A catalogue of vibration reducing measures for railways

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Rob Cornelis

Grontmij Nederland B.V.

Tuesday 2 june, 2015, 15:00 - 15:20

0.1 London (90)

In the Netherlands, our railways cross a lot of urban areas. A lot of people are effected by the vibrations caused by the trains. Therefore train vibrations are a “hot” environmental item. Changes of the railway tracks or changes in the type of trains using the railway, mean that the vibration level caused by the trains in this new situation, has to be determined. When the vibration level is too high, reducing measures have to be taken into consideration. Since there is not one specified and approved way to predict the effect of vibration reducing measures, every consultant more or less uses his own system. As a consequence the results can be very different and the results of different studies are hard to combine. ProRail (organisation managing the railway network in the Netherlands) is looking for ways to create an unambiguous system to consider the effect of reducing measures. That is why they have commissioned Grontmij and DPA Cauberg-Huygen to develop a catalogue of vibration reducing measures for railways. The goal is that in the future in all projects the catalogue is used which makes it easier to compare the effect of different measures within a project or between projects. It is also improving the procedure in the consideration of the effectiveness of the measures. Which measure can be taken within the amount of money that is available? This paper shows the process of development of the catalogue, the design criteria and describes the first edition of the catalogue. Furthermore suggestions are made for studies in the future to improve the efficiency of the catalogue.

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