Relation between subjective evaluation for proficiency, expression or technique and acoustic feature on violin performance

Madoka Okemoto and Masanobu Miura

Hachinohe Institute of Technology

Saturday, September 14, 2019 from 14:00 to 14:01

in Summer Theater

Abstract :
Studies of proficiency estimation for musical performance have been intensively conducted in the field of performance science.In most of the studies, feature parameters are calculated from sound of performance to estimate performance proficiency. However, most cases in such studies estimated only proficiency score, not for expressiveness or technique, that are considered as important for proficiency estimation. Therefore, this report tries to clarify a relation between effective acoustic parameters and scores of proficiency, expression or technique on violin performance. Moreover, most important parameters of each scores are discussed. Firstly, five professional violin players gave scores for proficiency, expressiveness and technique to 100 performances for simple major scale starting from 261Hz or C3 with vibrato. Then, a set of 98 parameters are calculated from the 100 performances. By using the parameters, scores for proficiency, expressiveness, and technique are estimated using liner regression with relative weights for each parameter, so that we confirmed the most effective parameters. As a result, most important parameters on each score are: FM vibrato parameters on proficiency, strength on attack for each note on expressiveness, and smoothness on consecutive two notes on technique. At the conference, authors will explain this result in detail on their presentation.

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