Acoustic of open spaces - toward a new French standard

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Yoan Le Muet

Saint-Gobain Ecophon

Tuesday 2 june, 2015, 13:40 - 14:00

0.9 Athens (118)

Taking in to account noise disturbance within office space construction and planning is now a major objective for the experts who participate to international standardization groups. In 2012, the international standard ISO 3382-3, specifying the method of measurements of acoustic properties of open plan offices, came into effect. Today, the standard is used by the majority of European acoustic consultancy firms. Nonetheless, the progress made by this standard presents some limitations, according to the experts from AFNOR S30D. Notably, the norm does not differentiate between the different types of existing open offices; similar comments could be made in reference to the French standard NF 31-080 used by most of the French acoustic consultancy firms. The objective of the new French standard that has been in progress since 2007 is to define different types of open plan offices, then to outline for each of them the indicators of evaluation for the acoustic quality, to define target values and to detail the measurements procedures. To achieve this, an analysis of the types of activities and their characteristics has been done. This first allowed us to outline four different types of offices: call centers, project spaces, front desk areas for public reception and administrative spaces. For each category, analysis of the relation and the communications enabled to define relevant acoustic descriptors. Next, field experiments, laboratory tests and numerical simulations were defined. This article presents the context of the international standards concerning open spaces, including the new French one, and, on the basis of examples, the different steps used to reach the desired objective.

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