Study of the effect of acoustic sound bridges on wind instruments: Perceptual study with a panel of trumpet players

Jean-François Petiot

Ecole Centrale Nantes

Saturday, September 14, 2019 from 14:00 to 14:01

in Summer Theater

Abstract :
The study of the quality of a musical instrument, as perceived by the musician, is a complex problem. Many subtle phenomena are involved and several devices, or materials, are proposed to musicians, with a noticeable commercial success for some of them. We are interested in a particular device: sound bridges for wind instruments (made of two plates, clipped at a joint of a wind instrument with a rubber band). The objective of the work is to study if audible differences, due to the presence of the sound bridges, can be highlighted during trumpet playing. An ABX test was carried out with a panel of 5 trumpet players with various levels (from professional to advanced amateur) and various use degrees of the bridges in their practice (from always to not user). After a training phase, musicians were blinded and asked to answer to several repetitions of the ABX test in free playing conditions. Results were analyzed with the binomial distribution and the Signal Detection Theory (SDT). In addition, several repetitions of different notes were recorded with and without the bridges. A spectral analysis was carried out to test whether or not a significant effect of the acoustic bridges can be highlighted.

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