The Effectiveness of Quiet Facade on Account of Chinese Residential Layout

Regular paper

Xiaodong Lu

Dalian University of Technology

Monday 1 june, 2015, 16:00 - 16:20

0.3 Copenhagen (49)

In Europe, the concept of quite facade (with traffic noise levels below 45 dB or 50 dB) has already been gotten a certain consensus, and been conveyed to the legislation in some countries, but has not yet been discussed in China. On account of more closed housing blocks (courtyards) in Europe, it is might easy to obtain quite facade. Whereas, It is may be difficult to achieve in China because of parallel layout for multi-story row house (chiefly relate to the sunshine duration requirement). To make the question clearly, several residential areas in Dalian, north of China, were selected to investigate the influence of building layout on rear facade noise. According to the position relationship of residents and roads, three morphologies are investigated: paralleling, vertical, inclined. Each morphology will be studied through the noise measurements in the field. In addition, reduction of noise annoyance gained form quiet facade need further research.

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