Integration of noise in Pavement Management Systems

Invited paper

Hans Bendtsen

Danish Road Directorate

Wednesday 3 june, 2015, 11:20 - 11:40

0.2 Berlin (90)

Road administrations use a systematic approach when planning the maintenance of pavements. A Pavement Management System (PM System) is used. Such a System is based on a database and a pavement renewal optimization algorithm where parameters are converted into monetary values that are used in the optimization process. Information about pavement type, age and conditions etc. is stored in the database. The pavements condition is measured every year or less frequent. Parameters like friction, surface texture, evenness and wear and tear are included. The optimization algorithm is used to predict the economical most optimal strategy for renewal of the old pavements. The Danish Road Directorate has conducted a project to develop methods on how noise can be integrated in PM Systems. Part of this has been to select a test road network of a length of 111 km. CPX trailer noise measurements has been performed and stored in a database as noise source data together with the relevant pavement information. Noise mapping in 1 dB intervals has also been performed along this test road network. The noise mapping can been adjusted to the actual measured noise emissions and used as noise exposure information. Using a price on noise exposure expressed as price per dB per dwelling, noise mapping data can be used to predict a yearly cost of the noise along the test road network. A simple acoustic aging model for pavements has been developed on the background of empirical data. The aging model can be used to estimate the increase in noise exposure over the years and this makes it possible to predict the increasing cost of noise. In this way the actual noise from pavements are converted into a cost that can be integrated in a PM System.

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