The Sonic Window Project - Meeting the Trio Challenges of Providing Natural Ventilation, Daylight and Noise Mitigation

Invited paper

Heow Pueh Lee

National University of Singapore

Wednesday 3 june, 2015, 11:40 - 12:00

0.9 Athens (118)

Good natural ventilation, natural lighting and quiet ambience are desirable characteristics for every household but these are typically difficult to achieve at the same time in high rise and city dwellings. Transparent glass windows are good for natural daylighting but typically will need to be closed for reducing noise which in turn will prevent natural ventilation. The authors would present some preliminary results, in particular the on-site noise measurement results as well as the simulation results in terms of noise mitigation and the resulting air flow patterns relating to the establishment of an innovative solution with the use of suitably designed sonic-crystal window structures in the form of periodic array of glass panels which will ensure a good balance of natural daylighting, noise mitigation and natural ventilation. The outcome of the project will have a major impact for every household with reduced energy usage due to good balance of natural ventilation and natural daylighting while ensuring a highly liveable residential environment with good noise mitigation. The design of sonic-crystal window structure in terms of spacing and layout of the proposed periodic array of glass panels would be dependent on the environmental noise intensity, frequency and profile for ensuring optimal design and utilization of materials. Additional sound absorbing materials and other features such as Helmholtz resonators could be incorporated at the side edges to enhance the noise mitigation. The prototypes would be demonstrated first at the Acoustic Laboratory before benchmarking at the residential high rise buildings next to the expressway within the campus of the National University of Singapore.

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