Finite difference computational modelling of marine impact pile driving

Invited paper

Alexander Macgillivray

JASCO Applied Sciences

Monday 1 june, 2015, 17:20 - 17:40

0.2 Berlin (90)

Computational models based on the finite difference (FD) method can be successfully used to predict underwater pressure waves generated by marine impact pile driving. FD-based models typically discretize the equations of motion for a cylindrical shell to model the vibrations of a submerged pile in the time-domain. However, because the dynamics of a driven pile are complex, realistic models must also incorporate physics of the driving hammer and surrounding acousto-elastic media into the FD formulation. This paper discusses several of the different physical phenomena involved, and shows some approaches to simulating them using the FD method. Topics include dynamics of the hammer and its coupling to the pile head, transmission of axial pile vibrations into the soil, energy dissipation at the pile wall due to friction, acousto-elastic coupling to the surrounding media, and near-field versus far- field propagation modelling. Furthermore, this paper considers the physical parameters required for predictive modelling of pile driving noise in conjunction with some practical considerations about how to determine these parameters for real-world scenarios.

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