Effect of Load on Engine Noise for the Auralization of Road Traffic

Invited paper

Julien Maillard

CSTB - Université Paris-Est

Tuesday 2 june, 2015, 09:00 - 09:20

0.3 Copenhagen (49)

Previous work has shown the benefit of assessing urban noise exposure through perceptual evaluations. This explains the increased interest in auralization techniques applied to urban soundscape. Recently, a new approach for the real time synthesis of vehicle noise with varying speed was developed and implemented in an outdoor noise auralization framework. Coupled to a dynamic traffic model which considers vehicles individually, the approach is able to precisely auralize noise exposure at crossings with stop lights or roundabouts for instance. In this approach, the noise emission level of each vehicle is calibrated such as to follow the Harmonoise model. However, the effect of engine load on noise emission was so far neglected, therefore underestimating noise exposure in presence of vehicle with high acceleration levels. This paper presents recent progress to efficiently implement the effect of engine load. Measurements were carried out to characterize the load and its influence on noise emission for a number of vehicles. Based on this data, a simplified model is proposed to apply the effect of load on the synthesized engine signals. Results compare the emission levels obtained on auralized sequences of accelerating vehicles with existing models based on experimentally measured pass-by noise levels.

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