Noise measures in road construction works

Invited paper

Willem-Jan Van Vliet

Rijkswaterstaat GPO

Monday 1 june, 2015, 18:00 - 18:20

0.7 Lisbon (47)

The Dutch road administration uses typical noise measures like low noise pavements and noise barriers to mitigate highway traffic noise. Low noise pavements are the primary noise measures used on the highway network in the Netherlands. Single layer open porous asphalt (SLPA, grading size 16) is used as wearing course standard. Two-layer open porous asphalt is used as noise measure to compensate the increase of noise as result of traffic growth and small changes in infrastructure. Application of noise barriers is suitable in situations with high noise levels over 65 dB or to mitigate traffic noise on new building locations. For decision making on noise measures a kind of cost-benefit analysis is used next to an assesment on the applicability of noise measures. Application of low noise pavements is not appropriate on road sections where heavy traffic load results in limited lifetime of the wearing course or in cases where the effect of the measure is limited by external factors. Application of noise barriers is far more complex due to regulations, policy demands and getting consent of residents living nearby. Regulations are requirements in road design, safety demands and demands in landscape and urban design. For tendering road construction works, the Dutch road administration (Rijkswaterstaat) uses contract documents with functional requirements for noise measures. In the paper and presentation examples of requirements for noise measures are described. Futhermore, information is given on the results of noise measures in projects and on the practice of verification and validation of requirements.

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