Sound Transmission Characteristic through Mechanically Connected Laminated Composite Double Wall Panel

Invited paper

Partha Bhattacharya

Jadavpur University

Tuesday 2 june, 2015, 11:40 - 12:00

0.1 London (90)

Double wall structural panels are being extensively used in automobiles, aircraft, ships as well as building partition walls. Double wall panels have shown marked improvement in terms of transmission loss over traditional single wall partition except at certain critical frequencies. One of the earliest works on double wall partition can be attributed to London [1] which led to the famous London-Beranek model. Since then, several researchers have contributed significantly in the understanding of the behavior of sound transmission through double wall panel. Most of the reported studies are for infinite panels and in the mid to high frequency region. Bao and his co-workers [2, 3] have carried out some studies on sound transmission behavior through finite dimensional double wall panels. However, as reported in the literatures, the effect of curvature and mechanical links connecting the panels are not systematically investigated. In the present work, it is therefore attempted to understand the sound transmission mechanism through mechanically connected double wall panels. Furthermore, the effect of lightweight laminated composite panels in the coupled transmission behavior has also been investigated. The effect of the panel curvature, as is seen in automobiles and aircraft panels, is also taken into consideration. A free vibration analysis of the structural panels in-vacuo and the air gap with rigid wall condition is first carried out and thereafter a coupled relationship using Greenís Theorem is developed to understand the sound transmission behavior. 1.Transmission of Reverberant Sound through Double Walls, A. London, JASA, 22(2), 1950 2.Active control of sound transmission through a double panel partition, P. Sas, C. Bao, F. Augusztinovicz and W. Desmet, JSV, 180(4), 1995 3.Analytical study of different approaches for active control of sound transmission through double walls, J. Pan and C. Bao, JASA, 103(4), 1998

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