Experimental and Simulative Examination of the String-Soundboard Coupling in an Acoustic Guitar

Alexander Brauchlera, Pascal Zieglera, Sabina Benatti Camargob and Peter Eberharda

aITM University of Stuttgart
bSapienza University of Rome

Monday, September 16, 2019 from 13:00 to 13:20

in Summer Theater

Abstract :
The acoustic guitar is a popular string instrument in which the sound results from a coupled mechanical process. The oscillation of the plucked strings is transferred through the bridge to the body which acts as an amplifier to radiate the sound of the guitar. In this contribution, the vibration of a guitar and the coupling between the strings and the guitar body is examined experimentally and by means of numerical simulation. An experimental setup not only capable of determining eigenmodes and eigenfrequencies but also demonstrating the transient coupling between the strings and the body is presented. This capability is achieved with a plucking mechanism that allows realistic and reproducible plucks of a single string and synchronized measurements of multiple plucks at different positions of the guitar body using a scanning laser Doppler vibrometer. Besides the experimental setup, a finite element model of the guitar is developed. The numerical model consists of the strings, the body, and the neck of the guitar. Furthermore, the struts reinforcing the soundboard and the back of the guitar are included. A comparison between the numerical model and the experimental measurements is conducted with particular focus on the transient coupling between the strings and the soundboard.

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