Tuesday 10 may 2022 - AM

  Europahallen Musiksalen Gæstesalen
8:30 Innovation Loam Noise Barrier
M. Chudalla, F. Strigari
Acoustic labels as a simple, easy-to-understand visual representation of the acoustic suitability of unconventional spaces
K. Jambrosic, M. Horvat
Deep neural networks for speaker voice separation and noise reduction for hearing impaired listeners.
L. Bramsløw, G. Naithani, T. Virtanen
9:00 Measurement of the acoustic effectiveness of diffractors
F. Strigari, R. Becker, W. Bartolomaeus
Alternative Spaces for Learning: Reversible Acoustic Treatments for Transformation of Spaces into Classrooms During COVID Era
D.I. Schiavon, L. Shtrepi, A. Astolfi
Benefit of impulse noise reduction in commercially available hearing aids
H. Husstedt, W. Hilgerdenaar, M. Frenz, F. Denk, J. Tchorz
9:30 Simulation of the sound field behind diffractors
W. Bartolomaeus, R. Becker, F. Strigari
The development of modern, interactive acoustic courseware material within the Acoustics Knowledge Alliance project
M. Horvat, K. Jaruszewska, S. Raetz, E. Carayol, Y. Sluyts, A. Herweg, L. Aspöck, S. Zeman
Multi-modal hearing devices and their evaluation
V. Hohmann, H. Kayser, G. Grimm
10:30 Deep machine learning in audiology: Models of speech perception and self-conducted speech audiometry
B.T. Meyer
11:15 Shore power connection for offshore vessels - Measured noise reduction in port and dock
B.M. Larsen
Acoustical aspects not covered by the common, standardised room acoustic parameters
T. Halmrast
Hearing-aid delay in open-fit devices: Preferred sound quality in normal-hearing and hearing-impaired listeners
G. Stiefenhofer, E. Lundorff, R. Skipper, T. Neher
11:45 Applicability of ISO standard 3744 to UA
J. Treichel, J. Foerster, A. Volkert, T.J. Lieb
A Two Stage Embedded Genetic Algorithm to Optimise Ceiling Reflections
J. O'Keefe
Towards auditory profile-based hearing-aid fittings: BEAR rationale and clinical implementation
R. Sanchez-Lopez, M. Fereczkowski, M. Wu, S. Santurette, M. Baumann, B. Kowalewski, T. Piechowiak, G. Ravn, S.K. Narayanan, T. Dau, T. Neher
12:15 Electric Cars - Noise Simulation of AVAS Effects
S. Eggers, H. Steven
Acoustic Simulation of Small Rooms
B. Mondet
Hearing-aid amplitude compression for listeners with rollover at above-conversational speech levels
M. Fereczkowski, S. Christiansen, R. Sanchez-Lopez, T. Neher
  Europahallen Musiksalen Gæstesalen

Tuesday 10 may 2022 - PM