Ambiances In Station - The Role Played By Acoustics

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Cedric Gallais


Tuesday 2 june, 2015, 17:40 - 18:00

0.9 Athens (118)

Historically, stations are built around the trains and not necessarily the passengers. The main and often unique objective of a station remains taking or leaving a train. In the recent years, stations are more complex structures with a support to inter-modalities: connections with urban trains, buses… And for the most important stations, they also provide services to the passengers, so the time spent within the station is profitable for the passengers and the owners of the buildings. Architecture plays an important role in the design of the station. Usually comfort parameters for the passengers are known and specified during the process of conception. They may also be considered a little too late, which may generate an incoherent interior design. Acoustics, lightings and passenger information, which are critical for the safety and also participate to the comfort of the passengers, might be difficult to be included in harmony with the architecture. Comfort is nowadays a notion that is expected by the passengers and becomes mandatory. This paper first described a process that has been designed to include the ambiances of the station within the conception phases. It identifies the main actors and their relationships at each critical phase of the design. Then, more than comfort, the paper will present some clues to build a passenger experience. It will show how the various spaces of the station are studied to provide a general feeling of well-being. Finally, a detailed example of this approach will be given with the acoustic modality. It will show the acoustic criteria that are considered to build ambiances in coherency with the architectures and the uses of the station.

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