Noise Reduction for a High Performance Military Aircraft General Approach and Current Status

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Ernst Grigat

Airbus Defence and Space

Monday 1 june, 2015, 16:40 - 17:00

0.6 Madrid (49)

Noise reduction for civil aircraft has been an important issue for aircraft manufacturers as well as for airport operators within the last decades. Meanwhile a huge set of requirements and rules coming from annoyed residents, legal regulations, and customers, i.e. airline companies have to be taken into consideration. However for a long time less emphasis has been placed on noise reduction for military aircraft due to several reasons. Yet this seems to be subject to change over the past years leading to the necessity of developing strategies and technical solutions for military aircraft noise abatement. In the paper proposed here the overall approach and actual status of an industrial noise reduction initiative for a specific high performance military aircraft is presented. However as the according processes and techniques developed are by their very nature generic to a large extent application to other aircraft (types) would be straightforward in principle. As aspects of noise reduction nevertheless still are of minor importance for the design and development of military aircraft especially compared to operational requirements the focus for the approach presented here has been mainly placed on noise immission rather than emission. As obviously the predominant nuisance generated by aircraft is in the vicinity of the respective airfields the overall goal defined is the reduction of aircraft noise by optimisation of according takeoff climb (and furthermore landing approach) flight paths. Basis for such optimisations has to be a validated aircraft noise model consisting of the three main components noise emission (analytic modular approach), propagation (modified ray tracing), and immission (metrics and refraction). The specific approaches and current status of work in development of the corresponding models will be presented together with first calculation results and the plan for the following activities and future enhancements.

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