Popvenues in living areas

Regular paper

Maarten Luykx

Peutz bv.

Monday 1 june, 2015, 18:00 - 18:20

Auditorium 2 (592)

In 2014 four pop venues have been opened that were consulted by Peutz. In Venlo (NL), Zwolle (NL) and Nijmegen (NL) as well in Turkey (Black Box Istanbul). All four are in close vicinity of living areas, in one case dwellings have even been build on top of the venue (Nijmegen). In the last case, not withstanding the proximity of the dwellings, very high sound reductions have been achieved which meet the legal guidelines in the dwellings during house-music at night. This is achieved using box-in-box principles for the halls as well as a vibrating-isolated mounting for the dwellings, as well as strict surveillance of these dilatations during the building process. For all these pop venues the room acoustics have also been a major design issue. In order to achieve a clear and perceivable bass rhythm in balance with the mid and higher frequencies, sufficiently low sound absorptive wall and ceiling materials have been designed and applied. They are reasonably thick and consist of layers of mineral wool and foil. Everything possible is done to hear the sound from the musicians as it is, radiated by the loudspeaker system, without being distorted by delayed reflections from far away surfaces. In the large venue in Istanbul (5.800 seats) even the construction of the tribunes is made sufficiently absorptive for lower frequencies using slits as a Helmholz principle. All four venues are succesfull since their opening, in which their good acoustics and optimal sound insulation play a significant role.

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