Assessment and Management of Environment Noise in Turkey

Invited paper

Simon Shilton


Monday 1 june, 2015, 14:40 - 15:00

0.8 Rome (118)

Following Turkey being recognised as a full candidate country for full membership of the European Union in 1987, and commencement of negotiations in December 1999, Turkey has been working hard to comply with EC law. Significant progress has been made with environmental legislation, and the Regulation on the Assessment and Management of Environmental Noise was first published in 2005, and most recently amended in June 2010. The Regulations include the transposition of the environmental Noise Directive (END), EC Directive 2002/49/EC, into Turkish law, as well as a number of other provisions including noise limits and noise management zones. With a population of more than 70 million people, it is estimated that there are up to 60 agglomerations with more than 100,000 inhabitants, resulting in one of the most significant requirements for strategic noise mapping, and noise action plans, under the Directive. Within the context of the ongoing EC funded project “Technical Assistance for Implementation Capacity for the Environmental Noise Directive” (EuropeAid/131352/D/SER/TR) this paper will provide an overview of the Turkish Regulations on environmental noise including the designation of competent authorities, noise limit values, noise management zones and additional provisions.

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