An innovative approach for long-term environmental noise measurement: RUMEUR network in the Paris region

Regular paper

Fanny Mietlicki


Wednesday 3 june, 2015, 10:00 - 10:20

0.8 Rome (118)

Bruitparif is a non-profit organisation that aims to answer to the legitimate expectations of Paris Region inhabitants to get reliable information on the noise levels they are exposed to. Therefore Bruitparif is setting up an innovative urban noise monitoring network and a platform to consult data called RUMEUR. It pursues a triple goal: understanding phenomena, assessing actions against noise and communicating in all transparency information on the sound environment in Ile-de-France. The system adapts to the various stakes, with permanent stations to monitor on the long term road, rail and air noise, and short-term campaigns to assess the impact of major events or characterise specific environments. Officially launched in 2008, the network is currently made up of 45 long-term monitoring terminals and 350 short-term noise measurements, with a specific focus on aircraft noise. It brings together advanced technologies such as identification of sound events, innovative logistics solutions for long-term measurements thanks to small solar panel measurement units or original urban equipments. All the collected data and calculated values are viewable through a web application. Bruitparif designed a unique graphical representation that gives the ability to “deep zoom” in the acoustic data. People can experience the noise fluctuations per second in fine details as well as long-term trends. Different noise indicators are published: average levels by periods as well as the precise characteristics of noise events, especially for aircrafts. Thus the data coming from RUMEUR are much closer to the nuisances perceived by local residents than the noise maps generated through modelling. The treatment and analysis of data collected allowed the observatory to produce reports for the authorities and associations concerned. As a mean to characterise the noise exposure of the population objectively, the observatory became a true decision-making tool to support public authorities in the implementation of noise policies.

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