Limiting the Levels of Outdoor Music Clubs Sound Reinforcement Systems at Zrce, Croatia

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Kristian Jambrosic

University of Zagreb

Tuesday 2 june, 2015, 16:40 - 17:00

0.3 Copenhagen (49)

Sound reinforcement systems in music clubs have become the synonym for sound sources that produce excessive noise levels, both in indoor and outdoor facilities. Typical sound insulation measures, such as the box-in-a-box design, cannot be applied for music clubs located outdoors. The only means of sound level control are the frequency equalization of loudspeakers, their proper positioning in space and the overall sound level limitation. Noise barriers can be placed as well, but their efficiency is usually very limited due to the high positioning of loudspeakers. In this paper, the problem of excessive noise levels in the famous bay of Zrce in Croatia will be presented, where five large music clubs attract several thousand visitors each day during summer season. Many complaints have been made by residents of nearby towns and villages over the last couple of years. Noise levels of more than 70 dBA were measured in those settlements during the day, but also in night time. Simulations of sound propagation from the sound reinforcement systems to the nearest settlements will be presented, along with measured noise levels. The proposed and implemented solution for successful coexistence of music clubs and settlements will be discussed.

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