The influence of urban canyon design on noise reduction for people living next to roads

Regular paper

Gemma Maria Echevarria Sanchez

INTEC Acoustics. University of Ghent

Tuesday 2 june, 2015, 17:00 - 17:20

0.3 Copenhagen (49)

The effect of urban street geometry on sound pressure level distribution is numerically studied with the finite-difference time-domain method. The Cnossos equivalent power spectra were used to approach road traffic noise sources along two traffic lanes. Receivers both along the buildings’ facades and the walkways have been analyzed. Predictions indicate that street geometry, building shape and street furniture can have a strong impact on sound pressure levels. The presence of such urban elements in streets might lead to a reduction of up to 10 dBA, building- façade design-benefits can also be found. It can therefore be concluded that urban canyon design may significantly contribute to reducing noise levels for people directly exposed to roads as well as for pedestrians. Building façade and street design is currently unexploited and should be considered in future urban planning.

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