Multichannel Active Sound Quality Control for Independent- Channel Sound Profiling

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Jaime Alberto Mosquera Sanchez

KU Leuven

Wednesday 3 june, 2015, 09:00 - 09:20

0.7 Lisbon (47)

Multichannel active noise control algorithms have been proposed to deal with sound propagation in enclosures, which base their operation on sensor/actuator positioning restrictions that in some applications could not be easily met. In this paper we investigate a centralized multichannel active sound quality control algorithm, intended to independently control each sensor position, regardless of the existing acoustic couplings among diverse error sensors. The use of a centralized strategy allows a certain control module to measure both its effect on the desired error sensor position, and its influence over other error sensors, which in turn leads to a calculation of a suitable control signal that accomplishes the desired control targets, at a specific targeted frequency. A coupled FE-FE vibroacoustic model of a little vehicle mock-up is used for computer simulations, which properly reproduces acoustic couplings among the sensor/actuator pairs inside the enclosure. A real disturbance obtained from an electric vehicle is used as a structural input force to the vibroacoustic model, and a 4x4 multichannel algorithm is proposed to independently sound profile the disturbance. Computer simulations demonstrate that, despite of the increased computational burden, as compared to decentralized control strategies, the proposed algorithm properly deals with the acoustic couplings among the error sensors, thus reaching independent control targets over the disturbance in each error sensor, regardless of their position in an enclosure.

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