Forum Acusticum 2020

Monday 7 December, 2020

  Auditorium Lumière Salon Pasteur Rhône 1 Rhône 2 Rhône 3A Rhône 3B St Clair 1 St Clair 2 St Clair 3A St Clair 3B St Clair 4 Salon Roseraie 1&2
10:50 Improving sound absorption through nonlinear active electroacoustic resonators
X. Guo, H. Lissek, R. Fleury
Wireless communication using ultrasonic guided waves in healthy and defected plates
R. Bahouth, F. Benmeddour, E. Moulin, J. Assaad
Non-contact ultrasound NDT with an optical microphone: new developments
M. Brauns, W. Rohringer, B. Fischer
  Influence of facade characteristics on perceived annoyance from moving cars in urban living environments
A. Gisladottir, K. Heutschi, A. Taghipour, R. Pieren, K. Eggenschwiler
  Broadband acoustic material characterization by means of in-situ measurements and impedance model fitting
B. Briere De La Hosseraye, M. Hornikx
Revision of standard for sound environment in school buildings published by the Architectural Institute of Japan
K. Ueno, T. Fukuchi, Y. Tsuchiya
Nonlinear Dynamical Absorber for Floating Offshore Wind Turbines
P.-O. Mattei, E. Sarrouy
Geometrical theory of diffraction for sound and vibration
A. Le Bot
Noise from Building Services: Comparison of Technical Requirements in Sixteen Countries
T. Carrascal Garcia, A. Romero Fernández, M.B. Casla Herguedas
Sequential sensor placement using Bayesian compressive sensing for direction of arrival estimation
M. Courcoux-Caro, C. Vanwynsberghe, A. Baussard, C. Herzet
11:10 Metamaterial made of poroelastic lamellas for sound attenuation in duct
K. Li, N. Dauchez, B. Nennig, E. Perrey-Debain
Excitation frequency optimisation to enhance harmonics backscattered by a nonlinear media
V. Gatsa, S. Ménigot, V. Tournat
Studying Kiwifruit with Laser Ultrasound and Seismology Techniques
L. A. Cobus, J. Simpson, S. Hitchman, K. van Wijk
  Effects of noise on performance and perceived annoyance in Stroop tasks
A. Taghipour, L. Bartha, S. J. Schlittmeier, B. Schäffer
Separation of the acoustic and aerodynamic wall pressure fluctuations
A. Dinsenmeyer, Q. Leclère, J. Antoni
Measurement Uncertainty of the Room Acoustic Clarity Index
I. Witew, D. Kliesch, G. Behler, M. Vorländer
The effect of classroom acoustics on students’ learning processes: selection of objective parameters and provision of a measurement protocol
G. Minelli, A. Astolfi, G.E. Puglisi
Piezoelectric vibration solutions : Absorbers and Suspensions
A. Aubry, A. Fourati, F. Jean, F. Mosca
A hybrid BEM/DEA convolution quadrature method for modelling time-dependent acoustic wave problems with broadband frequency content
J. R. Rowbottom, D. J. Chappell
Reverberation Time Regulations for Stairwells and Corridors – A Pilot Study for Hospitals in Selected Countries in Europe
T. Carrascal Garcia, B. Rasmussen
Acoustic image analysis and unsupervised environmental sound source localization with geometry-optimized spherical microphone arrays using the generalized cross- correlation
L.H. Teixeira Carneiro, A. Berry
11:30 Approximation of Impedance in Serial Arrays of Coupled Helmholtz Resonators
A. Dell, A. Krynkin
Performance evaluation of power-saving audio reproduction
M. Mizumachi, T. Nakashima, M. Nakagawara
In situ control of hidden parts of rails - numerical experiments
S. Rodriguez, V. Gayoux, E. Ducasse, M. Castaings, N. Patteeuw
  Laboratory Experiments versus Ecological Momentary Assessment – The Quest to Evaluate Real Life Hearing Aid Performance
N. Schinkel-Bielefeld
Acoustic Pressure Measurements in High-Temperature Environment
K. Knobloch, L. Enghardt, F. Bake
comparison of 2D distributions of the lateral energy fraction in auditoria of different ground plan types
U.M. Stephenson
Performing mental arithmetic tasks in real classrooms: Does performance depend on the type of background noise and task difficulty?
C. Visentin, N. Prodi, E. Borella, I. C. Mammarella, S. Caviola
Towards Low Consumption Smart Dampers
S. Chesne, C. Collette
Convergence of Ray-Density Methods Using Transfer Operators in Different Bases
M. Richter, D. J. Chappell, N. Aimakov, G. Tanner
Recent Advancements in Belgian building Acoustical Standards
L. De Geetere, A. Dijckmans
One eight of a sphere microphone array
P. Lecomte, M. Melon, L. Simon, K. Hassan, R. Nicol
11:50 Design and Fabrication of Soft Metamaterials as a Solution for Underwater Acoustics Coatings
T. Lacour, R. Poupart, O. Mondain-Monval, T. Brunet, O. Poncelet, C. Aristégui
Interpolation of Acoustic Signals in Sound Capture with Rolling- shuttered Visual Camera
A. Yoshida, H. Shindo, K. Terano, T. Fukumori, T. Nishiura
Optimization method for ultrasonic array imaging of defects in complex materials with unknown elastic properties
C. Ménard, S. Robert, D. Lesselier
  Sound design strategies in composing pleasant and unpleasant acoustic environments inside a living room in a European residential context
R. Dedieu, C. Lavandier, C. Camier, S. Berger
Quantifying the Effect of an Acoustic Liner from Far-Field Measurements in Static Engine Noise Tests
S. Oertwig, H. Siller, E. Julliard
A suggestion to repeatability assessment in random incidence sound absorption measurements
M. Bolberg, D. Duhalde Rahbæk
  Nonlinear energy pumping in Acoustics using multistable absorbers
P.-O. Mattei, R. Côte, I. Bouzid
On the applicability of diffuse field models in vibro-acoustic systems: random wave scattering and coupling strength evaluation
C. Van Hoorickx, E. Reynders
Analysis of the draft Spanish standard PNE UNE 74201: Acoustic Classification Scheme for buildings
A. Romero Fernández, M. Machimbarrena Gutiérrez, M.J. De Rozas López
Time-Reversal Mirroring for Near-Ultrasonic Indoor Communication
A. Aubertin, J. De Rosny, P. Jouvelot
12:10 lunch_break Real-time ultrasonic imaging with a nonlinear beamformer based on p-th root compression
E. Carcreff, M. Polichetti, F. Varray, N. Laroche, B. Nicolas
lunch_break   Design of warning sounds using an Interactive Genetic Algorithm
J. Petiot, S. Denjean, S. Villa, E. Diaz
  lunch_break   lunch_break lunch_break lunch_break lunch_break
13:30 3D Printed Porous Material Optimally Graded for Broadband Absorption of Sound
J. Boulvert, T. Cavalieri, J. Costa-Baptista, L. Schwan, V. Romero Garcia, G. Gabard, E.R. Fotsing, A. Ross, J. Mardjono, J.-P. Groby
  A hybrid FDTD domain decomposition approach for the 3D modeling of the ultrasonic full inspection of thin nuclear cladding tubes
F. Lyonnet, D. Cassereau, M.-F. Cugnet
Time-Domain Impedance Boundary Condition Implementation in a CFD Solver and Validation against Experimental Data of Acoustical Liners
L. Casadei, H. Deniau, E. Piot, T. Nodé-Langlois
  SOPRANOISE: European Research on new techniques to characterize Noise Barriers acoustic performances
J.-P. Clairbois, M. Garai, W. Bartolomaeus, M. Chudalla, F. Strigari, M. Conter, A. Fuchs, C. Nicodeme
Comparison of Isotropy Estimators for the Analysis of Reverberation Rooms
M. Berzborn, M. Nolan, E. Fernandez-Grande, M. Vorländer
  Enhanced Acoustic Black Holes (eABH) based on tuned damping properties obtained by thermal control
G. Raybaud, A. Pelat, M. Ouisse, F. Gautier
Influence of Crandall lines on ergodic billard in SEA
V. Tyrode, L. Maxit, N. Totaro, A. Le Bot
Predictions Vs Measurements: New ISO 12354 Applied To Spanish Housing
M.B. Casla Herguedas, T. Carrascal Garcia, A. Romero Fernández
3D Sound source localization in reverberant rooms using Deep Learning and microphone arrays : Simulation and experiment
H. Pujol, E. Bavu, A. Garcia
13:50 Bubble metascreens: how cylindrical cavities differ from spherical ones
M. Thieury, V. Leroy, J. Dassé, A. Tourin
Bow influence on violinist gestures (upper arm angles and shoulder muscle activity)
S. Duprey, B. Michaud, M. Begon
Ultrasonic finite-sized beam transmission through an immersed plate: Towards the local mechanical evaluation of adhesive bonds
V. Gayoux, M. Rénier, M. Castaings
The numerical methods to remove the hydrodynamic instability generated in the time-domain simulation for acoustic propagation in a lined flow duct
Y. Deng, A. Alomar, D. Dragna, M.-A. Galland
Multidimensional psychological evaluation of air-conditioner sounds
Y. Soeta, E. Onogawa
On-site check of the intrinsic acoustic characteristics of noise barriers: preliminary results on the Italian A22 highway
M. Garai, P. Guidorzi, A. Osele, C. Costa
Sine sweep optimization for room impulse response measurements
A. Richard, C.L. Christensen, G. Koutsouris
  On the use of thin structures with slits for low frequency acoustic absorption
T. Abily, V. Zorgnotti, G. Gabard, J. Regnard, S. Durand
Statistical modal Energy distribution Analysis to determine the transmission loss of a plate with acoustic black hole indentations
J. Deng, O. Guasch, L. Maxit, L. Zheng
Comparison of single-number quantities for impact sound insulation to the subjective rating of different floor configurations
D. Kisić, V. Chmelik, J. Benklewski, H. Muellner, D. Knittl, M. Horvat, M. Rychtarikova, K. Jambrošić
Measurement of sound absorption with a dual-plane array of microphone by an optimization approach
S. Dupont, M. Melon, A. Berry
14:10 Experimental evidences of perfect acoustic absorption in deep sub-wavelength structures in ventilation problems
V. Romero Garcia, N. Jiménez, O. Richoux, G. Theocharis, J.-P. Groby, V. Pagneux
Bow influence on violinist performance
A. Tomezzoli, B. Michaud, M. Begon, S. Duprey
Monitoring by integrated piezo sensors of a turbine blade submitted to cavitation
P. Guy, T. Monnier
Analytical Modelling of Sound Transmission Through a Row of Thick-walled Channels
M. Oulmi, M. Roger, B. Boualem
Do the visual cues influence annoyance perception of sounds?
N. Dybionka, A. Preis, J. Felcyn, P. Gogoliński
Effects of Tilted Noise Barriers on Road Traffic Noise
E. M. Salomons, A. R. Eisses, F. J.M. van der Eerden
Coupled Speakers As An Improved Omnidirectional Sound Source For Architectural Acoustics Measurements
B. Chojnacki, T. Kamisinski, A. Flach
  Wave propagation in non-centrosymmetric architectured media
G. Rosi, N. Auffray
Superelement modelling of elastic metastructures and their anti-homogenisation
D. Tallarico, G. Hannema, A. Bergamini, M. Miniaci, A. Zemp, B. Van Damme
New ASTM Ratings for High-frequency Impact Noise Insulation
W. Dong, J. Loverde
Experimental Surface Shape Reconstruction Using Microphone Arrays
G. Dolcetti, M. Alkmim, J. Cuenca, L. De Ryck, A. Krynkin
14:30 Hilbert Fractal Metamaterials for lightweight sound insulation
G. Comandini, T. Panzera, A. Celik, A. Gautam, F. Scarpa, M. Azarpeyvand, V. Ting
Playability of the cello bow
A. Mrabet, C. Fritz, F. Ablitzer
e_coffee_break A numerical study on the entropy noise generated in sudden cross-sectional area changes
J. Guzman-Iñigo, D. Yang, R. Gaudron, A.S. Morgans
Role of noise sensitivity in modulating both annoyance ratings and electrodermal responses to traffic noise
W. Ellermeier, F. Kattner, C. Marquis-Favre
Insertion Loss in the Time Domain
W. Bartolomaeus
e_coffee_break   Design of Periodic Acoustic Barriers Using an Evolutionary Topological Optimization Procedure
R. L. Pereira, L.M. Anaya Jaimes, R. Pavanello
14:50   A Technological Platform for Analyzing and Improving Musicians’ Sound-gesture Interactions
J. Roze
Pump-probe Experiment for SHM in Thin Plates with the Use of a Backpropagation Algorithm
M. Terzi, L. Chehami, E. Moulin, V. V. Aleshin, N. Smagin
e_coffee_break Perception of urban environments: audiovisual interaction in pleasantness ratings and physiological reactions
V. B. Bogdanov, C. Marquis-Favre, M. Cottet, F. Perrin, W. Ellermeier, D. Dumortier
e_coffee_break Measurement, Analysis, and Denoising of Directional Room Impulse Responses in Complex Spaces
P. Massé, T. Carpentier, O. Warusfel, M. Noisternig
Filter Design for Real-Time Ambisonics Encoding During Wave- based Acoustic Simulations
I. Henderson, A. Politis, S. Bilbao
Finite-size mechanical metamaterials modelled as a relaxed micromorphic continuum
G. Rizzi, P. Neff, A. Madeo
    Compression and expansion nonlinear effects in an electrodynamic loudspeaker: experiments vs. model failure
A. Novak
15:10   Using virtual acoustics and electroglottography to study the adaptation of singing voice production
P. Luizard, N. Henrich Bernardoni, C. Böhm
Ambient noise monitoring of nonlinear defects on elastic plates
J. De Rosny, M. Farin, C. Palerm, C. Prada
Calculation of a Multi-Port Scattering Matrix for the Acoustic Power Flow Using Finite Element Method
C. Calmettes, E. Perrey-Debain, E. Lefrançois, J. Caillet
Affective reactions to neighbour's sounds in wooden dwellings
A. Frescura, P.-J. Lee
Sonic crystal noise barrier design to reduce railway noise emissions
C. Chaufour
Microphone positioning using acoustic location
R. Prislan
Auralization of a Hybrid Sound Field using a Wave-Stress Tensor Based Model
A. Meacham, R. Badeau, J.-D. Polack
  Wide-field vibration measurements from time-sequences of digital Fresnel holograms
E. Meteyer, P. Picart, S. Montresor, F. Foucard, C. Pezerat
Approach for a new laboratory method to determine noise from waste water installations
A. Mayr, F. Schoepfer, J. Weinzierl, U. Schanda
Exponential sine sweeps to measure the directivity of an omnidirectional parametric loudspeaker
M. Arnela, C. Martínez-Suquía, O. Guasch
15:30 Thermoacoustic parity-time symmetric system
G. Poignand, C. Olivier, G. Penelet
  Finite Difference 3D model for Lamb waves propagation in Single Lap Joints for Structural Health Monitoring
G. Scarselli, F. Nicassio, S. Carrino, P.A. Vergallo, R. Vitolo
Hybrid Methods for Duct Aeroacoustics Simulations
S. De Reboul, N. Zerbib, E. Perrey-Debain, S. Moreau
  Designing An Urban Low Noise Barrier And Measuring The Noise Reduction
M. Friman
A review of STI measurements
H. Möller
Modelling of a closed acoustical space by boundary reconstruction approach
G. Pavic
  Vibration force identification by high-speed digital holography
E. Meteyer, P. Picart, C. Pezerat
Measuring the Insertion Loss of Water Drainage Pipe Enclosures
S. Bailhache, P. Ducruet, S. Colin, C. Guigou Carter
The Coupling Factor Dependence of Lossy Voice Coil Impedance Based of Transformer Model
G. I. Anazawa
15:50 Non-reciprocal Behavior of One-dimensional Piezoelectric Structures with Space-time Modulated Electrical Boundary Conditions
C. Croënne, S. Tessier, J. O. Vasseur, O. Bou Matar, A.-C. Hladky-Hennion, B. Dubus
    Propagation and reflection properties of computational setups for radial compressor aeroacoustic simulations
A.G. Pietroniro, C. Weng, M. Mihaescu, M. Åbom, M. Knutsson
  Predicting tree belt noise shielding with neural networks
T. Van Renterghem
  e_coffee_break   Identification of the damping provided by a foam placed on a metal plate by an inverse vibration problem
M. Le Deunf, C. Pezerat, F. Ablitzer, N. Merlette
16:10 Structure-Composition Correspondence in Crystalline Metamaterials for Acoustic Valley-Hall Effect and Unidirectional Sound Guiding
F. Lemoult, S. Yves, G. Lerosey
    Localization of exceptional points and modal branch tracking for acoustic waveguides applications
B. Nennig, E. Perrey-Debain, M. Ghienne
How attending music festivals affects near and supra-threshold markers of hearing
T. Vande Maele, S. Keshishzadeh, H. Keppler, I. Dhooge, S. Verhulst
Effect of substrate moisture content on sound absorption by green systems
E. Attal, N. Côté, T. Shimizu, B. Dubus
  Realistic Source Modeling in Wave-based Virtual Acoustics
S. Bilbao
  e_coffee_break   The SIPARIO SOUND SOURCE: a new variable directivity loudspeaker for MIMO auralisation
L. Tronchin, A. Farina, F. Merli, A. Bevilacqua, M. Dolci, E. Armelloni
16:30 Ultrasonic nodal chains in topological granular metamaterials
A. Merkel, J. Christensen
  The Faust Programming Language as a Platform for Creating Hybrid Acoustical and Digital Musical Instruments
R. Michon, Y. Orlarey, S. Letz, D. Fober
e_coffee_break Evidence for cochlear synaptopathy uncorrelated with speech-in-noise intelligibility and auditory temporal processing deficits in humans
E. A. Lopez-Poveda, P.T. Johannesen, B. Cagnacci Buzo
    FDTD Modelling of Sound Propagation in Air Including Viscothermal and Relaxation Effects
B. Hamilton, S. Bilbao
  Adapting the correction for CFAT application in time domain
E. Le Roux, C. Pezerat, Q. Leclère, J.-H. Thomas
  Influence of coupling devices on the response of transducers in industrial use
P. Herzog, C. Lambourg
16:50 e_coffee_break   Active control of the axisymmetric vibration modes of a tom-tom drum using a modal-based observer-regulator
M. Wijnand, B. d'Andréa-Novel, T. Hélie, D. Roze
Revisiting the Cremer Impedance
M. Åbom, S. Sack
What Does The TEN Test Test At Low Sensation Levels?
M. A. Stone, E. Perugia, G. Prendergast, R. E. Millman, C. J. Plack
    Synergies between the high-frequency Boundary Element Method and Geometric Acoustics
J. A. Hargreaves
  Rotating Machine Diagnosis using Artificial Intelligence
A. Darraz, J.-H. Thomas, G. Kirié, J. Antoni, P. Mollon, A. Larcher
17:10 Non linear contact stiffness within a poroelastic granular material
N. Dauchez, C. Hentati, S. Job, J.-P. Crété, M. Taktak, M. Haddar
  Hearing the Shape of A Drum Machine
H. Han, V. Lostanlen
Numerical and experimental study of a flow duct with extended-reacting acoustic liners
A. Alomar, D. Dragna, M.-A. Galland
Low-Sound-Level Auditory Processing in Noise-Exposed Adults
E. Perugia, M. A. Stone, C. J. Plack
17:30 Focusing and Mode Separation of Elastic Vector Solitons in a 2D Soft Mechanical Metamaterial
V. Tournat, B. Deng, C. Mo, K. Bertoldi, J. R. Raney
  Recreating a Rare Instrument Using VR and Fabrication: A Hyperreal Instrument Case Study
A. Çamcı, J. Granzow
Experimental Investigation of Shear Grazing Flow Effects on Extended Tube Acoustic Liners
R. Roncen, D. Sebbane, F. Méry, E. Piot, F. Simon
17:50 Interaction of surface waves with an array of subwavelength resonators in a granular medium
P. Mora, M. Chekroun, V. Tournat
    The Effect of a Micro-Perforated Cavity Floor on the Propagation of Tunnel-Cavity Modes in a Low-Speed Duct Flow
C. Maury, T. Bravo, D. Mazzoni
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