Assessment of Environmental Noise due to Aircraft Operation at the CORFU International Airport according to the 2002/49/EC Directive and the new Greek National Legislation

Regular paper

Konstantinos Vogiatzis

University of Thessaly

Monday 1 june, 2015, 15:00 - 15:20

0.6 Madrid (49)

Environmental Noise annoyance - especially from airports operation - is widely accepted as an end-point of environmental noise that can be taken as a basis for evaluating the impact of noise on the exposed population. CORFOU (island of Kerkyra - Greece) International Airport is one of the most developing , functional airports in Greece, and constitutes one of the preferred tourist destination in southeastern Europe. Environmental Noise from aircraft movements at the Airport is a crucial environmental factor of the urban environment and life the quality especially in Southern European countries where climatic conditions favors outdoor activities & the night life. The ministry of the Environment, Energy & Climate Change of Greece (YPEKA) in collaboration with the University of Thessaly completed a comparative Study on Aircraft Noise - according to the European Directive 49/2002 (ED 2002/49, 2002) - for the 2013 Strategic Noise Maps (SNM) for both EU indicators Lden and Lnight using different softwares and relevant data bases e.g. INM & AzB99 (software CadnaA). A full comparative analysis for both numerical approaches was completed in order to evaluate the differences of estimations for both procedures both on noise levels and population exposure.

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