Effects of soundscape on rural landscape perception

Invited paper

Xinxin Ren

School of Architecture

Wednesday 3 june, 2015, 11:40 - 12:00

0.6 Madrid (49)

Soundscape has an important influence on landscape experience, but there is still a lack of study on the relationships between sounds and the contexts of rural landscape. In this study, the sounds and images in Chinese rural villages were collected and the effects of soundscape on the landscape perception were examined in terms of landscape visual aesthetic quality (VAQ) (using a seven-point scale), landscape tranquility (using a seven-point scale) and landscape preference (using a five-point scale), considering five typical landscape types including distant view, farmland, waterscape, road, courtyard, based on audiovisual experiments and eye-movement tests. The results show that soundscape impacted the rural landscape perception in different ways. Under the effect of the natural sounds, compared with artificial sounds and no-sound situation, the mean score of landscape preference is increased by 2.11 and 0.22 respectively for positive landscape and 1.29 and 1.65 respectively for negative landscape. In terms of the mean score of landscape tranquility, the increase is 2.58 and 0.12 for positive landscape and 2.24 and 1.39 for negative landscape,respectively. The score of Landscape VAQ is the highest under the no-sound situation for positive landscape, as with natural and artificial sounds the mean VAQ decreases by 0.18 and 1.43 respectively, whereas for negative landscape the mean VAQ with natural soundscape is 0.46 and 0.2 higher than that with artificial sounds and no-sound situation, respectively. The correlation coefficients among landscape VAQ, landscape tranquility and landscape preference are 0.54-0.86 with no sound situation, but with sounds they are reduced to 0.37-0.68, for distant view, farmland and road landscape, and conversely, for waterscape and courtyard landscape, they are increased by 0.10 and 0.05 respectively.

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