Noise Requirements in Existing Buildings in Spain: New Proposals and the Existing Building Evaluation Report

Invited paper

Teresa Carrascal García

Instituto de Ciencias de la Construcción Eduardo Torroja. IETcc

Wednesday 3 june, 2015, 11:00 - 11:20

Auditorium 2 (592)

In Spain there are approximately 25 million dwellings, 53% of them were built before 1980, which means they were built before any acoustic or thermal requirements were mandatory. Part DB HR Protection against noise of the Spanish Building Code approved in 2009, applies only to new buildings and massive restorations, but given the current situation of the Spanish construction industry, which is still experiencing a drop in the production of new dwellings, the Infrastructure Ministry is trying to promote the retrofitting of the existing building stock with the approval of different laws. The new proposed amendments in the DB HR include a new scope for works in existing buildings and criteria to define which cases the requirements must apply to. In addition, there are other initiatives in process: recently part IV “Acoustics” of the Existing Building Evaluation Report (IEE) has been published. This report is mandatory in the case of 50-year-old multifamily buildings and buildings which are being retrofitted with public funds. The IEE assesses the conservation status, energy performance, accessibility and acoustic performance of a building. Although part IV “Acoustics” is undertaken on a voluntary basis, the report is an opportunity to rate and improve the acoustic performance of existing buildings. This paper shows the proposed changes in the Spanish acoustic regulation, the new IEE report and it will also show an example of an acoustically retrofitted building.

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