Assessment of sound transmission characteristics of traditional timber-framed dwellings in Ankara, Turkey

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Meltem Erdil


Tuesday 2 june, 2015, 11:00 - 11:20

0.1 London (90)

Sound transmission characteristics of traditional timber-framed structures in Turkey became a serious issue due to increases in complaints of residents about noise problems in these structures. Those problems are mostly originated from sound transmission through their floors and walls. This study was focused on the assessment of the impact and airborne sound transmission characteristics through the floor and wall components for traditional timber-framed dwellings in Ankara (Turkey) and to examine their sound transmission problems before and after repairs. The study was composed of in-situ acoustical measurements, laboratory tests and building acoustical simulation analyses in order to: (i) to determine the sound absorption coefficient (&_alpha;) and sound transmission loss (TL) characteristics of the mudbrick infill collected from the traditional timber-framed structures by an impedance tube (ASTM C384-04:2011; ASTM E1050-12; ISO 10534-2:2009), (ii) to assess impact and airborne sound transmission characteristics of these structures through the floors and walls by the in-situ (ISO 140-7:1998; ISO 140-4:1998; ISO 717-1:20013; ISO 717-2:2013) and simulation analyses. The simulation analyses were carried by the software 'INSUL' and 'BASTIAN'. Sound transmission performances of the construction components were assessed in terms of the acoustical parameters of “weighted sound reduction index (Rw)”, “weighted normalized impact sound level (Ln,w)” and “impact insulation class (IIC)”. Joint interpretation of the data have shown the sound transmission characteristics of floor and wall components in traditional timber-framed dwellings, changes due to repairs and .failures in construction of wall and floor sections, air leakages through these sections. The effect of the flanking transmission was also examined by the evaluation of both simulated and in-situ data. The results were discussed to suggest some proper repair solutions for the traditional timber-framed structures.

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