“Noise climate” improvement as an opportunity at road reconstructions

Regular paper

Pcm Driessen

Provincie Gelderland

Tuesday 2 june, 2015, 18:00 - 18:20

0.2 Berlin (90)

Province Gelderland as a local government has the responsibility of approximately 1200 kilometer regional and local roads. These roads are situated both in residential and rural areas. Mainly due to the increase of traffic roads need to be reconstructed from time to time to avoid major congestion problems. Also more vehicles causes more annoyance for the people who live near the road. Policy at Province Gelderland is to include the environmental quality aspects at an early stage of a reconstruction process. Traffic noise is an important aspect for annoyance. Province Gelderland does not only care for the mobility, but we find the environmental condition of its surroundings equally important. At the start of a reconstruction project there is the possibility to integrate (noise-)measures in the design of the road. Also important to consult the people who live near the road to find in an early stage out which problems they encounter and anticipate on that. Solving traffic problems and improving environmental condition provides a integral and sustainable solution. There have been a number of successful projects with this approach, e.g.: • N302 Harderwijk: A very busy road though several residential areas. Goal was that after reconstruction there was no higher noise level at houses then 55 dB. Therefore several noise-reducing measures were taken; • N324 Alverna: new road design to reduce noise in Alverna. With a combination of measures the same result was obtained as 4 meter high noise barriers in the village, which were unacceptable. Winner of the European Soundscape award 2011; • N348 Traverse Dieren: Same noise situation for all who live near the road in the village of Dieren. Use of special ‘quiet’ asphalt and green sound barriers where possible, but also measures on the houses were taken to provide a low noise level indoor.

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