Action Plan for Noise Abatement in Chemical Plant Coverage, Cooperation

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Andras Muntag

Enviroplus Kft.

Tuesday 2 june, 2015, 11:40 - 12:00

0.6 Madrid (49)

Around a chemical plant in Hungary exceedance 2-13 dB of noise immission can be measured in populated area. The authority ordered plan for noise abatement. The plant is located between 3 settlements on an area of 700 X 4000 m2. It has more then 1000 noise sources in 20 workshops they work continuously, simultaneously, hardly selectable manner. It is practically unreal to swich noise sources in and out on purpose, to operate them selectively. Source identification is possible only by synchronous measurement near and far from individual sources, calculation of transmission and use of monitoring technique. These measurements gave possibility to analyze the effects of meteorology. We constructed a virtual noise model of the plant with noise mapping software with acoustically substantial data. During work we determined the proper noise load of workshops, source groups and individual sources in critical immission points. We also decided what depth it is necessery to deal with technical details of noise reduction techniques. We suggested conceptual reduction solutions. The main goals in this work were timing and cost budget. This paper summarizes our observations during work.

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