Extended Cost / benefit analysis for noise control for municipal and provincial roads

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Marloes Van De Klundert

Antea Group

Monday 1 june, 2015, 15:40 - 16:00

0.8 Rome (118)

Extended Cost / benefit analysis for noise control for municipal and provincial roads The introduction of Swung-1 (dutch law about noise control) has resulted into an efficiency criterion for national roads and railways. This criterion determines whether measures at the source or in the transmission area are effective for protecting noise-sensitive locations. In the new system of Swung-2 a comparable system of noise limitation for provincial roads is proposed. The system of Swung-1 was not suitable for municipal roads. Swung-2 offeres an obligation of monitoring noise production and prevention of noise pollution. The municipal and provincial need to implement sound policy to protect the residents against noise pollution for new and existing situations. More often than in the currently assessments need to be made or measures need to be taken. Antea Group has developed an application that provides an objective assessment whether or not to implement measures. The application not only considers a cost / benefit analysis but also takes into acount a number of important factors. Examples of that factors are landscape, urban and traffic barriers or opportunities. In addition, we included different factors of quality of life in the application like airpolution, safety, presence of a green area etc. Depending on the policy and the factors that are important for that specific area, you can assign a higher score to that factor. With this application we give the municipal and provincial authorities the opportunity to make customized and well considered choices. By offering this extended cost/benefit analysis Antea Group anticipates at the new environmental law and provide an efficiency analysis in an integral way. The presentation discusses the process by which the tool is established, the principles applied and the operation of the tool will be presented.

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