Combining installation challenges with noise challenges

Invited paper

Henk Van Vessem

IHC Hydrohammer

Tuesday 2 june, 2015, 14:20 - 14:40

0.8 Rome (118)

Name: Combining installation challenges with noise challenges Abstract/Topic: IHC Hydrohammer is market leader in the piling of offshore wind foundations and takes a leading roll in research and development of sustainable equipment. With the NMS noise mitigation system IHC Hydrohammer launches equipment which contributes to the necessary cost reduction in offshore wind with respect to the environment. IHC Hydrohammer managed to combine the noise challenges with the installation challenges with NMS integrated functionality. At this time several Offshore Wind Farm is successful installed with the NMS and another Offshore Wind Farm is under construction all are complying with the German legislation of the maximum noise (160 dB SEL and 190 dB SPL). Starting with the introduction of the NMS technique this topic will guide you through the challenges faced during the installation of Offshore Wind Farms. Experiences from present and previous projects will be illuminated. The noise reduction challenge is constantly encouraging IHC Hydrohammer to develop additional mitigation methods. New piling methods such as: HiLo (High Frequency Low energy), SMART Pile Driving (SPD) and Efficient Pile Driving (EPD) which are presently used on two projects in the North Sea will be explained.

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