Airborne Sound Insulation of Vertical Partitions in an Apartment in Maceó-AL-Brazil

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Maria Oiticica


Wednesday 3 june, 2015, 10:20 - 10:40

Auditorium 2 (592)

In response to the diffusion of technological innovations, brazilian architecture has brought changes in the techniques and construction materials with several reflections on the quality of buildings. Regarding the quality of sound insulation of dwellings, these reflections, in general, are negative and user complaints are increasing. In this context, further compounded by the lack of regulations and laws with parameters and criteria for the assessment of the acoustic performance of homes, in 2013 the Performance Standard - Dwellings, NBR 15575 (ABNT, 2013) came into force establishing mandatory minimum requirements for the various elements of construction in favor of the performance of buildings, including the acoustic performance. It serves as a benchmark for builders and buyers for the analysis and quality assurance of their homes. The objective of this study is to evaluate the sound insulation airborne noise of vertical partitions in an apartment of a multifamily building in Maceió-AL - Brazil. As evaluation method, the field measurements were carried out to know the degree of sound insulation of facades of dormitories and internal vertical partitions that make up the housing unit under study. The results showed that the soundproofing was not satisfactory, since the values for the airborne noise, mostly, were below the minimum levels required by the performance standard NBR 15575 (ABNT, 2013). A qualitative assessment of the object, taking into account the design strategies, techniques and materials adopted in its construction and the impact on quality of airborne sound insulation was even made. It is evident, therefore, a need, not just the assessment and control of noise performance, but also of major concern to design strategies and constructive interventions that provide users with adequate conditions of comfort and privacy.

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