Barcelona noise monitoring network

Invited paper

Júlia Camps

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Wednesday 3 june, 2015, 10:20 - 10:40

0.8 Rome (118)

Barcelona is a city with a particular acoustic complexity: the high demographic density, a high level of traffic, a mild climate, a busy nightlife and another many factors give rise to an intensive use of the city streets with notable noise levels as a result of the coexistence of uses. Because of these factors and the fact that citizens increasingly demand quiet as a key element of life quality, Barcelona City Council has worked hard to revert the trend of growing noise levels. In 2006 the city started to develop a noise monitoring network with the objective of evaluating sound levels in challenging areas and quantify the noise reduction due to the implementation of action plans. Originally the network consisted of class I sound level meters that continually monitor the noise levels of different areas of the city with fixed and mobile measuring points. With the need to increase the number of measuring points and the accordance with the technology evolution and smart city spirit of Barcelona, the city has started to use noise sensors to reinforce the class I noise monitor network At the same time "Sentilo", a sensor and actuator data management and interconnection platform, has been created, which is part of Barcelona's Smart City initiative. The Sentilo platform has been developed entirely with open source components and the city can use it directly to manage sensors and to store and publish data.

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