The use of vibration health response information in the framework of environmental health impact assessments: technical issues of implementation and interpretation

Regular paper

Benedikt Tappauf


Monday 1 june, 2015, 17:40 - 18:00

0.4 Brussels (189)

For a environmental health impact assessment of tramway noise we carried out a series of detailed vibration measurements at five locations (~400 pass-bys). The measurement locations were considered to be critical to a local citicen initiative and were also considered to be representative for a proper population assessment. In a first step we followed the Austrian guidelines ÍNORM S 9012 (2010-02-01), where vibration calculation is based on Wm(t)-weighted acceleration. In a second step we aimed to relate the obtained results from the vibration measurements to the few existing exposure response curves available in the literature. It turned out that the available exposure response information was based on quite different vibration standards and was also not available for different times of the day. We will present and discuss some of the procedures we applied in order to make a proper link of the measured vibration data to the available exposure response information which is needed in the framework of an environmental health impact assessment.

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