Capri Island helicopter noise control

Regular paper

Augusto Papa

INAIL - Italian workers Compensation Authority

Monday 1 june, 2015, 14:40 - 15:00

0.6 Madrid (49)

The purposes of the study, which aims to present, concern the disturbance caused by the input noise related to the heliport LIQC Capri/Anacapri DAMECUTA (40 33'30.95''N 014 12'04.76''E) activity, evaluating the noise levels compliance with the normal tolerance criterion, within a receptor located 100 mt.The helicopter noise is produced by various and complex contributions, which is a mechanical aerodynamic Therefore, a proper assessment of the noise, in the environmental impact study of "Airports, Airfields and Heliports", plays an important role because the perception by the exposed population is also influenced by subjective parameters.The propagation of the sound of a helicopter is very special indeed in the presence of natural barriers (helicopter at low altitude, wind and / or the woods or hills between people and the helicopter), you can not see the helicopter until it does not come to a few hundred meters away. While in the countryside for people on the ground and the helicopter at high altitude and there is no wind (or area with low background noise) the helicopter can be heard several miles away.The sound level meter, based on the results of spot measurements, is set in trigger mode with 70 dBA threshold level. The level trigger is activated when Laf (ist) parameter, exceeds the level set in the field for a start time greater than the set duration. The event stops when Laf (ist) falls below the level set in the field stop in excess of the duration time. The measurement campaign has allowed while monitoring lasted 20 days, to identify the total number of 220 events, attributable to takeoffs and landings. We also evaluated the time history and the spectral components of the events landings and takeoffs. Furthermore, there was critical situations such as the practice of the landing and take-off, leaving the engine running. The paper concludes by analyzing the mitigation hypotheses.

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