Monday 9 may 2022 - AM

  Europahallen Musiksalen Gæstesalen
8:30 Opening ceremony
D. Hammershøi
9:45 Health effects of traffic noise: results from a nationwide study
M. Sørensen
11:00 Silent City - Europe's First Living Lab for Traffic Noise
S. Enevold
Objective measurements and subjective assessment of the speech intelligibility in rooms with an Active Acoustic Enhancement Systems
L. Blasinski, A. Pastusiak, J. Kocinski, M. Buszkiewicz
Experimental evaluation of earplug behavior in front of high- level impulse noises.
C. Blondé-Weinmann, T. Joubaud, P. Hamery, S. Demezzo, V. Zimpfer, S. Roth
11:30 The Effect of the New Median Value of the Revised CNOSSOS Method on Population Exposure
E. Hartog Van Banda
Objective evaluation of multipurpose enclosures equipped with active acoustic enhancement systems.
L. Blasinski
Perception of Virtual Reality Based Audiovisual Paradigm for People with Hearing Impairment
K. Sun, N.H. Pontoppidan, D. Wendt, L. Bramsløw
12:00 Health effects of environmental noise in a wind power area
V. Hongisto, J. Radun, H. Maula, P. Saarinen, J. Keränen, R. Alakoivu
Solving structure borne noise problems from car wash facility
J. Torres, A. Buen
Perceptual evaluation of auralizations from a wave-based method in a virtual environment
T. Pathre, M. Hornikx, A. Kohlrausch
  Europahallen Musiksalen Gæstesalen

Monday 9 may 2022 - PM

  Europahallen Musiksalen Gæstesalen
13:15 Developments in International Guidance and Standards for Environmental Noise Assessment
D. Manvell
Online monitoring using vibrations of fluid density in a pipe in the pulp industry
F. Rietdijk
Effect of Wireless Transmission Errors on Sound Zone Performance at Low Frequencies
C.S. Pedersen, M.B. Møller, J. Østergaard
13:45 Uncertainty estimation in environmental road traffic noise measurements using ISO 1996-2:2017
S. Domazetovska, M. Anachkova, V. Gavriloski, V. Changoski
Subjective and objective evaluation of the tone-to-tone timbre variability of historical flute designs.
M. Haverkamp
The Effect of Fixed-Point Arithmetic on Low Frequency Sound Zone Control
P. Koch, J. Østergaard
14:15 Statistical analysis of urban noise measurement data: case study for the city of Skopje
M. Anachkova, S. Domazetovska, F. Nikolovski, V. Gavriloski
Interdependencies of Humming, Rumbling and Booming
F. Doleschal, G.-T. Badel, J. Verhey
A comparison of audio-to-tactile conversion algorithms for melody recognition
R. Paisa, J. Andersen, N.C. Nilsson, S. Serafin
15:15 Assessment of the proposed changes regarding heavy vehicles in the statistical pass-by draft standard ISO/DIS 11819-1 (2021)
M. Geluykens, A. Barros, L. Goubert, C. Vuye
The sound of coffee. A predictive model for sound quality of espresso machines
L. Rossi, C. Acanfora, M.C. Vola, A. Palmese, C. Carbonini
A data-driven distance metric for evaluating the effects of dynamic range compression in adverse conditions
N. Overby, T. Dau, T. May
15:45 Relationship between tyre-road noise and temperature under noncontrolled traffic flow conditions
M. Sánchez Fernández, D. Montes Gonzalez, J.M. Barrigón Morillas, P. Atanasio Moraga, G. Rey Gozalo, R. Vílchez Gómez, A. Bachiller León
  Conception of the listening test procedure for quantifying speech intelligibility in Slovak language – a preliminary study
D. Húdoková, V. Chmelík, L. Zelem, D. Urbán, M. Rychtarikova
16:15 Validation Highlights of Nordic and European Road Traffic Noise Standards along a Major Highway in Central Jutland, Denmark
J. Khan, S.S. Jensen, C. Backalarz, E. Thysell, P. Finne, O. Hertel
  Situations where users always wear or take off their hearing aids
S.K. Narayanan, S.S. Houmøller, A. Wolff, L.-T. Tsai, K. Lund, D.D. Hougaard, M. Gaihede, J.H. Schmidt, D. Hammershøi
  Europahallen Musiksalen Gæstesalen


Tuesday 10 may 2022 - AM

  Europahallen Musiksalen Gæstesalen
8:30 Innovation Loam Noise Barrier
M. Chudalla, F. Strigari
Acoustic labels as a simple, easy-to-understand visual representation of the acoustic suitability of unconventional spaces
K. Jambrosic, M. Horvat
Deep neural networks for speaker voice separation and noise reduction for hearing impaired listeners.
L. Bramsløw, G. Naithani, T. Virtanen
9:00 Measurement of the acoustic effectiveness of diffractors
F. Strigari, R. Becker, W. Bartolomaeus
Alternative Spaces for Learning: Reversible Acoustic Treatments for Transformation of Spaces into Classrooms During COVID Era
D.I. Schiavon, L. Shtrepi, A. Astolfi
Benefit of impulse noise reduction in commercially available hearing aids
H. Husstedt, W. Hilgerdenaar, M. Frenz, F. Denk, J. Tchorz
9:30 Simulation of the sound field behind diffractors
W. Bartolomaeus, R. Becker, F. Strigari
The development of modern, interactive acoustic courseware material within the Acoustics Knowledge Alliance project
M. Horvat, K. Jaruszewska, S. Raetz, E. Carayol, Y. Sluyts, A. Herweg, L. Aspöck, S. Zeman
Multi-modal hearing devices and their evaluation
V. Hohmann, H. Kayser, G. Grimm
10:30 Deep machine learning in audiology: Models of speech perception and self-conducted speech audiometry
B.T. Meyer
11:15 Shore power connection for offshore vessels - Measured noise reduction in port and dock
B.M. Larsen
Acoustical aspects not covered by the common, standardised room acoustic parameters
T. Halmrast
Hearing-aid delay in open-fit devices: Preferred sound quality in normal-hearing and hearing-impaired listeners
G. Stiefenhofer, E. Lundorff, R. Skipper, T. Neher
11:45 Applicability of ISO standard 3744 to UA
J. Treichel, J. Foerster, A. Volkert, T.J. Lieb
A Two Stage Embedded Genetic Algorithm to Optimise Ceiling Reflections
J. O'Keefe
Towards auditory profile-based hearing-aid fittings: BEAR rationale and clinical implementation
R. Sanchez-Lopez, M. Fereczkowski, M. Wu, S. Santurette, M. Baumann, B. Kowalewski, T. Piechowiak, G. Ravn, S.K. Narayanan, T. Dau, T. Neher
12:15 Electric Cars - Noise Simulation of AVAS Effects
S. Eggers, H. Steven
Acoustic Simulation of Small Rooms
B. Mondet
Hearing-aid amplitude compression for listeners with rollover at above-conversational speech levels
M. Fereczkowski, S. Christiansen, R. Sanchez-Lopez, T. Neher
  Europahallen Musiksalen Gæstesalen

Tuesday 10 may 2022 - PM



Wednesday 11 may 2022 - AM

  Europahallen Musiksalen Gæstesalen
8:30 Orchestra Conductor Acoustics
M. Skålevik
Assessing the generalization gap of a deep neural network-based binaural speech enhancement system in noisy and reverberant conditions
P. Gonzalez, T.S. Alstrøm, T. May
On studies of wave propagation by means of conventional finite element modal analysis
S. Sorokin, P. Broberg, M. Steffensen, L. Ledet
9:00 Feasibility of inhomogeneous MPPs in multipurpose halls: The case study of Bilkent Concert Hall in Ankara
E. Fasllija, S. Yilmazer
Comparison of Speech Reception Thresholds for diotic, dichotic and antiphasic headphone presentations of digits-in-noise triplets using Dantale I material
P. Rye, R.O. Andersen, G. Ravn, D. Hammershøi
Modeling of multiple reflections between noise barriers and trains using the boundary element method
C.H. Kasess, T. Maly, W. Kreuzer
9:30 Room Acoustic design for electronic enhancement systems
H. Möller
Laboratory tests of impact sound insulation of timber floors
V. Hongisto, R. Alakoivu, J. Laukka, J. Keränen, J. Virtanen, J. Hakala
Nonlinear Behavior of Perforates
M.H. Jensen
10:30 Sound insulation, residents’ satisfaction, and design of wooden residential buildings
F. Ljunggren
11:15 A light-weight wireless omni-directional sound source for room acoustic measurements
C.L. Christensen, G. Koutsouris, A. Richard, J.H. Rindel, A.K. Nørgaard
Whole glass facade in office building - Measured noise level and requirement for facade
B.M. Larsen
Measured and Computed Reflection from a Finite Plate
S.U. Vikøren, U.P. Svensson
11:45 Effective absorption of architectural ETFE membranes in the lab
Y. Sluyts, C. Glorieux, M. Rychtarikova
The sound insulation of façades at infrasound frequencies
V. Hongisto, J. Keränen, J. Hakala
Mesh2HRTF / NumCalc: An Open-Source Project to Calculate HRTFs and wave scattering in 3D
W. Kreuzer, K. Pollack, P. Majdak, F. Brinkmann
  Europahallen Musiksalen Gæstesalen

Wednesday 11 may 2022 - PM

  Europahallen Musiksalen Gæstesalen
13:45 ISO 235891 Acoustic quality criteria for music rehearsal rooms – why, and what does it say
J.G. Olsen
Numerical investigation on sound transmission behavior of multilayered panels with periodic arrays of spring-mass resonators
M. Jovanoska, T. Samardzioska
A Digital Twin for full-field monitoring in multi-channel control with applications to direct field acoustic testing
A. Garcia De Miguel, O. Atak, M. Alvarez Blanco
14:15 ISO:23591 and amplified music
N. Adelman-Larsen
Laboratory test method to determine noise from wastewater installations
S. Conta, A. Homb
Spatial Transformations Effect to Soundscape: The Case of İstanbul Land Walls
Z.S. Akdemir, Ö.E. Aktuğlu Aktan
14:45 Development of a Technical Memorandum Describing Optimal Room Acoustic Parameter Ranges for Musical Performance and Rehearsal Spaces
E. Green, M. Barron, E. Kahle, T. Halmrast, W. Lachenmayr, H. Möller, U. Stephenson, L. Shtrepi, B. Støfringsdal
  Heart rate-based dynamic sound intervention – a pilot study
S. Raahede, H. Holm, S.H. Nielsen
15:15 Closing ceremony
D. Hammershøi
  Europahallen Musiksalen Gæstesalen

Wednesday 11 may 2022: 13:00 - Europahallen
Poster session

Simple dynamic measurement system for testing IMU sensor precision in spatial audio
P. Franček, K. Jambrošić, M. Horvat, V. Planinec
A parameter-conditional neural network framework for modelling parameterized auditory models
P. Leer, J. Jensen, Z.-H. Tan, J. Østergaard, L. Bramsløw
Acoustic/structure interaction in timber buildings: resilient profiles friction influence
P. Brugnara, C. Luzzani, A. Speranza
Free-field correction values for RadioEar DD65 v2 Circumaural Audiometric Earphones
C.S. Pedersen, R. Ordonez, D. Hammershøi
Equivalent Threshold Sound Pressure Levels (ETSPL) and Insertion Loss for the RadioEar DD65 v2 Circum-aural Audiometric Earphones
R. Ordonez, C.S. Pedersen, D. Hammershøi
Data-driven Optimization of Parametric Filters for Simulating Head-Related Transfer Functions in real-time Rendering Systems
F. Schwark, M.R. Schädler, G. Grimm
Efficacy of Gamification in Out-of-Clinic Hearing Diagnostics
P. Rye, R.O. Andersen, D. Hammershøi
Linguo-Acoustic Aspects of Speech
M. Hudcovičová, B. Petrášová, M. Rychtarikova
Transformation of office space to laboratory listening room
L. Zelem, V. Chmelík, D. Urbán, M. Rychtarikova
Sound producing mechanism in the temperature inversion layer and its sensitivity to geomagnetic activity
U.K. Laine