Long-term Acoustical Performance of Low-noise Road Surfaces in Urban Areas in Switzerland

Invited paper

Simon Steiner

Swiss Federal Office for the Environment FOEN

Tuesday 2 june, 2015, 15:00 - 15:20

0.2 Berlin (90)

Acoustical measurements on more than 300 low-noise road surfaces constructed over the last decade in urban areas in Switzerland showed that large initial noise reductions can be achieved. These surfaces, however, change their noise- reducing characteristics over their lifetime as a function of age and wear. Information on the long-term acoustical performance of such road surfaces is currently not available. Such information is, however, of high importance for reliable cost- benefit analysis which serves as a crucial input for planning and decision making. This article aims to fill this gap by plotting the measured acoustic performance of low-noise road surfaces as a function of age and traffic load. We evaluate different statistical models to describe acoustical ageing and provide estimates for the long-term acoustical performance of such surfaces as a function of time and traffic load.

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