Noise Reduction of an Electric Motor by Using a Numerical Model

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Ahmet Ali Uslu

Arçelik A.S.

Monday 1 june, 2015, 15:00 - 15:20

0.7 Lisbon (47)

Electrical motor is one of the most important noise sources for washing machine. The aim of this study is to create the vibration model of an electrical motor, which is used to excite a washing machine. By using this model, it is possible to determine the vibration attitudes of the motor. It is also possible to see the effects of the modifications before producing prototypes. First, the solid multi-body dynamic model is created in ADAMS software. Then the finite element models of the motor components are created in the NX FEM software. After the experimental verification of the numerical models of motor components, elastic models of components are exported to ADAMS environment by using ADAMS Flex. After that, numerical analyses are done in ADAMS environment and natural frequencies and mode shapes of the entire motor model are determined. After the experimental verification of natural frequencies which are extracted from numerical model, some modifications are done on numerical model, and the effects of these modifications on the vibration attitude of the motor are inspected. For the final step, some prototyping studies are carried out and effects of these modifications on washing machine noise are observed. According to the final measurements, 2 dBA decrease on sound power level has been achieved.

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