A Liquid Sloshing Vibrato Mechanism for the Symbaline; an Active Wine Glass Instrument

Lior Arbela, Yoav Y. Schechnera and Noam Amirb

aTechnion - Israel Institute of Technology
bTel Aviv University

Saturday, September 14, 2019 from 11:10 to 11:20

in Summer Theater

Abstract :
The Symbaline is an active instrument consisting of water tuned wine glasses excited by electromagnets. Its timbre is characterized by steady overtones and a smooth attack-decay envelope. In this presentation we describe an electromechanical system for adding vibrato to the Symbalineís sound. The system consists of a pendulum with a magnetic bob, submerged inside the liquid in the wine glass. Infra-sound signals are sent to an electromagnet external to the glass, generating a magnetic field which puts the pendulum into oscillation. As a result of the pendulumís movement the liquid in the glass sloshes and the water level fluctuates in a periodic manner. Audio frequency signals are sent to the same electromagnet, in parallel, inducing vibrations in the wine glass itself, by exciting a small magnet on the glassís surface. While the glass is radiating sound, its resonance frequencies are altered by the changing water levels, resulting in frequency and intensity modulation.

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