becker
  Optimizing the spatial decomposition method for binaural rendering
S. V. Amengual Gari, J.M. Arend, P. Calamia, P. Robinson
Using a Blind Binaural Speech Intelligibility Model to Predict the Effect of Useful and Detrimental Reflections in Complex Listening Situations
T. Brand, S. Röttges, C. Hauth, J. Rennies
17:10 Coherent elastic waves in a multiple scattering solid media
S. Alverede, T. Valier-Brasier, R. Wunenburger
    Experimental methods for characterization of one port nonlinear acoustic systems: application to sound absorbers
M. Volpe, R. Côte, S. Bellizzi
The precedence effect as onset dominance observed at multiple levels of processing – a modeling study
M.T. Pastore
      Computational aeroacoustics strategies for the simulation of voice sequences involving sibilants
O. Guasch, M. Arnela, A. Pont
  Source distance modelling in the context of Audio Augmented Reality
V. Martin, O. Warusfel, I. Viaud-Delmon
17:30 Measurements of surface scattering mean-free paths in coarse-grain steel samples with a multielement array
C. Du-Burck, A. Derode
    Study of the low frequency acoustic coupling between a loudspeaker system and a room: how to make the positioning in the room less critical
M. Allado, A. Pittet, R. Boulandet
  Auditorium Lumière Salon Pasteur Rhône 1 Rhône 2 Rhône 3A Rhône 3B St Clair 1 St Clair 2 St Clair 3A St Clair 3B St Clair 4 Salon Roseraie 1&2