Noise from Waste Water Pipes above a Suspended Ceiling

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Theo Scheers


Wednesday 3 june, 2015, 16:00 - 16:20

Auditorium 2 (592)

Peutz carried out an investigation to the noise from waste water pipes mounted in the plenum above a suspended ceiling. Aim of the research is to get a better understanding in the radiated sound pressure level to be expected in a room due to a toilet flushing (and a steady flow of tap water). First the parameters that influence the radiated sound pressure level are inventoried. Further a laboratory measurement set-up was build up with a waste water installation consisting a combination of straight pipes, inlets and bends mounted in in the plenum above a suspended ceiling system. The following issues are investigated: 1.The radiation of the waste water installation itself with different pipe materials and different flow rates; 2.Insulation measures at the bare pipes, such as cladding systems; 3.The influence of the suspended ceiling system. The sound absorption, measured according to the reverberation room method, and the room-to-room sound insulation of a suspend ceiling are well know acoustic parameters. Most of the ceiling panel manufactures can give these information about there products. There is little to no information about insertion loss of the suspended ceiling reduces regarding the sound radiated by a waste water installation. To gain this lack of information laboratory measurements have been performed with different ceiling panel materials mounted at different ceiling heights. The relation between the sound insulation of the ceiling and the reduction of radiated noise from a waste water pipe is studied. In the paper to presented, the results of the investigation will be discussed.

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