Replacable building base isolation

Regular paper

Michael Vanstraelen


Monday 1 june, 2015, 14:40 - 15:00

Auditorium 2 (592)

Building base isolation is increasing in popularity nowadays due to the fact that buildings are being built closer to railways, tramways and metrolines since only the most difficult areas in cities are at disposal. At the same time there is an increasing demand for noise comfort of people living and/or working in these buildings. When a building base isolation system is installed at the foundations of a new building, it is recommended to have access to it in order to monitor its well-functioning over time, or to be able to replace the isolators when necessary (e.g. in case of a fire, explosion, flooding, etc.). Up to now, this was only possible through the use of large precompressed steelboxes containing springs or rubbers. However, this presentation brings an alternative method for replacing high-stress rubber bearings using the "frozen bearing technology", which was recently developed by CDM. This system has already been installed meanwhile in Nijmegen (NL), showing that the replacement method is indeed functioning.

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